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Good Morning Monday 5th June 2023

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Michael12 Mon 05-Jun-23 05:32:00

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dry but looks grey at the moment here in brackley this morning .
Today , will go to Bicester slightly earlier as the service number as changed , depart 15 minutes earlier than sual , but will stick to my routine and hope it works .
Take Care,

grandMattie Mon 05-Jun-23 05:45:09

Good morning from an overcast Bristol. The sun will burn through the clouds by lunchtime.
It’s one month today since I moved in. DD congratulated me on the effort I’ve been putting in to try to adjust to my new surroundings.
Quiet day yesterday; church, bedding changed, leftovers for dinner.
I’m planning on going back to Specsavers in central Bristol this morning to have my new glasses adjusted. I have a complicated prescription meaning they have to be perfectly straight, otherwise I get headaches.
The rest of the week is quite busy.
May everything go well for you all this new week. Carpe diem 🦩🦩❤️🦩

cornergran Mon 05-Jun-23 06:19:20

Morning Mick, morning All. A clear sky over our corner of Somerset.

Plodded through much of the admin yesterday, I’m nearly there, a need to decide on contents insurance today. Off out this morning, we’re riding the open topped bus for a short trip along the coastline, just to see the views. Coffee before getting back on the bus to pick up our car and home. I’ll vacuum for our friend, she can’t manage it on crutches then I run out of reasons (excuses!) to finish the admin and decide on that flipping insurance.

Hope your glasses are easily sorted grandmattie. Be careful out there mick, you don’t want germs before your surgery.

My thoughts are with all with worries. Hope Monday is kind to us all.

Grandmabatty Mon 05-Jun-23 06:30:33

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 10° and cloudy. Hopefully it'll burn off this morning. Grandmattie you have embraced your new life wholeheartedly. Cornergran I loathe doing admin. You have my admiration.
Yesterday I pottered about and managed to achieve quite a lot. I also made apricot jam and it tastes lovely, sharp and sweet at the same time. It's a deep red as were the apricots.
Today is a childcare day, hence the early posting. We'll see how it goes as last week dgs2 wasn't well not well behaved. I had a horrendous night's sleep and I expect I'll be very tired today. Tagliatelle with smoked salmon in a cream cheese sauce for dinner. Have a good day all

Ashcombe Mon 05-Jun-23 06:32:30

Good morning from a sunny mid Devon. All those on half term holiday have been blessed with the fine weather.

I echo the advice from cornergran to you, Mick; it’s important that you stay well during the next few days so please take care.

Gosh, a month already, grandMattie! What a lot you’ve achieved in that time! We have open top buses in Torbay, cornergran, which DH calls topless!

A delicious sounding meal, Grandmabatty! I love salmon!

A busy day as we return to Torbay this morning in time for my Move It Or Lose It class early afternoon, which I’ve missed for a few weeks due to being away. Tonight there’s another rehearsal for Dad’s Army.

I hope today is the start of a good week for all. 🦩💐🦩🥰🦩

Mizuna Mon 05-Jun-23 06:32:46

Good morning from my patio in Cornwall where the sky is transluscent and there's not a whisper of wind. I'm being watched at close quarters by a parent gull while a blackbird is singing its heart out. Back to my allotment today, where yesterday we achieved miracles of lopping and clearing. Well, my two young men did, while I sorted hot dogs and drinks courtesy of my gas ring. Today I'll try to tame the echium plantation which is obscuring the greenhouse. That month flew by gM!

karmalady Mon 05-Jun-23 06:35:49

Good morning, s somerset will be lovely and sunny all day and not too hot for comfort

Gooseberries are growing like the clappers, perhaps only two more days and I will pick to bottle for the next 7 kilners. The pops yesterday were loud and satisfying and the jars will store nicely now for a very long time. 14 jars left to do, I should get them done by next weekend.

Rest day today, apart from a wipe around en suite and cloakroom and I will make kefir today

It takes me 5 minutes twice a week. I take the grains out of the fridge and will add a litre of cold milk. Then leave 24 hours. Tomorrow, I will strain that into a clean jar and leave in the fridge, it secondary ferments and the acidic taste disappears. Very cheap to make, it only costs me the milk. I make over 2 litres a week from organic whole milk

I have a group gathering this afternoon, lovely people, everyone crafting at something or other and non-stop chatting

Have a good day

Marydoll Mon 05-Jun-23 06:50:09

Good morning all from a cloudy Glasgow, where it is 11°C.

Mick, I echo what others say, about being careful before your surgery. I'm surprised the hospital haven't advised this. You have waited so long for this op and it would be a pity to have it cancelled now.

Yesterday turned out to be better than expected. We went to visit Dollie, who was spending the day in her paddling pool. I stopped off at the Italian café to pick up ice cream as a surprise for her and shocked to find I needed a mortgage to pay for it! I'm so out of touch! I will need to start making my own again.

DH is away golfing and I have an empty. My plan was to have a sneaky visit to Babydoll's without DH, but unfortunately she has a busier social life than me, 😉 so a day on my own is in store. It's probably for the best, that I have an enforced rest.

Aggie, I have discovered a lone tomato on my plant. DD is livid, she gave me the plant, but hers have no sign of flowers. 🤭

Wishing you all a pleasant day, whatever your plans.

Grandmabatty Mon 05-Jun-23 06:55:32

Karmalady I, too, have gooseberries- all two of them! It's a new bush so I'm very excited to even have any.

Gingster Mon 05-Jun-23 07:07:59

Good morning all and it’s grey here in Essex.

Yesterday was spent mostly reading in the garden. We popped to DS1’s for coffee and an hours chat in his garden.
Dd didn’t come over as she wanted a chill-out day, with little DGD. I’m taking her to school this morning.

Bed changing and general garden and house tidying today,

Can’t wait to get to our ‘seaside house’ (as the grandchildren call it). My plants will be dying and we need to see progress on our new steps down to the beach. The handiman wants us to see his work before he continues. We’ll have to see how DD ‘s health is , as she needs me for support.

Wishing you all a ‘good’ day.🌸

multicolourswapshop Mon 05-Jun-23 07:08:28

Good morning from the east coast of Fife where it appears to be overcast.
Yesterdays weather was deceiving however I did manage to have my dinner outside in the garden, unfortunately my eyes got a little too much sun and I had to put a cold facecloth on them to get a little relief silly me.
I’m off to my local b&q today to get a water sprinkler my grass is very dry with the heat we’ve had these past few days. I’ll use my vouchers to pay for it and I’m off to b&ms for printing paper.
Have a good day my friends take care drink plenty of water and use the sun cream

baubles Mon 05-Jun-23 07:14:05

Good morning all from South Lanarkshire it’s overcast just now but I’m sure the sun will break through before long.

Apricot jam is my all time favourite Grandmabatty, yours sounds delicious.

Yesterday I was being very lazy and spent the afternoon reading in the garden. Work all this week so I was conserving energy.

I too admire your efforts to settle into your new life gMattie.

Have the best day possible everyone.

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 05-Jun-23 07:18:54

Good morning from a dull and windy Oxfordshire, let’s hope the weather improves, yesterday the wind dropped and it was a lovely afternoon.
Bed changing today then a last few things to get cleaned before we go away for 2 weeks, not looking forward to going really, our girls both have problems at the moment and I feel I should be here. MissOops is much better after her illness though so at least she is physically fit.
Mick at least wear a mask when you go out and about, I’m surprised the hospital hasn’t asked you to self isolate before your op. Don’t they do a Covid test either nowadays 2 days before you go in? Maybe not.
GM a month already! Sounds as though you are settling in though, well done.
Thinking to of Urms and her DH
MaryDoll enjoy your ‘empty’ we bought ice creams in Aberaeron recently, nothing special about them £3.99 each for a tiny (childs?) one, more if you wanted the flavoured ones.what happened to the ‘99s’ ?
Enjoy your day everybody, love and hugs to those with illness or worries.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 05-Jun-23 07:23:04

Morning all

I have stripped my bed and the bedding is now going round in the washing machine.
I may not be posting every morning for a few weeks, my diary is full…

Off for waxing, manicure & pedicure first thing then I will pop into the gym.

(((Hugs))) to poorly GM friends and family
Have a good day folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

kittylester Mon 05-Jun-23 07:28:58

Good morning all from North Leicestershire where it is very cloudy. Hopefully it will be warm this afternoon asit has been for the last few days.

Pootling and faffing this morning and volunteering this afternoon.

Gala Mon 05-Jun-23 07:32:05

Good morning all from gloriously sunny Sefton.
A quick visit yesterday from DS1 & family who joined us for a "picky bits" lunch sandwiched (!) between DGD1's swimming lesson & (yet another) little friends birthday party. What a social life she has - she's 4.
Singing group this morning, a quick lunch (left over "picky bits") then off to DS2 to look after 3yr old DGD2 whilst mum & dad get to grips with phone calls & zoom meetings . They both WFH. WI meeting this evening. A busy day.
Hoping for a good day for you all.

Jaxjacky Mon 05-Jun-23 07:36:25

Morning from S Hants, high cloud will be burnt off soon, first load of washing is on.
My daughter returned yesterday full of beans from her holiday to pick up the children, back to school today.
Voluntary phone day for me.
Time whizzes past gMattie you’ve done so much in that month, you should be chuffed.
Thoughts with those struggling, especially Urms and her husband.

Marydoll Mon 05-Jun-23 07:38:20

multi, you may not be allowed to use your sprinkler for much longer here. The reservoirs are very low and we have been asked to conserve water. There has been talk of a hosepipe ban in the coming week.
Given the amount of rain we have here, I'm quite surprised.

I wanted to wash my car yesterday, (just get some fresh air) but DH made me feel so guilty about using the hosepipe, (less strenuous than a bucket), that I didn't bother.

Pittcity Mon 05-Jun-23 07:41:55

Good morning from an overcast Colchester.
We are having breakfast and then are off to pick up DH sister. We are spending today in airports and flying to Chicago to visit their cousin who lives next to Lake Michigan. I'll try to post some photos.
Sending virtual hugs and love to all 🦩 x

BlueSapphire Mon 05-Jun-23 07:45:10

Good morning everyone from an overcast and very grey Northampton. May get some sunny spells this afternoon.

Didn't do a lot yesterday except read in the garden, but it was difficult to find anywhere comfortable to sit - it was either too hot outside the summerhouse or too chilly in the wind under the pergola. I seemed to spend a lot of time moving from one to the other! Still, I got well over 100 more pages read of my book, read the Sunday paper and did the puzzle pages.

Yoga first thing this morning, so I must go and get my shower and get dressed.
Will probably just sit and read again after lunch.

Have a good Monday everyone.

monk08 Mon 05-Jun-23 07:45:38

Good morning all from an overcast Black country, have put the towels in the wash in anticipation the sun will break through later.
Not a lot planned for today I have some cards to post, 11 birthdays this month.
GM that month has flown by and you seem to be feeling your way around nicely.
Mick I'm another saying please take care this week as Oops has said perhaps wear a mask.
Ash safe journey home.
Virtual hugs to Urms and her DH and anybody else who needs them.
Enjoy your Monday everyone whatever your plans and may you all find some ☀️

Grandmachrisy47 Mon 05-Jun-23 07:57:22

Back to normal for us this week. DD2 and hubby arrived safely home from their sunshine break so dh and I returned home yesterday afternoon. Another first on Saturday. Dgd wanted a pizza, so she cleverly used my phone to est up an account with a local pizza company, chose our pizzas etc, and arranged delivery. Presenting me with said phone to authorise payment. I now feel ancient! She’s 8 and did in 5 minutes what would take me 30 minutes 😂😂😂 the pizzas were delicious.
Just waiting for arrival of said dgd for breakfast and walk to school.
Thinking of those with illnesses and worries.

Ladyleftfieldlover Mon 05-Jun-23 08:00:51

Morning all from West Oxfordshire. I seem to have overslept! The boiler is being serviced today. While the guy is here I will pop out and do a Waitrose shop. OH has his U3A croquet group this afternoon. I think it will be a good day for it. Have a good day.

brook2704 Mon 05-Jun-23 08:03:14

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s a cloudy start but like yesterday is forecast to be a warm and sunny
Safe travels Ash, Pittcity, Oops and everyone else on the move today
The schools here didn’t have a half term last week, but they have today as an in service day so we’ll have the DGC to look after. . I hope they’re good and don’t start bickering and teasing each other 😳
Good to be busy GG13!
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Georgesgran Mon 05-Jun-23 08:09:26

Good morning from Durham where blue sky is barely visible through the grey. Such a disappointing day yesterday, when it wasn’t sunny or warm until after 3pm.
DGS2 is 2 today - such a shame that DH didn’t live long enough to see him. He’s a little star. No party as such, but I’m meeting the family later at a local petting farm. I expect Nursery will have a little celebration for him tomorrow, where he’s graduated to the Toddler Room.
Have booked a few days in Malaga with DD2 - makes me think of Urms and himself - I hope he gets some benefit from his treatment.
Have a good day. X