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Has anyone used "headlight glasses" for driving?

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HurdyGurdy Sun 03-Dec-23 09:40:55

I keep seeing these pop up on my Facebook feed but I don't know if they

1. Actually work
2. Are legal, as they look like sunglasses

Just wondering if anyone here can offer any opinions/reviews.

karmalady Sun 03-Dec-23 09:44:50

yellow tinted sunglasses are not legal for driving. I have never found any efficient glasses to stop headlight glare. I simply stopped night-time driving when it became too stressful

travelsafar Sun 03-Dec-23 09:59:02

I have a pair of anti glare glasses which i put on top of my normal ones. They were from a company called Coopers of Bishop Stortford, found in a leaflet inside my tv mag. They are perfect for bright sunlight and they do help with the headlight issue. But like OP i hardly ever drive at night now, especially in the winter months.

M0nica Sun 03-Dec-23 17:19:41

My (highly respectable) optician puts an snti glare coating on all my glasses lenses, usually on a reactolite lens.

If what they were doing was illegal, they crtainly would not do it.

Georgesgran Sun 03-Dec-23 17:27:23

I think the OP means separate yellow glasses that go over your existing specs or can be worn on their own MOnica not just the anti glare treatment Opticians apply.
My Dad wore them sometimes and said they helped. Not sure it wasn’t a case of Dumbo’s feather though.

Casdon Sun 03-Dec-23 17:30:03

I agree Monica, I have anti reflective coating too and it definitely helps with headlight glare. The only issue I have is that the coating seems to scratch more easily, so I now wear an old pair of glasses when I’m gardening.

crazyH Sun 03-Dec-23 17:34:41

Although I have reduced night driving, my Optician said she would get me special night driving glasses at my next appointment, end November

HurdyGurdy Sun 03-Dec-23 17:52:38

Thank you. I was thinking of getting some for my daughter, as she has astigmatism and really struggles with night driving. She also has the beginning of cataracts.

Not driving at night/in the dark isn't an option, as she has to be able to get to/from work in winter.

I think she said her glasses to have anti glare coating, but she doesn't find it very helpful.

I will suggest she speaks to the optician about the special night driving glasses that crazyH mentions.

Chardy Sun 03-Dec-23 21:59:01


My (highly respectable) optician puts an snti glare coating on all my glasses lenses, usually on a reactolite lens.

If what they were doing was illegal, they crtainly would not do it.

I too was recommended this coating on my prescription glasses by the optician. I literally wore them this evening after dark and I'm happy with them.

Luckygirl3 Sun 03-Dec-23 22:53:21

I have very pale yellow overglasses for night driving ... they are a great help.

maddyone Sun 03-Dec-23 23:59:54

I find the white headlights very difficult when driving in the dark. The yellow headlights, not so much.
I don’t think I have anti glare coatings on my glasses.

Katie59 Mon 04-Dec-23 08:09:08

There isn’t any way to overcome headlight glare if your eyes are ageing, it very dangerous to try. Worst of all are dark evenings when it’s raining and you have reflections everywhere. Mum had an accident she pulled out in front of a cyclist on a roundabout, no injuries thankfully, so do take care and don’t drive in poor conditions.

Annierob Tue 05-Dec-23 11:23:26

I bought some yellow glasses on Amazon for driving and only use them when it is dark and raining. I believe they do help. It’s the bright lights that I find blinding and these are, I have been told, lcd lights from electric cars. Apparently, drivers are supposed to adjust them but rarely do.

cc Tue 05-Dec-23 11:46:38

My car (just two years old) dips the lights automatically when a car approaches, making night time driving simpler.
However I hate driving at night so simply don't do it.

Stephania1954 Tue 05-Dec-23 11:51:24

The optician recommended the anti glare glasses that go over your own. I have had some clip-on ones for years so bought some new ones from e-bay. They go on over my glasses and are really good. I drive on country roads and night and these make driving so much better

EmilyHarburn Tue 05-Dec-23 12:07:48

I wear a golf hat in the car at night as it has a large forward and sideways brim. This cuts out a lot of the extra light. My optician prescribed me some light green tinted prescription glasses for driving at night. I experience less stress but am not sure exactly what improvement they provide.

Beeny Tue 05-Dec-23 12:14:37

I got a pair of clip ons to wear with my normal glasses, £20 from Specsavers. Brilliant.

missdeke Tue 05-Dec-23 13:19:32

The advert says they are FDA registered, which is American. There is nothing on the advert which states they are approved by British agencies. Personally I would be happier if they had British approval.

Philippa111 Tue 05-Dec-23 14:01:46

I got a prescription pair with special night driving lenses. Boots have their own version but the assistant told me the more expensive ones work better. I think they are made by Leica. They do work and I find I’m not confronted with such a high glare. Some of these headlights now are more like searchlights!! Very very bright!

Gundy Tue 05-Dec-23 14:18:40

Not only do I have aging eyeballs I have glaucoma which makes matters worse when it comes to glare.

I simply do not go out at night, but if I find myself out after dark you can be sure it is on close-to-home very familiar roads - but that is never a guarantee for safety.

I’ve often wondered if there could be an anti-glare sunglass colored attachable visor you can flip down for those few seconds till cars with those blinding LED lights pass… then just flip it back up… up/down… That would be a tremendous help to my already anti-glare prescriptions. But I’ve never seen anything like that.
USA Gundy

BeneathTheHowlingStars Tue 05-Dec-23 14:57:06

I have a pair of yellow clip ons which I wear over my glasses. They are a brilliant help in the dark (especially against those awful blue headlights) and in rain and fog. I got them from Amazon 7 or 8 years ago and wouldn't be without them now.

Dearknees1 Tue 05-Dec-23 15:40:05

I have glaucoma and have given up driving in the dark which is quite limiting at this time of year when it’s dark so early. My husband, who doesn’t have glaucoma, has decided he’s not comfortable driving in the dark except locally. As a result we’re having to rethink our lives. For example, 12 months ago I booked tickets to an afternoon theatre performance about 20 miles away. We’ve just realised it will be dark by the time the performance finishes so have booked a hotel to stay overnight. We also recently came back from the Canary Islands which we’ve visited for several years in November. Where we’ve stayed involves driving to go out for a meal in the evening and it’s dark by 6.30 . This year we decided it was the last time we would stay in a place where car hire is necessary. I don’t look forward to us having to give up driving but guess it will be inevitable some day which is why, some years ago, we moved to be near public transport. I’d rather cut down gradually on driving than have to stop all at once.

SuperTinny Tue 05-Dec-23 16:59:46

Looking at all you positive comments I'm tempted to try again with some antiglare gallses.

I had some from my optician to try (they had a sort of feint cross hatch design on the lenses). They were to be worn over my existing glasses. But they didn't work for me at all and made no difference what so ever.

Interestingly, when I took my glasses off to give them a bit of clean (I was outside in the dark) the starburst I see from headlights just wasn't there. Now if only I could see to drive without my glasses..........................................

4allweknow Wed 06-Dec-23 00:24:23

Recently read sonething about the yellow glasses being absolutely useless. I wear asses and for years have had reactilite lenses great for day and night driving. Never had a coating applied though, the lenses themselves deal with the glare.

vickii Mon 05-Feb-24 10:05:09

I'm in the same boat as many of you and I don't drive at night very often now.

It's not ruining my life but can make it difficult, most of us have grown up driving and expect to be able to do so.

I know it's partly age related but the headlights are so bright now.

I asked my optician about antiglare/night driving classes and he said, They don't exist, just don't drive!

Roll on spring and summer evenings.