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Soop's warm and welcoming kitchen for kindly folk...

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soop Sun 30-Jul-23 17:20:03

Greetings to all our marvellous Kitcheners.

Here we are again
Caring as can be
All good pals and
Jolly good company.

Buffet is ready and Champagne is nicely chilled.

THANK YOU for the comfort you have brought into my life. You are all extra special people.

cupcake wine flowers sunshine smile

Oreo Sun 30-Jul-23 17:31:13

Hiya Soop😃
Got any coffee and cake going?

Oreo Sun 30-Jul-23 17:32:14

Is that your cat eating flapjacks on the table?😲

Oreo Sun 30-Jul-23 17:34:03

It’s another rainy day and am sitting with feet up after a busy day with tiny DGC. How can such small people be so time consuming?

GrannyGravy13 Sun 30-Jul-23 17:38:52

It’s been raining heavily for the last couple of hours, very grey and breezy.

Have just put the beef joint in the oven, along with potatoes and celeriac, hopefully we should be eating around 7ish.

Wishing you all a peaceful evening 🙋‍♀️

Mak27 Sun 30-Jul-23 17:44:18

Hello everyone, I have been in the old kitchen just observing and hope to make small contributions now and then if that’s ok

SueDonim Sun 30-Jul-23 18:04:04

Well, this is lovely in here. I’ve taken possession of the rocking chair but in all fairness, I think occupancy should be by timed ticket, administered by Soop otherwise I’ll be here for the foreseeable. grin

Corner, I’m so pleased MrC is on the mend. I wasn’t sure from your post whether or not you yourself drive. If you do,I was thinking driving way there then parking and hopping on a bus might be another solution.

I’m doing some sorting and tidying before the cleaner comes tomorrow and have done some house admin aka cr*pmin paperwork. A gardener I had contacted last week unexpectedly turned up on the door step about an hour ago so I’ve now arranged for him to do some work. I could get someone else to quote as well, but a bird in the hand….

I need to make dinner now, I have meatballs and plenty of tomatoes so should be able to rustle up something off the top of my head. Then early bed tonight before the onslaught of 5yo GD at 9am tomorrow!

Wishing you a peaceful evening from my sunny part of Scotland. Xx

Catterygirl Sun 30-Jul-23 18:08:04

Husband working today. I cooked chicken sofrito which is chicken thighs in lemon and turmeric with large slices of potato added which turn bright yellow. I had mine for lunch and OH will eat when he gets home.

Caught up with housework as raining.

Jaxjacky Sun 30-Jul-23 18:12:08

Hi all, very comfy soop, thank you, I’ve put assorted nibbles on the side.
The rain that started about six hours ago has just stopped, I went for a walk, but the wind kept blowing my hood off, even messier hair.
Some crossword done, spoke to my son and pork in the oven, feet up.
Welcome Mac27 I’d bagsy a chair, quickly!

kittylester Sun 30-Jul-23 18:38:44

Sudomin, I'll share the rocking with you - timewise! Can't recall whether I mentioned your son's good news - i'm really pleased for you all. My daughter, who had BC, is off interrailing with her family tomorrow.

Welcome Mak, this is a fabulous space, so join in.

brook2704 Sun 30-Jul-23 18:44:21

What a gorgeous new kitchen, thank you soop I’ll just settle down for a wee while and admire the view, thanks so much for the champagne 🥂

Ladyleftfieldlover Sun 30-Jul-23 18:46:40

Hello all in the new kitchen. Thank you Soop! I’m exhausted so will curl up on that cosy sofa by the window with a mug of hot chocolate. My son and his family have gone back to London after their visit. We spent the afternoon at White Horse Hill in Uffington flying a kite. Great fun in the wind! I’ve finished reorganising the bedrooms and had a tidy up. My son’s partner left her coat behind. Her purse is in the pocket with ALL her cardssad I will post it back tomorrow by the safest Royal Mail service.

Grandmabatty Sun 30-Jul-23 18:47:05

I have brought homemade custard cream biscuits which are so light they have no calories. Not homemade by me, I hasten to add, but by a neighbour. I don't mind where I sit. The redundant toys are away to the hospice shop. I have cleared out the dining room too and also a drawer in the kitchen. Have a good evening Kitcheners

Charleygirl5 Sun 30-Jul-23 18:48:12

SueDonim corner does drive and I suggested that also but parking in her neck of the woods is very difficult. I was not happy with the 30-minute walk to and from the bus stop and it is too far to even consider a mini cab even once.

Hopefully Mr. C will be discharged next weekend. There is nothing like one's own bed and no doubt Mr C would like some peace and quiet.

Nannytopsy Sun 30-Jul-23 19:55:24

Loving the decor! There are plenty of comfy chairs, so there is no need to fuss girls! There’s an assortment of crisps, nuts etc to go with the champers on the table - help yourselves.
We have been to a triple 10th wedding anniversary this weekend. My good friend remarried, her son married and then her daughter, within 5 weeks. Our grandson made it to the last wedding, for an hour, at one day old and he was surprised how many people spoke to him about it.
We didn’t need to worry about the garden while we were away - plenty of rain!
Look after yourselves! TOYA

SueDonim Sun 30-Jul-23 19:58:26

That’s a shame, Charlie. How stressful for Corner. I hope MrC is back home soon.

That sounds a great holiday for your dd and family, Kittylester! I hope they all have a brilliant time.

Foxygloves Sun 30-Jul-23 21:18:38

Oof! Found you all smile
I have DGS2 staying with me for a few days which will (I hope ) be fun and not too boring for him. I’m supposed to be on a mission to “feed him” as despite his enormous levels of activity, playing for Birmingham City under 12’s he doesn’t actually eat very much and is quite small for his age (but perfectly formed) so tonight before bed I made him a big mug of Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate (orange and salted caramel flavour) - the sort that would put lbs on me just for looking at it!
Wishing you all a peaceful night xx

Blossoming Sun 30-Jul-23 21:46:19

Hello all, what a lovely new kitchen! It’s been a damp day here. MrB has been helping me get all my obsolete tech together ready for lots of visits to the recycling centre next week. We are both tired, have had a lovely supper of haggis with sirracha sauce along with neeps, mash and carrots. MrB said my Aberdeen granny would have been horrified at the sirracha sauce, she was a very ‘proper’ lady grin. It tastes lovely though. I have almond cake to share, help yourselves. Goodnight x

Doodle Sun 30-Jul-23 21:57:59

Haven’t been in the kitchen for ages so, seeing there is a nice new one to visit, I thought I’d pop in to see if there’s any cake on offer and say hello.
Sending good wishes to Corner and MrC .
Thinking often of Urms
Soop lovely lady, I wonder how many kitchens there have been. Such a safe haven for all.
Love to everyone x💕

Scapa1 Sun 30-Jul-23 22:04:14

Lovely new kitchen I will just sit and observe for a while but I have brought some fruit scones for everyone.

brook2704 Sun 30-Jul-23 22:09:09

Im really full after all the yummy treats in the kitchen - thank you all 😀
I’ve never tried a home made custard cream grandmabatty, I bet they’re delicious and your neighbour must be talented, the best I can do is a packet from Tesco
Hope you can feed up your DGS foxy, the Hotel Chocolate hot chocolate sounds divine
Hi 👋 to Mak, you’re very welcome to join us in the kitchen whenever you can
Enjoy tomorrow with your DGD SueD have fun!

cornergran Sun 30-Jul-23 22:35:59

Hello everyone. Thank you for the comfy new kitchen soop. Always a pleasure to be here

I’m about to settle for sleep at home. Our son and daughter in law have been stars looking after me. I’m welcome there as long as I’d like to be there but they return to their workplaces tomorrow so no chauffeur and the chef will have her own stresses. The bus to the hospital from their home would still involve a long walk.

charley is right, it’s hard to park anywhere along the route from here, certainly not anywhere Mr C approves of. I’d probably just abandon the car in a lay by, best not. The walk is half an hour at very slow pace, I don’t ‘do’ speedy anything, it will be good for me to have that stretch and some air, Hospital is all about sitting. I’ll wait for the local very unreliable connecting bus to come back. Just walk one way. Don’t want to risk it for the journey in.

There is a park and ride I could use, it’s not so convenient, circuits the city to the hospital and means standing in the open on a busy road waiting for a bus back. The route from here goes to the bus station which has a roof, seats, toilets and coffee. At the moment it seems the best option. .

Poor Mr C was struggling today. Staff had to activate pacing to control his heart rate. We were assured by a very efficient and brisk ward sister that this is very common on day three post surgery. It’s caused by normal post surgery swelling. I left a very grumpy man who somehow thought he’d be sorted by today. Oh dear. The level of care has been superb. Not only professional but unfailingly kind to us both. As there has been a bypass as well as valve repair (two for the price of one as the surgeon said) Mr C will be offered a rehab course locally afterwards. We’re very fortunate I think.

Right, sleep time for me. I’ll drop in when I can. Thank you all again for the support. Sleep well everyone.

brook2704 Sun 30-Jul-23 22:48:28

Lovely to hear from you corner and catch up with your news. Slow and steady for Mr Corner, sounds like he’s well on target and good to hear the hospital staff have been so good.
Take it easy with the travelling and hope the buses behave 💐

Ali23 Mon 31-Jul-23 08:15:34

Good day to everyone. How lovely to be in a new kitchen! We will have to start baking for a party soon… Soop’s special day on the 8th I think!

Grannmarie Mon 31-Jul-23 09:51:06

Good morning, Soop and lovely Kitchen people!🥰 Dear Soop and MrSoop, I hope your heads heal soon.
What a beautiful new kitchen we have, with lots of welcoming faces, comfy chairs and tasty treats, I've brought a basket of fruit to enjoy. I think I'll sit awhile in the quiet corner, drinking in that amazing view. We are indeed blessed with this special place and special people.
Hello 👋 Mak, you will love this friendly kitchen.
Cornergran, thank you for the update on MrC, wishing him a speedy recovery to good health, and wishing you strength for the journeys.

I'm also wishing lots of energy ( and patience!) for all those entertaining DGC during the school holidays, DDIL1 dropped off DGD this morning for the week. It's the first I've seen them since Granddog went off to chase squirrels in the sky on Thursday, so lots of hugs all round.
We are planning a shopping trip with the last of her birthday vouchers, also swimming and cinema cos the forecast is rain... ☔ I'll buy her some of her uniform for starting High School in August... where does the time go?
Safe journeys to all on their travels/holidays/family visits, thinking of all with worries, illness or sorrow, especially the Urms and Baggs families. Take care. 💕🙏