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Soop's warm and welcoming kitchen for friendship...

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soop Thu 05-Oct-23 16:59:12

Here we are again...
And a very warm welcome to the newest kitchen.
wine cupcake flowers smile

Grandmachrisy47 Thu 05-Oct-23 17:11:58

Thank you, Soop for opening the friendly kitchen.

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 05-Oct-23 17:15:12

Hello - I think I managed one final visit to the old kitchen before the door was locked!
It’s good to be back in a new kitchen though. I’ve just made a very rich chocolate cake coated in white chocolate ganache and decorated with sugared violets. I could leave some on that table over there…

Grandmabatty Thu 05-Oct-23 17:24:35

Ladyleftfieldlover oh my. That is a cake. I'm glad to be in a new kitchen. Well, Kitcheners, I have dropped off the boys after an extra day of childcare and I won't see them til a week on Monday. Their holiday to Portugal is also a holiday for me. I'll miss them, I'm sure, but I'm looking forward to the peace! Dgs2 has worked out how to climb onto my bed, so nowhere is safe 😂 I'm heading off to visit mum soon and I'll tidy up the house. I have apple muffins for the kitchen and a new cushion for by the fire. Have a good evening Kitcheners.

Blossoming Thu 05-Oct-23 17:50:40

Thank you Soop for opening this lovely new kitchen and thank you Ladyleftfieldlover for the delicious cake 🍰 I have had my latest Covid vaccine today and am feeling rather sleepy. I’ll just curl up in this cosy corner for a while. Enjoy your week of Freedom Grandmabatty.

silverlining48 Thu 05-Oct-23 18:17:28

Hello Soop, it’s been a while since I visited the kitchen and when I did it had just closed, so am happy to see the new one has already been set up. Fast work indeed.
Greetings to all oh and please save me some cake, it’s been ages since I had a slice.

Jaxjacky Thu 05-Oct-23 19:08:43

Hi kitcheners, I was in Marks earlier, so picked up some Parmesan and chilli shortbread to share around.
Lovely pictures Scapal what an interesting holiday you’re having.
In situ trampoline now Grandmabatty!
Gardener came today, between us the garden is nearly set for winter, our hanging basket and tub are still going strong, so they can wait to be replanted with violas.
In the savoury shortbread shop I picked up a few festive items ordered, swiftly moving past the food hall temptations.
MrJ is at bowls, so dinner was for him and is for me freezer pot luck.
All Creatures Great and Small to watch at 9.

Nannytopsy Thu 05-Oct-23 20:05:32

Loving the decor in the new kitchen! Such comfy chairs 😆
There’s a coffee and walnut cake on the table.
A very busy day, Granddog installed for a long weekend and shopping list written for an early start tomorrow, before a DGC after school pick up, swimming, gymnastics etc.
I need to buy more gin!
Have a good evening!

Urmstongran Thu 05-Oct-23 20:09:50

‘Evening All’.

I had to pop in. A new kitchen is always such a delight. It’s a wonderful place of kindness and comfort. Sharing the good times and sadly, the less good times too when they happen.

Grandmabatty you really need to get a playpen now and put a few new toys in it to delight your mini mountaineer on his return! Either that, or you’ll be grateful for those eyes in the back of your head.

Charleygirl5 Thu 05-Oct-23 20:20:06

I thought we would be opening up yet again, pleased I made it.

Weatherwise today was lovely in my part of London and although showers were forecast I saw no rain here. I was out for coffee with 5 friends so that was really pleasant.


brook2704 Thu 05-Oct-23 20:59:25

Thank you Soop for opening the new kitchen and thanks to everyone for the delicious treats
Gorgeous picture grandmabatty hope everyone enjoys their hols and you enjoy a very well earned rest
Sounds like you’ll be busy nannytopsy, enjoy the mayhem (and the gin!)
Still lots to do in our garden before winter Jax I may have to borrow your gardener ..

Jaxjacky Thu 05-Oct-23 21:26:51

Ah, but you have a large gorgeous garden brook I just blunder about in a handkerchief!

brook2704 Thu 05-Oct-23 22:19:29

Aww thank you Jax I’m sure your garden is gorgeous too!

Grannmarie Thu 05-Oct-23 23:01:14

A very late Good evening, Soop and lovely Kitchen people! It's great to see so many popping in to this wonderful new kitchen, so warm and welcoming.

Greetings from sunny, warm Nice, Cote d'Azur!🌞✈️🏖🍷 My sisters and I arrived mid morning after a 3 a.m. start for 7 a.m flight from Edinburgh. We're here until late Sunday, had a gentle day today strolling along the Promenade des Anglais, sitting in the sun watching the planes flying in, every 5 minutes like buses! A lovely meal this evening in our hotel rooftop restaurant with stunning views. Tomorrow we'll go sightseeing, starting with the open top bus tour.
Thinking of you all, NNGB.

Blossoming Thu 05-Oct-23 23:50:09

Beautiful pics Grannmarie have a wonderful time.

Grandmabatty Fri 06-Oct-23 08:39:50

Gorgeous photos Grannmarie. Have a lovely time. Urmston sadly, the chances of the boy staying in a playpen are nil! I can envisage the screams. 😱. He likes to toddle around my wee house, creating mayhem wherever he goes. I keep thinking of the saying, 'This, too, will pass.'

gillgran Fri 06-Oct-23 11:32:29

A lovely, cosy, friendly, new kitchen, thank you soop.

Great photos, Granmarie, enjoy your holiday.

We're off to our little home-from-home on the NWNorfolk coast later for a couple of days, the weather is looking good.
The only downside is that I don't have internet access there, so I miss seeing your doings.
I'll catch up again soon, I had my flu jab on Tuesday, Covid booster one is late next Monday afternoon.

Thinking of you all, especially those with more downs/lows than ups/highs. flowers

Yiayia4 Fri 06-Oct-23 14:19:31

Hello new kitchen,Greek honey and nuts to share.

We are now in the airport waiting for our flight home.It’s been a lovely holiday.A real tonic that we both needed.We spent last night in Corfu town it was still very warm at 7pm a bonus in October.

Enjoy Nice Grandmarie looks great.
Enjoy your day Kitcheners.

hulahoop Fri 06-Oct-23 14:21:06

Glad to be in new kitchen where it's cosy, lovely pics Grndmarie have a lovely time. Had my flu jab this morning feeling a bit sleepy glad I don't have anything urgent to do.

Blossoming Fri 06-Oct-23 16:29:29

Good evening Kitcheners. I’m hardly feeling any effects from the Covid jab today, just a little twinge in my arm every now and then. It’s a funny old arm anyway grin.

I have cleaned the en-suite shower room today which is very good exercise! It never ceases to amaze me how much hair is in the drain trap. I have a thick head of hair and it isn’t thinning at all. I can’t blame MrB as he has very little hair nowadays so I guess it’s all mine.

Grandmabatty I had a wee nephew like that, but without the screaming. When babysitting I used to follow him around removing dangerous objects, but I was much younger then. He’s grown up to be a delightful man with two beautifully behaved children.

Enjoy your break gillgran.

Lovely pics Yia, safe journey home.

cornergran Fri 06-Oct-23 18:06:17

Hello everyone. The new kitchens come around so quickly, many thanks soop for a warm meeting place.

All quiet here, thank goodness. Enough drama for this year. Normal day to day stuff, mundane really which is strangely appreciated. Our few days away last week did us both good for sure although I’ve felt more than lazy since we’ve been back, done as little as possible. Enjoyed a morning volunteering today, spent a fair bit of the afternoon chatting with a neighbour. Feeling guilty about ignoring the ‘shoulds’, how foolish is that.

Lovely holiday photos and so pleased to hear the enjoyment.

Grandmab you might be describing our first born. He zoomed about causing havoc. Thinking playpens we had one of the old square wooden ones. While no use for a climbing yelling child it kept the Christmas tree safe. grin. His children were much more sedate, oddly his brother who was a quiet child as a little one produced the Typhoon who thankfully has calmed down now. There is hope smile. No logic though is there?

We’re promised a warm weekend, a trip along the coast tomorrow I think and taming the garden on Sunday.

Have the best weekend you can everyone. TOYA.

Baggs Fri 06-Oct-23 18:21:17

Hello Kitcheners all! I pop in most days to read.

It is almost a full year (minus a few days) since DD1 got her terminal brain tumour diagnosis which upended her life and left all who love her with a deep strain in their lives. So far, thankfully, she is doing well on the available treatment and taking each day as it comes, as she must. Her cheerfulness and stoicism are amazing.

Recently the family went on a visit to Aunty Minibaggs at her uni where she supervised her nephews on a climbing wall – one of Minibaggs's favourite leisure acitivities. I attach two photos.

brook2704 Fri 06-Oct-23 18:28:12

What lovely holiday photos from grannmarie and Yia, thanks for sharing. Safe travels home Yia and enjoy Nice grannmarie. Have a lovely time in Norfolk gillgran
I’ve had my covid and flu jags today, one in each arm and they both feel a bit heavy. I won’t be able to lie on either side to sleep tonight! There was a bit of confusion over the dates as the clinic was double booked but I’m pleased they fitted me in today. There was a bit of a drama at the Aqua class at the gym earlier when the instructor dropped her phone into the pool. It worked and played the music for the class but I don’t know if it’s still working now 🤦‍♀️
Just going to make salmon and roasted veg and settle down for the evening, take care all and have a lovely evening x

brook2704 Fri 06-Oct-23 18:30:39

Great to see you here Baggs I’m often thinking of you and your DD - she truly is amazing!

brook2704 Fri 06-Oct-23 18:31:59

Looks like a very high climbing wall - well done to the mountaineers 👍

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