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Do you like flowers in the house?

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polomint Sun 26-Nov-23 15:38:13

Do you like to be given flowers for the home as a birthday gift, anniversary etc or as a nice surprise? Would you buy yourself flowers? I ask because I would prefer a pot plant or chocolates

GrannyGravy13 Sun 26-Nov-23 15:40:20

I buy flowers weekly, always have cut flowers in the sitting room and kitchen and sometimes the dining room.

Rosie51 Sun 26-Nov-23 15:42:37

I love fresh flowers, always have at least two vases full. I do have some pot plants too. Happy to be given the gift of flowers by anyone at any time, but equally happy to buy my own on a weekly basis.

Rosie51 Sun 26-Nov-23 15:45:10

Snap GrannyGravy13 I always have one vase in the kitchen, and another in the living room, with a second vase if last week's are still going strong which they often are.

grandMattie Sun 26-Nov-23 15:46:54

I always have flowers in the house, pot plants (flowering or not) too. Although I like chocolates, I’m not that mad about them. Much prefer flowers.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 26-Nov-23 15:49:40

Cut flowers give me great happiness, particularly if they are in season.

The glove chest in the hall always has a big vase of flowers as well as smaller vases in the sitting and dining rooms. I pick stuff from the garden for the kitchen, - this time of year it is holly, Ivy and any flowers I can find.

I do also have pot plants knocking around in the conservatory and the bathroom. I bought a Christmas cactus for the bathroom but all the buds have dropped off☹️.

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 26-Nov-23 15:51:24

I love fresh flowers but only have them if someone buys them for me. A real treat. I don’t buy them for myself (don’t spend a lot on myself) and though I have lots of flowers in the garden (not many at present of course!) I don’t cut them - they last longer in the garden. I’m not very keen on pot plants and would prefer flowers to chocolates but am grateful for what I’m given!

Hetty58 Sun 26-Nov-23 15:55:43

I just can't have them - too much allergy risk - and don't really like them, anyway, can't enjoy just watching them die. Yes, I much prefer a plant that will live and grow.

On the rare occasions I've been given them, they go straight outside on the garden table, where they just look odd.

I'm fine with most dried flowers/grasses/seed pods, though, so that's what I have.

Grannybags Sun 26-Nov-23 16:00:02

Another one here who buys flowers every week along with my supermarket shop.

Also love receiving them as a birthday gift or thank you

They're not as fattening as chocolates!

Charleygirl5 Sun 26-Nov-23 16:00:03

I inwardly groan if I am given flowers. I think they are a waste of money especially when the central heating is on to kill them faster. I prefer a pot plant or fruit as I am not a fan of boxes of chocolates.

A misery guts I know but cheap to keep.

Grandmabatty Sun 26-Nov-23 16:03:48

I love flowers as a gift and I buy myself a bunch each week. I have a vase in the living room and a vase in the hall. I have plants as well and enjoy them too

Casdon Sun 26-Nov-23 16:04:18

Yes, I’m a gardener, I love flowers and other greenery, and always have them in the house - they make it home for me. I grow lots of flowers specially for cutting, and aim to use my own garden’s supply from March to October, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the fruits of my seed and bulb sowing labours. I’m less keen on shop flowers, as they are often imported, and I love flowers that grow in the UK. I’ve got a bowl full of ornamental gourds I grew on my table at the moment, I love them too.

Shelflife Sun 26-Nov-23 16:08:15

Flowers every time , love them in the house. I buy them regularly, Morrisons flowers are ways good !

Judy54 Sun 26-Nov-23 16:09:58

Yes absolutely love fresh flowers in the house they brighten the place up and make me feel good.

DamaskRose Sun 26-Nov-23 16:10:41

Almost always have flowers, always have plants (some flowering, my Christmas cactus is covered in flowers at the moment and I have a purple orchid flowering for the second time). I love them.

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 26-Nov-23 16:14:04

Casdon made me think - of course I always cut my sweet peas because you have to if you want them to keep going!

ginny Sun 26-Nov-23 16:20:13

Love flowers in the house. I’d rather have them them than plants or chocolates.

Joseann Sun 26-Nov-23 16:26:27

I always have vase of cut flowers in the kitchen and hall, but pot plants in the lounge.

Fleurpepper Sun 26-Nov-23 16:33:33

Only in season. In winter I have plants.

M0nica Sun 26-Nov-23 16:42:42


M0nica Sun 26-Nov-23 16:43:36

i wouldn't want chocolates, I do not have a sweet tooth and do not really like chocolate.

Chocolatelovinggran Sun 26-Nov-23 16:52:29

I love flowers and often buy them for myself and for other people. However, I do understand Charleygirl . My lovely sister in law likes to keep her home very warm (tropical) and says that she " can't keep flowers ". I buy chocolate for her. It doesn't keep either, but for different reasons.

Visgir1 Sun 26-Nov-23 17:00:38

I have bought flowers all my married life, my house always has fresh flowers.
I even subscribe to a company that delivers, diffent ones each time with instruct how to display, so you can try something new.

MiniMoon Sun 26-Nov-23 17:10:42

I wouldn't buy flowers for myself. I'd rather have houseplants. DH brings flowers home from the Co-op when they are reduced at closing time as he doesn't like to see them thrown away.
My grandmother wouldn't have cut flowers in her house, "poor dead things," she would say.

Nightsky2 Sun 26-Nov-23 17:34:16

I buy roses almost every week from Sainsbury’s. Great value, a dozen roses for £3 and I have even managed to propagate a few.