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Extremely high travel insurance - help, please

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LilyoftheValley Mon 02-Oct-23 15:48:57

I am cruising later in the year for a lengthy time.

I have done two World cruises which, again were very long journeys.

Today, I have been trying to finally sort my travel insurance which has been quoted at over £10,000!!! My World cruise prices were around £2,000, I seem to recall.

Nothing of moment has happened to my since my last sailing. No extra medical issues. This is an extraordinary sum of money. Can anyone recommend an insurer who may not be this expensive, please.

JayDee60 Mon 02-Oct-23 15:52:06

HolidayExtra came out to be the cheapest and best price. Followed by Staysure.

JayDee60 Mon 02-Oct-23 15:53:58

Also InsureWith.

silverlining48 Mon 02-Oct-23 16:08:01

I need travel insurance and car insurance and am shocked at how high these have both risen, trebled, even quadrupled.
Lily I contacted our previous travel insurers Oasis and snapped up their travel insurance which was merely double the price of last year. A veritable bargain. Not!

Primrose53 Mon 02-Oct-23 16:51:04

I think it jumps up a lot if you are over 70. 😢

My niece had a horrific car accident and has loads of ongoing problems following broken neck. She reported all her injuries and ailments and 22 pills a day and got a quote from M and S for something like £80 but that may be because she is only in her 40s. Worth contacting M and S?

Maggiemaybe Mon 02-Oct-23 17:01:34

Do you use a comparison site, *Lilypfthevalley”? There can be huge price differences in the policies on offer.

Siope Mon 02-Oct-23 17:05:51

We have travel insurance, worldwide, multi-trip for up to 45 days per trip (not sure if that is long enough?) up to age 80 with no penalty, with our co-op bank account. The account fee is £180 per year which includes the travel insurance, RAC cover, and mobile phone insurance. We pay an extra £80 per year on the travel insurance element for my husband’s fairly significant existing conditions,

My husband has recently been quoted £8,000 for 4 months travel insurance with Staysure, although admittedly that was with zero excess, so if you do find anywhere affordable, I’d be very interested to hear where.

Margiknot Mon 02-Oct-23 17:08:45

There are some travel insurance companies that specialise in providing insurance for those with medical conditions that standard insurers will not cover, so they may also be more able to insure healthy travellers without charging a fortune? We used Saga. Good luck!

jeanie99 Mon 02-Oct-23 17:13:40

We've had the same issue this time. We're on the a cruise now, my husband I both have medical issues my list is longer than his.
For the annual cover I just paid over £1500 but this didn't cover cancellation cover only medical, I refused to pay a £1000 more. I am 80 next year so dreading the cover cost.
This is with Allclear, I checked other insurers but this was the least expensive.

Mollygo Mon 02-Oct-23 17:15:17


I need travel insurance and car insurance and am shocked at how high these have both risen, trebled, even quadrupled.
Car insurance is a nightmare. I went via compare the meerkat and found my current supplier was offering a much lower rate, despite saying on their website that they treat their existing customers, just like their new customers.
When we cancelled our policy and went with someone else, we got a very snotty letter about it, implying that if we’d asked they could have done something to help.
Why should we?

BlueBelle Mon 02-Oct-23 17:16:33

I have a recent early stage cancer diagnosis but with no further active treatment needed which I declared and although it was only a week and in Europe so very different to you lilyofthevalley I only paid £50 I am 78 and went on a comparison www

No one can surely pay £10,000 insurance for a £2,000
holiday ???

HousePlantQueen Mon 02-Oct-23 17:18:51

I suspect the issue is the length of your trip. Try Saga, or perhaps ask your cruise company for recommendations if they do such a thing?

Imarocker Mon 02-Oct-23 17:24:28

Look at Martin Lewis website for advice. Some bank accounts offer travel insurance.

62Granny Mon 02-Oct-23 18:08:28

It might be where you are going to if you want worldwide it will be more expensive, just as a leveller, a friend of mine recently fell on a wet floor in a hotel while getting out of a lift, while on holiday in Mexico and had a fractured knee cap. The bill excluding taxi fares back and fire to hospital, apparently cheaper and quicker than an ambulance was $41,000 dollars , and the hospital were quite willing to send her back to the hotel until she could prove insurance.

LilyoftheValley Thu 05-Oct-23 13:09:18

Hello to all kind Grannies who sent advice regarding my travel insurance. I looked on the ever helpful Martin Lewis site and have found insurance with Staysure for just over £1,500. Such a difference! I