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Indulgences ... do you have one?

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Urmstongran Sun 03-Dec-23 20:31:21

Mine is this hand soap from a Scottish company. I first came across it washing my hands in an hotel in Plockton in the Wester Ross on holiday two years ago. It smells divine and I’ve bought it ever since. It’s expensive but the smell of it transports me back there with sweet memories every time I use it. I feel guilty because it’s in a plastic dispenser so have to forgo my bar soap but I do so love it! Hence, it’s my indulgence.

What’s yours?

lixy Sun 03-Dec-23 20:46:54

I love soap the smells good too, though I use a bar soap.

My current indulgence is using natural fibres when I'm knitting. More expensive than the synthetics but I enjoy using bamboo so much more.

LauraNorderr Sun 03-Dec-23 20:58:09

Something lovely about a hand soap that smells good and leaves hands feeling soft.
My indulgence is a nice soft scarf, it has to be light weight, fringed and multi coloured.
In the process of downsizing I gave many to the charity shop but found I have room after all so now I can start a new collection.

1summer Sun 03-Dec-23 21:07:35

Not necessarily an indulgence but as Urmstongran the smell takes me back to past Christmas’s with my Mum.

About 30 years ago my daughter who was about 6 bought my Mum some Badedas for Christmas. It became a tradition that whatever my daughter bought her it always included Badedas.

When she died 10 years ago, I don’t know why but in the December I bought myself some Badedas. And I have now bought it every year since. It always brings back happy memories of my Mum and also my daughter as a young girl.

LauraNorderr Sun 03-Dec-23 21:12:38

That’s nice 1summer

Marydoll Sun 03-Dec-23 21:17:23

Molton Brown Rose Absolu shower gel bought in the outlet.
I adore Roses.

I am picking up new glasses this week and have decided to indulge myself with a third pair, using my golden ticket.
I can't go on holiday any more, so I am blowing my holiday savings. 😉

Iam64 Sun 03-Dec-23 21:20:42

Dogs 🐕🐶

Skydancer Sun 03-Dec-23 21:20:45

Mine is organic veg. I could never eat vegetables that have been sprayed with chemicals. Except when eating out of course.

Esmay Sun 03-Dec-23 23:13:59

Tea , toast and a lovely old black and white film on the telly .

Marthjolly1 Sun 03-Dec-23 23:18:54

Melton Mobray Pork Pie. In a picnic lunch with a little Dijon mustard

nanna8 Sun 03-Dec-23 23:19:27

Chocolate. I am trying to give it up,though. I have realised that if I have even one small piece,greedy guts takes over and wants to stuff the rest of the bar into my mouth ! Good chocolate, preferably Swiss or Belgian. I just went two weeks on a cruise without it and lost 2 kgs even though I was stuffing my face with other sweet things.

maddyone Sun 03-Dec-23 23:47:46

Well as I’ve got older I indulge myself far more than I ever did when I was younger. That’s because I never had enough money to indulge myself when we were bringing up children and paying a mortgage, so now I buy what I fancy. I indulge myself with Molten Brown hand washes and shower gels when they’re on offer at QVC and I indulge myself with Elemis products, face creams and other products, again often bought when on offer at QVC. I never watch QVC but I use the app to check on their offers.

Redhead56 Mon 04-Dec-23 00:25:54

Quite a few lavish indulgences including champagne coups or saucers especially 1920s so feminine I love them. Not necessarily with champagne but Cava which I prefare.

Bonnybanko Mon 04-Dec-23 01:15:09

I’m with you Marthjolly1 and Nanna 8

Primrose53 Mon 04-Dec-23 10:43:30

My indulgence this winter has been Ritter coconut chocolate bars. They are square bar of milk chocolate filled with coconut in a pale blue wrapper. They are delicious and the coconut is moist. They cost about. £1.20

Ritter do a whole range and several with a festive theme but the coconut is divine. We share a bar most evenings.

SynchroSwimmer Mon 04-Dec-23 10:57:41

Oh yes, and Ritter Marzipan (red wrapper) also lovely.

Clarins blue orchid facial oil, an annual indulgence, smelly and feels lovely to relax after the gym.

Temple Spa bath oil, worn as a perfumed body oil similarly….my friends husband swoons over it 🤣

TerriBull Mon 04-Dec-23 11:01:20

Yes I do! Jo Malone diffusers, I recently bought English Pear and Freesia, my latest when we were last in John Lewis, I was commenting to my husband, he wasn't with me at the counter whilst I was paying for it, "they're on the expensive side but they have staying power". He replied with "I imagine they're expensive, what did you pay for that more than £12" he was actually serious shock "and the rest" came my reply, having recovered from snorting in hysterics" I'm a little bit ashamed as to how much they cost, well only a little bit, I'm not buying them all the time!

I also like nice soaps and hand washes, as often discussed on GN, TK Max have some really nice soaps, a favourite hard soap of mine is Savon de Marseille. I also like Molten Brown hand wash.

AskAlice Mon 04-Dec-23 11:07:02

Urmstongran your hand wash is on special offer in Debenhams (online)! 750ml refill for £8.75...

Spuddy Mon 04-Dec-23 11:10:27

So...? Fragrance.

Perfumes, Body sprays and so on. 100% cruelty-free, recyclable, refillable etc. etc.

I absolutely love their products!

Dee1012 Mon 04-Dec-23 11:39:29

Urban Decay, Vegan formula cosmetics... zero animal-derived ingredients and animal by-products.

I'm also very partial to Armani perfume!

Sago Mon 04-Dec-23 11:51:35

Cashmere, scarves, gloves, jumpers it’s so soft, warm and luxurious.

kittylester Mon 04-Dec-23 12:01:11

Flowers - lots of flowers.

Jaxjacky Mon 04-Dec-23 12:58:56

I’ve used Badedas for years Isummer sometimes when the children stay they say the scent reminds them of when they were younger.

shysal Mon 04-Dec-23 14:18:32

For me it is a warm bath every morning. Of course it costs in water and gas usage, but it sets me up for the day, and nothing hurts when I am soaking (I have RA).

PinkCosmos Mon 04-Dec-23 14:24:38

Nice bedding. 100% cotton which I am happy to iron. It doesn't have to be a massively high thread count. I like Joules and Cath Kidston ranges

Also a Siberian goose down duvet (sorry geese) and decent pillows.