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People saying Merry Christmas in November

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Bea65 Sun 26-Nov-23 13:29:18

Why why...and also saying ..have a good one! Am already sick of the TV ads for food and other advertising...completely switches me off...yes I can change the channel and not view...just having a moan here grin

Louella12 Sun 26-Nov-23 13:40:20

Merry Christmas, Bea65! 😉

Judy54 Sun 26-Nov-23 13:47:24

I second that Louella12

Grandmadinosaur Sun 26-Nov-23 14:04:12

You’re not alone Bea

Harris27 Sun 26-Nov-23 14:23:22

Heard it a week ago in b&m the guy said it and I thought that’s early!

Grannybags Sun 26-Nov-23 14:25:09

I did wish my dentist a Happy Christmas a few weeks ago but only because I won't see him again for six months! 😁

winterwhite Sun 26-Nov-23 14:35:14

Agree nNovembrr a bit early to say Happy Christmas, unless you add When it comes. But I can’t blame shop assistants for trying to cheer people up.

polomint Sun 26-Nov-23 15:22:40

I wouldn't say merry Christmas in November unless someone said it to me

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 26-Nov-23 16:24:13

We wished our window cleaner a Happy Christmas and gave him the usual ‘Christmas box’ when he called last week as he won’t be back until January. I would say it to anyone I knew I wouldn’t be seeing again before Christmas.

Bea65 Mon 27-Nov-23 14:42:02

GSM can understand what you’re saying about personal wishes- I meant generally …

grumppa Mon 27-Nov-23 14:48:28

I wished my hairdresser a Happy Christmas last week, as I won't be seeing her again until the New Year. It was part of giving her a larger tip. DW did the same with hers today.

BlueBelle Mon 27-Nov-23 15:31:28

Oh blimey can’t bear it perhaps we should wish everyone a happy Easter while we re at it to be wishing people happy Christmas in November is just plain daft
If you had a friend whose birthday is in June and you saw her in May you would nt say Happy Birthday would you you might say have a good birthday next month if I don’t see you before but you wouldn’t just say Happy birthday out of the blue surely

LilCatMomma83 Tue 28-Nov-23 12:20:15

Heard a guy saying it this morning. Made me laugh. Thanksgiving is one day. ONE DAY. Here in the UK, Christmas "begins" with the shops stocking their tat from September and is in full flow when the TV adverts start in October/November. December is a shut down month. LOL makes me laugh. So very British.

vintageclassics Tue 28-Nov-23 12:28:52

Well I'm guilty as charged! I saw my dentist yesterday to have a tooth out - next appointment is somewhen in 2024 so I wished her, the nurse & receptionist "Happy Christmas" in the hope that I won't be seeing any of them again this year

Cabbie21 Tue 28-Nov-23 12:44:14

I never use the phrase Merry Christmas.
Happy Christmas, nearer the time. Meanwhile, to someone I know but won’t see again till next year, I might say, Have a good Christmas.
It is just being sociable, I suppose, oiling the wheels of relationships, but what difference do my wishes make? None at all. I am hoping nobody who knows me will wish me Merry Christmas this year.

Witzend Tue 28-Nov-23 12:45:15

A ‘shut down month’, *LilCatMomma83’??
I don’t know where you are, but everywhere around here is always heaving until the end of December!

Mollygo Tue 28-Nov-23 12:45:34

The window cleaner said Merry Christmas this morning, in exchange for his payment.

He only comes once a month, so I don’t doubt on his next visit. He’ll wish me a happy New Year.

Baggs Tue 28-Nov-23 12:47:33

Thanksgiving is one day. ONE DAY.

Recently some of my American relatives posted photos from Thanksgiving celebrations with the words: "The holidays have begun".

HolidayS, plural.

Frenchgalinspain Tue 28-Nov-23 12:52:50

If I have not seen someone for quite awhile and that person said: Have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year; I would wish them the same. However, normally, no I would not wish someone a Merry Christmas or a Happy New Year in November ..

GranJan60 Tue 28-Nov-23 12:53:41

I agree with you. At least leave it until the end of November. In Germany they don’t wish ‘Happy Christmas’ until the day before Christmas Eve and instead wish people “Happy Advent’.

MillieBoris Tue 28-Nov-23 12:54:14

Don’t even want to think about Christmas until mid December - mind you it’s hard - the frenzy started about two weeks ago. My smug neighbour announced she had finished her Christmas shopping - grrrrrrhhh!!

Lin663 Tue 28-Nov-23 13:05:19

Bah, humbug! grin

Germanshepherdsmum Tue 28-Nov-23 13:13:41

Hate to tell you this Millie, but I’ve finished mine too!

Missiseff Tue 28-Nov-23 13:21:19

I'm with you

MaizieD Tue 28-Nov-23 13:24:47


Bah, humbug! grin

Me too grin

Technically Christmas starts on the 25th December and is a 12 day feast ending on 5th January.

I'm willing to say 'Have a happy /good Christmas' about 2 weeks beforehand. Before that I feel grumpy...

I think it's quite sad that everyone has Christmas 'dos' before Christmas when if they were after Christmas day it would help those dreadful post Christmas winter months pass a little faster.