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Age U.K and Silver voices not seeing eye to eye?

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infoman Thu 30-Nov-23 18:06:48

Had e-mail come in from silver voices,
basically saying that Age U.K.(in their opinion) is not representing senior citizens as much as they think they should be.
All I can see from the e-mail is that ten employees of Age UK are being paid over a 100,000 a year.
Has anyone got any thoughts on this issue?

Chakotay Fri 01-Dec-23 01:09:20

Can you post a link to the e mail, to be honest I advise in benefit boards and Ageuk have very good fact sheets that I use to help people, that's what people, need how to to apply for pension credit or attendance allowance an how to navigate the pension and benefit system. I have had issues with some of silver voices manifesto on FB pension boards before and instead of intelligent debate I was blocked they don't like people arguing with them, all charities have to by law file information about their staff pay and benefits for the charities commission to publish so its a matter of public record how much Ageuk pay their staff they are not hiding anything

sassysaysso Fri 01-Dec-23 04:43:22

To attract high quality leadership for charities, which end users deserve, an attractive salary has to be offered.

Doodledog Fri 01-Dec-23 06:39:39

This is the relevant bit of the email:

Age UK

Many members have complained to us about the audacity of this charity in claiming that it was their “campaigners” who won the full implementation of the Triple Lock, with no mention of other organisations, or our petition with over a quarter of a million signatures. In fact, it appears that at no stage did Age UK advise its supporters of the dangers of the Triple Lock formula being diluted, or ask them to lobby MPs on this issue. Nor did they circulate our petition.

Age UK has a compromising history in respect of the Triple Lock. When the Government proposed that the Lock be suspended in 2021/2022, Age UK originally supported this suspension and refused to lobby parliamentarians to overturn the proposal, so their lack of action on the Government’s intention to dilute the increase this year does not surprise us.

Age UK now appears terrified of taking on the Government directly on any major policy. Could this be to do with their dependence on Government funding by any chance? According to the Charity Commission, in 2021/2, Age UK received about £5 million in Government contracts and grants.

Age UK needs to wake up, remember its campaigning roots and start pursuing the policy interests of older people again. And it doesn’t help the organisation’s understanding of poverty in old age when they have 10 senior employees earning over £100K a year, including one on between £150K and £200K, and one on £200-£250K (21/22 figures from the Charity Commission)!

I do get fed up with people moaning that charity staff get highly paid. If they are managing huge budgets and managing large numbers of staff then they should be paid well. In many ways it doesn’t matter if a manager understands, or even empathises with the plight of those in poverty- if they bring in money they are doing their job. Sympathy with the aims of the organisation would be good, of course, but it’s not essential, and it’s only ten members of staff anyway.

As to the rest - it feels a bit petty to me, although it is interesting to hear that Age UK supported the dilution of the triple lock. If true, that is disappointing, particularly if the lack of support is linked to the receipt of government grants.

argymargy Fri 01-Dec-23 07:12:50

Many/most large charities providing services to the public receive government funding, so this is neither new nor unusual. I also get fed up with people moaning about salaries; the reasons for offering these are obvious. Large charities are not run from someone's dining room by volunteers.

M0nica Fri 01-Dec-23 08:22:38

I was a volunteer with Age UK for many years. I have no argument, in principle, with salaries over £100,000 but with no details of what roles get paid this high salary and how much they are actually getting, it is impossible to reach any conclusion on their suitability.

eazybee Fri 01-Dec-23 09:23:11

These highly paid managers may well be bringing in the money, but it is where it is going out to that matters, and a large slice seems to go into their pockets.
Just like NHS managers and their budgets.
Never heard of Silver Voices.

Chakotay Fri 01-Dec-23 09:23:57

What petition, nothing on their facebook page

annodomini Fri 01-Dec-23 10:08:07

It's the first time I have heard of Silver Voices. Their emails and petitions seem to have passed me by.

Doodledog Fri 01-Dec-23 10:57:37


What petition, nothing on their facebook page

Well no - it was a while ago, and the triple lock was kept, so there is not much point in keeping the petition live now. There are others on their website, including one to stop upper age limits on cancer screening.

eazybee, that's a serious accusation. Who do you think is pocketing money? Salaries will, I assume, be publicly available, and are a matter for the directors - accepting a salary is not pocketing money, or we'd all be criminals.
Silva voices is a pressure group to get the feelings of older people heard, from the inability to get a GP appointment without going online to the scrapping of the triple lock. I agree with some of their aims and not others, but that's the point - you support the campaigns with which you agree and leave the others. They are easily found on Google. I'm in a meeting and am using a VPN, which won't let me access the webpage for some reason, but this is a link to their FB page:

Katie59 Fri 01-Dec-23 11:16:59

Looking at the accounts for year ending 2020

Income £58m
Staffing cost £46m
Over 1500 employees

It’s a massive complicated business and a lot of its work is indirect help rather than giving cash or services direct to the elderly
It’s very difficult to tell wether they are efficient or not.

Primrose53 Fri 01-Dec-23 13:05:25

Should it be Silver Threads?

Doodledog Fri 01-Dec-23 15:54:20


Should it be Silver Threads?

Should what be Silver Threads? grin

Primrose53 Fri 01-Dec-23 20:56:03



Should it be Silver Threads?

Should what be Silver Threads? grin

Sorry …. silver Threads instead of Silver Voices? Never heard of them but there is an org. called Silver Threads.

Primrose53 Fri 01-Dec-23 21:02:28

IGNORE everything I just said!! That’s what happens when you only read half a thread.

Doodledog Fri 01-Dec-23 21:15:48


NotSpaghetti Fri 01-Dec-23 22:07:56

Katie59, so an average of £30,660 -ish.
Less if we take off the top 10.

NotSpaghetti Fri 01-Dec-23 22:11:05

Silver Voices isn't registered as a charity by the way.