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Naked pair enjoy meal in non-naturalist pub.

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grannydarkhair Thu 08-Jun-23 21:27:19

What would you have done if you were in the pub when they walked in?
This is copied directly from a Mumsnet thread.

Jaxjacky Thu 08-Jun-23 21:35:22

I’d have subtly raised a glass to them and hoped they had plenty of sun cream.

Wyllow3 Thu 08-Jun-23 21:39:05

Erm...opportunity to educate the kids?

Blossoming Thu 08-Jun-23 21:39:45

I wonder if they wear shoes?

VioletSky Thu 08-Jun-23 21:40:45

I'm not sure we are close enough to the equator really, I'm cold in my dressing gown in June

welbeck Thu 08-Jun-23 21:44:32

disgustingly unhygienic.
i would leave immediately.

nanaK54 Thu 08-Jun-23 21:48:31


I'm not sure we are close enough to the equator really, I'm cold in my dressing gown in June

Agreed - my first thought was where is it warm enough to be doing that.

Smileless2012 Thu 08-Jun-23 21:53:58

Pretend I hadn't noticed; obviously attention seeking.

Maggiemaybe Thu 08-Jun-23 22:07:46

I’d just be hoping they’d brought a couple of towels to sit on.

Jaxjacky Thu 08-Jun-23 22:09:50

No more so that people who don’t wash their hands wellback or let their pets lick their faces, hands and sometimes plates, I’ve seen that in a pub.

GrannySomerset Thu 08-Jun-23 22:11:35

Show offs!

Bella23 Thu 08-Jun-23 22:19:59

I hope they brought towels and used their napkins on their lap.!!! Some people will display anything to get attention.
Not joking I know someone who shared a flat and did not realise the flatmate and partner often had supper in the nude . They arrived home early to find them eating , gravy dribbling down their stomachs, they retreated quickly before finding out where it went.
No apologies at all, needless to say not flatmates for long afterwards.

Kate1949 Thu 08-Jun-23 22:22:52

It's self indulgent. We'll do what we like and we don't care who it upsets.

Dickens Thu 08-Jun-23 22:23:18


Erm...opportunity to educate the kids?

Assuming parents need to have the opportunity thrust on them?

I bet most parents would prefer to decide when their kids were confronted with nudity - by complete strangers - and not have the decision made for them.

Personally I prefer not to be confronted with strangers' genitals and bottoms in a dining environment. On a beach, or out in nature it would be acceptable, but not up close and personal in a pub.

Sure, it's not illegal, but I think that's largely irrelevant, they're forcing other people to accept their values. I wouldn't walk into one of their venues fully-clothed if that was not the norm, it would seem rather an arrogant thing to do on my part.

The pub agreed - did they ask the other patrons if they agreed, whilst they were polishing their 'inclusivity' badge?

JenniferEccles Thu 08-Jun-23 22:25:27

My guess is that they are just very silly exhibitionists.
True naturists wouldn’t do that.

Callistemon21 Thu 08-Jun-23 22:31:48

Neil Cox said:
We also stopped off in Bristol on Thursday night and went to a pub there and received no reaction to us being naked at all.
Were they hoping for a reaction?

We spent the day walking around Clifton Downs and the Harbourside. We felt very comfortable in Bristol but less comfortable in the pub.

I’ve made over 500 visits to shops, bars and other businesses whilst naked and as far as I’m aware not one of those visits has ever resulted in a single negative review. Danielle (Quiggan)
^ and I find it deeply saddening that in 2023 an individual has attacked a small business that is trying to demonstrate acceptance and tolerance.^

It's been a bit warmer today but really, they must have a thick hide not to feel a bit chilly in the cool breeze.

Wyllow3 Thu 08-Jun-23 22:38:22

I was just being light hearted Dickens.

To be serious: not to let them on hygiene grounds, most definitely. Not sure how I'd feel unless it happened. I think I'd find it funny and yes some showing off going on.

Callistemon21 Thu 08-Jun-23 22:41:10

They have their rights, you know! 😴

Never mind anyone else's rights to enjoy a day or a meal out without being faced by someone else showing off their genitals.

BlueBelle Thu 08-Jun-23 22:42:12

I d find it funny and in true British style carry on eating and pretend that I hadn’t seen anything

Callistemon21 Thu 08-Jun-23 22:44:05


I d find it funny and in true British style carry on eating and pretend that I hadn’t seen anything

"Don't stare dear. There's absolutely nothing worth seeing, children!"
In a Joyce Grenfell voice.

henetha Thu 08-Jun-23 22:44:33

Anywhere else is ok I suppose, but not pubs or restaurants surely. It's a bit yuk isn't it. Imagine eating dinner with that at the next table.

25Avalon Thu 08-Jun-23 22:45:53

Good publicity for the pub. Apparently they sat in a quiet corner.

Kate1949 Thu 08-Jun-23 22:49:02

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should springs to mind.

Galaxy Thu 08-Jun-23 22:51:27

I would assume he was a man not to be alone with.

SueDonim Fri 09-Jun-23 00:12:37

If it’s not illegal to be naked in public why did that hiker guy some years ago get arrested so often? 🤔

Had I been in that pub I’d feel a bit yuk at the thought of bare arses on seats. 🤢 Maybe the publican gave them a newspaper each to sit on.