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another phone scam

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infoman Mon 25-Sep-23 02:29:08

this is a "virgin" scam number 08000 525306

if you put in any phone number on this web site

you will be shocked,

please don't and please inform others, not to get involved in conversation on calls from numbers they don't know.
A.I. can record your voice to use in scamming your bank account,you have spent a lot of your life building up a nest egg,don't lose it,in one fell swoop.

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 25-Sep-23 06:25:27

Infoman can you please explain (again) how imitating someone’s voice can give you access to their bank accounts?
It’s the 21st century, you need more than a voice on the phone to gain access to anything these days. I can’t even get a library card without taking several identifying pieces of paper along with me.