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Hate summer

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Biscuitmuncher Wed 07-Jun-23 18:16:30

I know we've not had a lot of nice weather but I just feel completely drained. I've no energy at all , I just want to sleep. Anyone else the same

Juliet27 Wed 07-Jun-23 18:22:18

Yes …but then I felt like that in the winter too 🤷‍♂️

Theexwife Wed 07-Jun-23 18:27:06

I have just seen the forecast for the weekend when it will get hot, dreading it.

Wyllow3 Wed 07-Jun-23 18:32:45

I like very short bursts of heat maybe 27/28 degrees, then a regular summer temperature of about 21 degrees..... with rain just at night..... for the garden.

Energy low anyway, but love to see people enjoying themselves and me not needing a cardi just nice loose clothes, and the sun drying the clothes outside...
Fussy, me?

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 07-Jun-23 18:40:17

I’m so pleased that we have had cool weather here in north Norfolk and it seems likely to continue for a few days. Shame for holidaymakers during half term of course but I really don’t like very hot weather without a nice breeze.

Serendipity22 Wed 07-Jun-23 18:45:33

I can but echo GSM words and be evermore thankful that the weather hasn't been unbearable as previous years....

I was buying Magicool by the truck load .... whoaaaaaaa

Wyllow3 Wed 07-Jun-23 18:47:47

But the long days, now its not dark at 5?

And dont you miss the sunshine when its dull?

Casdon Wed 07-Jun-23 18:52:03

I love the sun and love summer, but my hayfever is terrible this year, I’m really fed up with having streaming, itchy eyes. Even the dog has hayfever!

Caramme Wed 07-Jun-23 18:56:20

I feel lucky to be in the NW where the current good weather has been mostly warm rather than hot. Like others I am not a fan of heat, especially at night. My idea of hell on Earth is a sandy beach on a hot day. Can’t imagine anything worse.

Blossoming Wed 07-Jun-23 18:57:21

I love the heat, cold damp weather means aching limbs and difficulty moving. I also love the lighter evenings.

lixy Wed 07-Jun-23 18:58:30

I was blaming sleepiness on the hayfever tablets. I'm really hoping that will abate once the white flowers are over - hawthorn and the cow parsley really set my itchy eyes and runny nose off.

I love the light mornings and the long evenings, but hoping it doesn't get too hot again this year.

Grandma70s Wed 07-Jun-23 19:09:05

I dread hot weather, just don’t understand the appeal. I don’t like being woken at 4.30 a.m. by the light, and I prefer it dark by about 7 or 8 pm. I also much prefer winter clothes (too old now to look good in summer ones). So, I don’t like summer!

Shelflife Wed 07-Jun-23 19:09:12

I am with you Caramme, can't imagine anything worse than being stuck on the beach on a very hot day!!
Always looking for the shade .

Georgesgran Wed 07-Jun-23 19:11:38

Having recently had a lot of very cool, grey days with very little sun here in the NE, I’m hoping to cast off my jumper at the weekend - so bring it on!
Love the long days and light evenings too.

Franbern Wed 07-Jun-23 19:22:02

LOve summer. Particularly the lovely long daylight. I have to get up to use the koo several times a night, on myvisit around 5ish when I return to bed I put on a eye mask so that the early light does not disturb me Would hate blackout curtains.

I am sitting here at nearly half past seven just in my short sleeved cotton nightie, and with my patio door wide open. No artificial lights, no heating, it is brilliant.

Okay I agree that when we have those very heavy, very high heat days, it can be debilitating, but my sympathy then is for those who ahve to go to work. Me, I can just sit down and relax and doze whenever I want to.

THis time of the year, I can sit and look at flowers, birds, trees for many hours each day if I want. I dread the winter - have alway said that normal stresses that I can cope with during the summer months, become so far worse during those cold dark months.

Kim19 Wed 07-Jun-23 19:24:03

Just love this current warm weather and the bodily freedom/content it affords me. After all we have at least nine months of middling cool to very cold

Foxygloves Wed 07-Jun-23 19:36:08

Oh for goodness sake!
We are not experiencing sub Saharan temperatures, tropical monsoons, hurricanes, drought or Biblical floods.
It’s only weather, and May I remind you it’s only a week since we all complained about the cold north easterly winds
I am sorry you feel so poorly OP, I think you should see your doctor but let’s not wish our Summer, such as it is, away.
What is it with Brits complaining about the weather?

MissChateline Wed 07-Jun-23 19:38:16

Totally love the summer. The hotter the better. But I suspect that I’m really a lizard. I love every ray I can catch and am happy luxuriating in the warmth of the sun on my bones. I can happily snooze in the sun In the winter I head off to the far east for weeks at a time. The hotter and more humid the better. There is nothing so fabulous as getting off a plane in Mumbai at 3am and feeling the blast of tropical heat.
I love being able to go for a walk without having to layer up jumpers, jackets hats and gloves as well as heavy duty walking boots. Shorts and a T shirt and walking sandals. Bliss.

rosie1959 Wed 07-Jun-23 19:42:48

Be nice to get some summer seemed to have been under cloud and chilly most days. A bit warmer today and some sun at last.
I love the spring and summer with the glorious early morning light and the dawn chorus.
Autumn is not too bad but winter is grim and goes on forever.
If we were not so busy with work would have headed for the south coast.
Just 3 weeks to wait for our holiday in Jersey hopefully the weather will be good.

PoppyFlower Wed 07-Jun-23 19:48:14

I like it sunny and between 16 and 23 degrees roughly with a gentle breeze and occasional rain to keep the plants watered. I don't ask for much then...!

Sussexborn Wed 07-Jun-23 20:17:31

I’ve been ok so far but not designed for hot weather. If we go on holiday to warmer climates I find some shade and venture out as little as possible.

Aveline Wed 07-Jun-23 20:21:02

I'm so glad to hear it's not just me feeling sleepy. I truly hate the hot weather. It's nice that the trees are lovely and green and the flowers are out but hot summer days? No thanks!

GrannyGravy13 Wed 07-Jun-23 20:23:55

I love summer, love feeling the sun on my body and the long days.

AreWeThereYet Wed 07-Jun-23 20:26:31

Have barely seen much sunshine yet. We go out in the morning when it's still grey and cloudy and if we're lucky there is some sunshine in the afternoon, but with the NE wind it's still not that warm. I like the warm weather, and long light days. Still waiting for the heatwave I keep reading about.

Redhead56 Wed 07-Jun-23 20:32:58

I have never been a sun worshipper but I loathe the cold my arthritis is at its worse in the damp long winter time. I keep mainly in the shade while nipping in and out of the house. I love the garden in summertime I put a lot of effort into it so I like to see the results.