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Does anyone else have a passion for Teapots - or anything else 😄

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Fairycakes Sat 02-Dec-23 19:08:33

I don't know what it is about Teapots but I seem to be acquiring quite a few. I have four now. There will be no space in the kitchen cupboards soon. I've just bought another one - 'pot'- bellied, vintage, with a gold spout and blue roses on. I spotted it in a large charity shop in our area which has just opened up. There was a whole table of them and would have bought two if I'd had the room. Before that it was Tupperwear. It must all stem from my childhood I suppose 🤔. My great aunts always had China Teapots and they would carry through a tray of cups and saucers, wearing their pinny 🤗. The Tupperwear stems from school days when my best friend always brought a Tupperwear drinks beaker to school.

Anybody else sharing my passion for Teapots - or anything else? 😀😀😀

Primrose53 Sat 02-Dec-23 19:16:15

I have a dresser in the kitchen full of small jugs. Been collecting them for years and they are much admired.

I have also collected studio pottery for many years and every so often I go through it and sell a bit and treat myself to something nice.

Urmstongran Sat 02-Dec-23 19:22:15

Not really. But thought you might like to see this lovely one I’ve had for many years. I donated it to a charity shop a few weeks ago ...

BlueBelle Sat 02-Dec-23 19:31:56

When I was very young and came home from living in HK I bought my Nan a teapot it was a plain bisque colour with a row of black Chinese writing ( no idea what it said) it was 8 sided anyway after nan died, it went into my cupboard along with some other kitchen bits, a few years ago I thought, why am I keeping this I don’t even drink tea
I put it on eBay and forgot about it, there was a flurry of hits from China and it went for well over £100

Oopsadaisy1 Sat 02-Dec-23 19:43:32

Well I have 35 crates of Vintage Crockery which includes 15 Teapots.

Does that count as a passion?

Fairycakes Sat 02-Dec-23 20:00:32

That's a beautiful teapot. It can't have been easy to part with after all that time.

Fairycakes Sat 02-Dec-23 20:04:05

How wonderful. It must have been a special teapot 🤩

Fairycakes Sat 02-Dec-23 20:06:09

Goodness! That certainly counts as a passion. It puts my four teapots to shame 😄

Urmstongran Sat 02-Dec-23 20:07:56

It’s why I took a photo of it Fairycakes before I donated it. I do that with objects before I get rid these days if it’s something I find harder to part with. That way I have my memory in place without the need for keeping whatever it is.

Blimey Oops! More of an addiction I’d say! 🤣
You must live in a mansion. I’d be tripping over even one crate!

Biscuitmuncher Sat 02-Dec-23 20:14:07

Pyrex from the '70s, I love it. I find it in charity shops, I think my kids think I'm mad

Primrose53 Sat 02-Dec-23 20:26:52

Whoops! Just did a quick kitchen search and it seems I do collect tea pots. 🤣

Primrose53 Sat 02-Dec-23 20:32:55

The “enjoy” one is from the vintage Kelloggs collection.

I also have a huge collection of Toni Raymond pottery from the late 60s /early 70s. I used to work in a gift shop at weekends and it was so popular then. I bought a few small pieces then but still buy it because it brings back memories and it’s fun.

Urmstongran Sat 02-Dec-23 20:48:52

Here you go Biscuitmuncher. This was my mum’s. I used it in domestic science to make cheesy potatoes in 1967 at secondary school - with a sprig of parsley as garnish I recall courtesy of the teacher. We weren’t that posh at home! Again, I took a photo for the memory and then took it into the charity shop. Decluttering is liberating once you start!

Fairycakes Sat 02-Dec-23 22:35:40

Here's the latest teapot which caught my attention in the charity shop. It's probably not amazing to anyone but me, but something about it made me want to take it home😀🤗. And I don't even drink tea! 🤣

Biscuitmuncher Sat 02-Dec-23 22:40:25

Urmstongran that's exactly what I look for!

Callistemon21 Sat 02-Dec-23 23:33:57


Pyrex from the '70s, I love it. I find it in charity shops, I think my kids think I'm mad

I've just put some in the recycling!
Mind you, it was well-used and had spent many times in the dishwasher so most of the pattern had disappeared.

Callistemon21 Sat 02-Dec-23 23:36:29


Not really. But thought you might like to see this lovely one I’ve had for many years. I donated it to a charity shop a few weeks ago ...

I do like that one Urmstongran

I have a lot of jugs but am probably not a collector.
Some are in a box to take to the charity shop.

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 03-Dec-23 05:55:40

Urms we have racking in the garage, behind sliding doors.

If I lived in a mansion I’d have it all out in glass cabinets in my extremely spacious kitchen and the maids would hand wash it all for me after using it each day when I partook of high tea in my parlour!

nanna8 Sun 03-Dec-23 06:49:56

I got this little one in a small market in China many years ago.

kittylester Sun 03-Dec-23 07:27:16

I love jugs, no idea why. I don't actually collect them but never throw one away.

I used to collect Mottoware but most of it is in a box in the roof.

Juliet27 Sun 03-Dec-23 07:31:52

Don’t be too eager to throw out your Pyrex. Even the more common 60/70s ones are being advertised on ebay.

Abitbarmy Sun 03-Dec-23 07:41:58

I’m a jug lover but don’t have room for many. Pyrex shouldn’t be put in the recycling by the way, wrong sort of glass. Ditto drinking glasses it says when I googled after smashing a lovely cut glass sherry glass I’d had for ever. Jam jars are fine. It’s a minefield.

Iam64 Sun 03-Dec-23 08:39:07

I collected tea pots in the 80’s, had a lovely old dresser where they were displayed. We moved from a huge old terraced house into our current ordinary 1950’s house, the dresser had to go and I decided to minimise ceramics/pottery etc as well. I still have to stop myself buying an ‘interesting’ tea oot

Chocolatelovinggran Sun 03-Dec-23 08:58:43

My name is CLG and I'm a jugaholic..

Imarocker Sun 03-Dec-23 09:04:59

I have cupboards full of Chelsea Pyrex. I could probably serve a five course meal for 25 people. We didn’t know there were so many different styles of bowl, casserole and plate. If I see it, I have to buy it. The only time the cups and saucers have been used is for two wakes, after my parents’ funerals. We saw a pile of it, including a butter dish (rare) in a charity shop and my DH escorted me from the shop. I went back and explained that I couldn’t pay £30 because he didn’t want it and they let me have it for £25. In fact, they were delighted to get rid of it. My friends buy it for me as well, when they see it. We laugh when we remember it all started with two casserole dishes received as a wedding present and a closing down in the local Timothy Whites.