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Biscuitmuncher Fri 02-Jun-23 22:05:26

On holiday with my DH having a lovely time. But he's obsessed with walking! I'm not particularly fit, not got the greatest shoes, got chub rub and yet we still keep walking. I just want to sit on a bench!

SueDonim Fri 02-Jun-23 22:08:12

He can go on his own. You can sit in a comfy chair and read a book or nap or simply people-watch until he returns. Problem solved! grin

Redhead56 Fri 02-Jun-23 22:10:33

Do what you want a holiday is supposed to be enjoyable don't walk if you don't want too.

crazyH Fri 02-Jun-23 22:12:52

I’ve been thinking of going for a walk from 9a.m. and I’m still 🤔- too late now. It’ll have to wait till tomorrow

Hetty58 Fri 02-Jun-23 22:16:20

Biscuitmuncher, I think I'd have a 'twisted ankle' for a couple of days - just a thought.

crazyH Fri 02-Jun-23 22:16:26

Btw, Biscuitmuncher , a holiday is a time to relax and consume lots of lovely food and wine……not for walks. But if your husband likes walking, let him get on with it.

Foxygloves Fri 02-Jun-23 22:23:55

FGS OP, just say so.
Just let him go for his walks while you do what suits you. confused

Callistemon21 Fri 02-Jun-23 22:35:56


FGS OP, just say so.
Just let him go for his walks while you do what suits you. confused


Holidays are supposed to be enjoyable.
He likes walking, you don't, so sit and relax while he goes hiking.

Wyllow3 Fri 02-Jun-23 22:43:15


Do some short walks together.

He goes out on longer ones.

Or chose a walk where you can stop off at a pub/cafe with a book or your mobile while he goes and does a longer one and returns to cafe/pub and you finish the walk together.

What you haven't said, is there a problem with dong this? Is he insisting? Putting pressure on?

I wouldn't start telling white lies. That way trouble lies imo.

silverlining48 Fri 02-Jun-23 23:00:14

I am really wishing I was on holiday. Somewhere wary and sunny.
As for walking, let your dh get on with it and meet up later. If you havnt got comfy footwear it’s a no brainr.

Charleygirl5 Fri 02-Jun-23 23:07:47

My ex used to enjoy walking or evening running up steep hills. Not my idea of a holiday so we did our own thing and met up for a meal later.

MiniMoon Fri 02-Jun-23 23:10:30

He sounds like my husband biscuitmuncher. We were in London just before Christmas, and we walked everywhere. I wouldn't have minded so much, but we had oyster cards and could have used the tube, but no. I have now put an app on my phone called map my walk. Next time he wants to walk everywhere, I can show him the distance we've travelled.
I haven't got the staying power anymore and my right knee is very arthritic.
We really must tell our men when we've had enough.

Wyllow3 Fri 02-Jun-23 23:23:11

Why is it so hard? sorry, I don't get it.

rubysong Fri 02-Jun-23 23:48:58

We went to Derbyshire some years ago and DH had planned a series of walks for us. I did a couple of days then the weather got worse so I baled out. I took him to the start of the day's walk, dropped him off, then I spent the day at a lovely stately home before picking him up at the end of his walk. He looked like a drowned rat. I don't mind a bit of walking but I don't want to do nothing else. We just had a few days at Ironbridge and walked a lot on two days but also did lots of other things.

maddyone Fri 02-Jun-23 23:52:29

I like walking, but my husband likes it more. I go with him when I’ve got time and I want to, or I stay at home if I feel like it. Tell him you want to relax, or compromise and do a short walk together and let him do a longer one on his own.

Cheeseplantmad Sat 03-Jun-23 06:07:31

You must have known DH would want to be walking on your holidays before you went , if walking is not for you then why do you need to go walking with him ? Why can’t you just enjoy doing what you’d like to do ? If you were obsessed with cold water swimming for example and he wasn’t, would he join you just to keep you happy ? Surly being a couple is all about compromise.

merlotgran Sat 03-Jun-23 07:52:38

Surly being a couple is all about compromise?

In which case the OP’s DH should offer to spend a day doing what she would like to do and give the walking a rest.

Maybe she doesn’t want to be on her own on holiday and walks with him rather than having to spend time alone.

Kim19 Sat 03-Jun-23 08:54:24

First thing I would say here is see to your feet as a priority. Preventing physical misery is a must. By all means set out on a walk together but when you arrive at a place you would like to linger then suggest to H that he carries on and either meets you back there or at the hotel - whatever suits. If you both have phones, you can keep your plans/locations live. Good luck. Hope you manage to enjoy the rest of your trip.

pascal30 Sat 03-Jun-23 09:05:12

just sit on the bench and don't budge..

Aldom Sat 03-Jun-23 09:10:54

Sorry you are suffering from chub rub. Why not order some chub rub pants online?
Have them delivered tomorrow. Useful to have, not just for the holidays.
Hope you are able to come to a happy compromise regarding how much walking you do together.
Wishing you a happy holiday.

Marydoll Sat 03-Jun-23 09:13:29

Well you learn something new everyday, I had never heard of chub rub!

It might be worth investing in pair of shoes for holidays.

Riverwalk Sat 03-Jun-23 09:16:21

From what you've said you have walked but don't want to overdo it, so you have met your husband half way so to speak.

Knowing that you were likely to be doing some walking it would have been wise to bring comfortable shoes/trainers.

Kim19 Sat 03-Jun-23 09:16:47

Ditto MD!

MacCavity2 Sat 03-Jun-23 09:23:26

I do sympathise my husband is like Forest Gump when on holiday non stop walking. I just find the nearest place for coffee and see him later.

Oreo Sat 03-Jun-23 09:53:06

You need to talk to him OP and say that with the best will in the world you’re now not up to so much walking.Have a few days now doing restful things.
Chub rub means thighs are chafing talc is your friend😃
Buy comfy trainers/Skechers for the future.