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Good Morning Sunday 4th June 2023

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Michael12 Sun 04-Jun-23 05:33:31

Good Morning Everyone,
Bright start and cloudless at the moment here in brackley this morning.
Planning a quiet day , as I build up to my surgery next week , last day yesterday on direct bus link to Bicester , tomorrow opens another option as to travel .
Take Care,

Starrynight49 Sun 04-Jun-23 05:46:21

Good luck with your surgery, Mick !

I'm in Australia, celebrating my daughter's birthday. Where has the time gone ? 4th June 1976 doesn't seem so long ago, but here she is, with 47 candles on her cake.

Ashcombe Sun 04-Jun-23 05:48:43

Good morning, Mick, and all who follow, from a sunny mid Devon.

I think you’re wise to rest as much as possible in the run up to your surgery, Mick, and try to stay well.

We had a lovely drive over Dartmoor yesterday with a picnic lunch. An unfamiliar brown, speckled bird with a black crest caught our attention as it fed on the ground nearby. Later, I identified it online as a skylark, which is the first one I’ve ever seen. Wonderful!

Later, we enjoyed a delicious meal and some convivial company with delicious food at The Oxenham Arms. All in all, a most successful day!

Every blessing to all. 🦩🥰✝️💐🦩

Susan56 Sun 04-Jun-23 05:59:11

Good morning from Shropshire.

We will take DGD to her swimming lesson this morning then we will meet DD for a picnic and return the children!

Have the best day you can everyone 🦩🌞🌺

grandMattie Sun 04-Jun-23 06:02:09

Good morning from a sunny Bristol.
I had an unexpectedly good night - I usually sleep badly, so it was a bonus.
Stay safe and well for your surgery, Mick.
The church coffee morning was quiet, half term I suspect, but it was good to talk as I hadn’t spoken to anyone since Thursday.
I made a sort of cassoulet type stew and realised it was enough for about 6 meals, so I invited DS round- his last chance to eat meat before DD and family returned from the Lakes. As expected he not only accepted, but ate heartily, leaving me with one meal… success!
Today, I’ve got church. I think I might change my bed. How long can this good weather last for outdoor drying?
Happy Sunday. Carpe diem 🦩🦩🦩❤️

multicolourswapshop Sun 04-Jun-23 06:09:52

Good morning all it’s a lovely sunny start to the day here on the east coast of Fife
I’m sure it’s going to be another warm day when I’ll probably sit in the garden for a short while.
im also off to church this morning it’s the kirking of the lad and lass from the local Primary school.
Those earbuds I bought are super for loud music in the early hrs when no one can hear it except me.
I’m having so much fun listening and watching Freddie Star on my pad he’s so funny I’m laughing out loud 🤣🤣

Have a good day everyone

karmalady Sun 04-Jun-23 06:26:16

beautiful day already here in s somerset, sun all day and not a lot of wind and best of all, warm but not too hot

Yesterday ended up busy, did my bike maintenance and finished plying my spinning and think I have enough for a jumper. Also planted tomatoes and courgette outside

Then I noticed the huge amount of very heavy berries on my 3 standard gooseberries. One large branch was so weighted that it tore downwards. I had to do a fair bit of pruning on the three of them, it was the wind did it, twirling the tops back and forth. I also picked enough for 7 kilners and will have to bottle them today. There are very many berries on the pla,nts. I shall bottle 14 more 500 ml jars over two weeks, then freeze the rest

My blueberries are starting to colour, next they will enlarge and then I will have to start picking, day by day. I will have enough to eat daily for a year, Obviously the berries are the tail that wag the dog and at least this year I have more freezer room but it does means a lot of picking

I have just made the light syrup and will go out cycling while it cools. Bottling this afternoon, it takes a slow two hours, all in one go as I have a kilner bottling pan and it is massive

kittylester Sun 04-Jun-23 06:32:34

Good morning all from a cloudy North Leicestershire. Yesterday turned into a lovely afternoon and evening so hopefully today will do the same.

Today we will do more sorting of DH's clothes. He appears to still have clothes he wore for work - he retired 7 years ago. His clothes fill 3 wardrobes.

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 04-Jun-23 06:36:41

Good morning Mick and everyone, from a clear day in Oxfordshire.
Gathering clothes together today as we are in holiday from Wednesday, I will need to put some through the wash and get them dry today, then bed changing and more washing.
At least the house and garden are up together, I think MissOops will be a staying here, so at least I don’t have to empty the fridge.
Karmalady another very busy day for you!
I’ll come back later for a catch up.
Hope everyone has a good day and enjoys some sunshine.

Ladyleftfieldlover Sun 04-Jun-23 06:49:04

Morning all from what already looks like a sunny Oxfordshire. After yesterday’s London shenanigans - although I had a brilliant time - I am hoping for a quieter day. Church this morning and maybe after lunch a trip to a nearby National Trust property. They do a delicious cream tea! I will cook lamb tonight and take the opportunity for us both to eat some of the multitude of ice creams I’ve made recently. Have a good Sunday and I’ll be thinking of the Urms.

mumofmadboys Sun 04-Jun-23 07:00:42

Good morning all! Thinking of those who are suffering ill health - Mr Urms , Marydoll. We are going to Robin Hoods Bay today as one of our lads is finishing the Coast to coast walk - 192 miles! We are staying overnight in a B and B with him before he returns to London. We did the walk ten years ago so will be good to compare notes except he has camped!

Mizuna Sun 04-Jun-23 07:10:12

Good morning from another sunny day in Cornwall. Got to my allotment yesterday to find that nearby plotholders had rallied round and done some much needed maintenance for me. Then discovered two frogs have set up home in the pond I dug last year. Finally someone working nearby made me a mug of tea. Harvested my first globe artichoke. So good to be back in my much-missed haven of nature. Today youngest son and biggest grandson are coming to lop tree branches that hang over the greenhouse.

Grammaretto Sun 04-Jun-23 07:10:20

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. Another hot day beckons
I spent most of yesterday on a foraging expedition. This time it was in an ancient woodland along a riverbank.
I was 20yrs older than most of the group 70yrs older than some but was gently pushed up a steep slope mountain
I had to soak in a bath with epsom salts on return.
Enjoy your last bus Mick and keep fit for your op.
You sound very industrious Karmalady
Nice to hear how everyone is taking advantage of this fabulous weather.
Happy birthday to your DD Starry night

Pittcity Sun 04-Jun-23 07:11:54

Good morning from sunny Colchester. Needed sunscreen and hat in garden yesterday.
Quick walk to the High Street to return some of DH's hasty purchases. He insists that because the size on the label is the size he thinks he is that things will fit. They don't!
Then back for laundry and packing as we go away tomorrow.
Roast chicken this evening.
Love to all 🦩 x

Jaxjacky Sun 04-Jun-23 07:18:47

Morning all from a sunny S Hants, granddaughter is helping at a Park Run, hence the early start.
A lovely afternoon crabbing and walking yesterday with the grandchildren, we had a tasty dinner out, daughter’s flight back is on time.
Enjoy your day 🦩🦩

GrannyGravy13 Sun 04-Jun-23 07:23:17

Morning all from a sunny corner of S E Essex.

Nothing planned for today other than roast pork for this evening.

(((hugs))) for the poorly morning friends

Wishing you a peaceful Sunday 🙋‍♀️🦩

ShazzaKanazza Sun 04-Jun-23 07:25:41

Good Morning Mick and everyone from Hull. We have another lovely day forecast.

Starrynight happy birthday to your DD enjoy the celebration together🎉

Today we are coastbound we are going to have a look to Filey and a walk round we haven’t been for years. We will call on our friends who are at their caravan and later have fish and chips on the way back.

We had a long video chat with our son in China he’s making sure we see lots of baby. He’s so cute and a very good baby. He had to have a night under a blue lamp in hospital after testing for high jaundice levels but all fine. My DIL is observing the Chinese custom of ‘Sitting the month’ so she only feeds the baby while being constantly watched over by the Ayi her mothers help. She is a lovely lady and is living with them but is under strict instructions to never take the baby from my son when he has him. She finds it very odd that my son does so much for him including changing him. My son said the four weeks can’t come soon enough until she leaves. Wait until their dog comes home. He’s a beautiful bouncy golden Labrador. Mother and baby will not leave the apartment for four weeks. Their government has issued a hot weather warning anyway.

Have a lovely day everyone. Thoughts to those with illness and family worries. 🌻🌻

ginny Sun 04-Jun-23 07:43:53

Good morning from a brightening N. Bucks.
I had a quiet day yesterday . I think the journey home on Friday in the back of the car( MIL was in the front) made my hip pain worse. Seems a bit better this morning.
Today I am going to a WI group meeting. Music, a talk and lunch at a local hall/hotel. 10of us going from our WI.
Thoughts with all who are poorly and wishes for a good day for everyone.

luluaugust Sun 04-Jun-23 07:54:00

Good morning from a sunny W Kent. Off to lunch with DS and DIL, they have been away so looking forward to seeing them and catching up.
Best wishes to all

cornergran Sun 04-Jun-23 07:57:08

Morning Mick, morning All. A clear sky over our corner of Somerset.

Yesterday afternoon certainly didn’t go to plan. After enjoying our young friends company over coffee an early lunch had us setting out along the coast in search of somewhere quieter than our local beach.

Trying to ignore my constantly ringing phone I gave up and answered it.

Our goddaughter and her husband were close by. They live 250 miles away and had decided to simply jump in the car and visit - without telling us. Thank goodness we hadn’t gone far! They had managed to overshoot our motorway exit (no idea how) so we arranged to meet further along the coast and had a very enjoyable three hour catch up.

No, they didn’t want to stay over, no they didn’t want to come back for food, they were off to visit his sister who fortunately lives 40 miles closer to their home. No, she didn’t know they were coming. Would they stay there? Probably not. Had planned to go back home. I’ll check today to make sure they are in one piece. I’m still in awe of anyone having that much enthusiasm for driving on motorways on a horrifically busy Saturday. It was good to see them, once I got over the shock.

Today will be much quieter. Mr C, who is still asleep, has a new jigsaw and I have a date with the computer, the sunny weather has pushed necessary ‘stuff’ into the ‘it can wait’ pile. Sadly it can wait no longer.

An interesting insight shazza, how wonderful you can see so much of the baby, even if remotely.

Thoughts as ever are with everyone with worries.

Hope Sunday is kind to us all.

brook2704 Sun 04-Jun-23 07:58:33

Good morning everyone from Inverness where we’ve some light grey cloud but forecast to be another warm sunny day later - we’ve been really lucky with the weather recently it’s been so good.
A lovely lifestyle karmalady enjoy your bottling today
I’ve nothing planned except another day in the garden, yesterday we enjoyed lunch and lots of cuppas outside and hoping for the same today - maybe even a Prosecco later in the sunshine!
Happy Birthday to your DD starrynight and to everyone else celebrating today 🥂🎂🎉
Pleased to hear your new baby DGS is doing so well shazza and to hear about the different Chinese customs
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

monk08 Sun 04-Jun-23 08:01:23

Good morning all from a dull Black country hopefully it will brighten later, yesterday was glorious.
Shall start another book picked some up from the charity shop Thursday finished one of them yesterday.
Roast chicken for dinner.
Enjoy your Sunday everyone, virtual hugs for the poorlies.
May you all find some ☀️.

Liberty Sun 04-Jun-23 08:05:25

Good morning from another glorious sunny day.

We returned from our holiday in North Yorkshire yesterday after horrendous journeys both ways, both a couple of hours longer than anticipated because of a combination of huge volumes of traffic, roadworks and an accident last Saturday.

We had a lovely time with a few days out but much of the time spent in the peaceful spot of Thorgill just outside Rosedale Abbey. It was eldest GD’s 17th birthday whilst we were there and we all enjoyed an excellent meal in the small Italian restaurant in Pickering. The RC priest came in to collect his take away so we knew it would be good.

I haven’t had time to read all last week’s posts but note from a quick skim through of yesterday’s that there are a lot of worries about illnesses of loved ones. I hope that there is some easing of them and hope follows.

Lots of laundry to do today and DS and family are coming to collect the car bought for eldest GD’s birthday which has been stored here. She is a lucky girl but deserves it. She is a kind and thoughtful young lady and a helpful big sister to her younger sister and brother.

Thinking of you all and especially those with worries and I’ll health.

Gingster Sun 04-Jun-23 08:15:20

Good morning all and it’s bright here in Essex.

Yesterday walked little pooch up to Rayleigh mount. So beautiful with masses of wild flowers, the perfume hit you as you entered the pathway. Might go again today.🤔. It’s a bit of a climb but so worth it.

I’m not sure if Dd will come over today. I’ll wait to hear.
DS1 and DIL will probably pop in for a cuppa at some stage.

Lots of holidays going on , so enjoy and send pics.

A gentle day for all.🌸

harrigran Sun 04-Jun-23 08:19:58

Good morning from a cloudy Tyne & Wear where I was woken by the heating coming on.
Had a good journey home from Scotland with no delays. DS and GD2 stayed a few hours at mine to rest before continuing their journey home. I made a store cupboard curry and it was surprisingly good.
DIL drove with GD1 but unfortunately there was a motor cycle accident in Dundee and they were hours behind us.
Today I am going to have a lazy day and read my novel.
Thoughts are with the Urmstons and others with health issues.