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Good Morning Thursday 7th December 2023

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Michael12 Thu 07-Dec-23 05:52:48

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark and a dry start here in brackley this morning.
Plans very much similar as to bus journey ,small shop and meet people I know.
Otherwise health slight improvements .
Take Care,

Sar53 Thu 07-Dec-23 06:10:33

A very early good morning from the Essex coast. I've been awake since 4 so I'm in the lounge reading.
I'm glad the Glasgow ladies had a lovely meet up yesterday.
I heard from DD2 yesterday that her FIL has been diagnosed with Alzheimers, very sad as her MIL died at the beginning of the year.
Food shopping this morning then DH is out to lunch with some old friends.
I hope you all have a lovely day xx

grandMattie Thu 07-Dec-23 06:12:55

Good morning from a damp Bristol.
I’m glad your Glasgow meet-up went well and Marydoll had enough puff to talk for Scotland.
Dramas seem to follow me! Yesterday, the power went off, again, after breakfast. National grid was called, they sent one, then two and finally we had no fewer than SIX vans in the little close. A fault was finally found and much digging took place. Meanwhile half the close (don’t ask) was without power until about 630 pm when I came home. There are “mountains”of soil outside my flat, not to mention hole on its way to Oz!
I was in the cold, cold church all afternoon, helping with the little festival. The top end of my road was closed and filled with stalls selling everything from candles to cheese. The rest of the village was jam packed with people and traffic. People seemed to enjoying themselves, though were getting a little fractious towards the end.
I thought I might be going home to cold baked beans in a tin by candlelight, but the power was back on, though the sockets were all fused. Never mind, we had light. No idea what will happen today.
Today, painter is back, tai chin the morning, dentist then dinner with DD.
Hope you all keep well and content today. Carpe diem.

RosesandLilac Thu 07-Dec-23 06:21:14

Good morning from the Brecon Beacons, I have no idea what the weather’s doing but I suspect it’s wet out!
Yesterday DH took the dog for a trek up Pen y Fan, I had a wander up to Brecon Cathedral and then a look around the shops.
Today it’s going to be very wet all day so we’ll see how it goes…..

Mizuna Thu 07-Dec-23 06:28:32

Good morning from Cornwall where it's mild and raining.

Well, when I arrived at the library craft workshop yesterday an ex-biker guy said, 'You look like Conan the Barbarian,' referring apparently to my black leg gadget, and actually not meaning at all to be rude (I know his humour). I had to Google Conan and had such a laugh.

I'm beginning to be impressed by this new brace. Today I went out with just one crutch and I think if I practise at home I may be able to jettison the other crutch too. A huge and completely unexpected bonus for me.

Hope we get to see a pic of the Glasgow Grans.

Today a trip to my arty daughter-in-law's little town for coffee in a pub with her and to see the Christmas lights go on.

harrigran Thu 07-Dec-23 06:32:00

Good morning from a dry NE without frost.
SIL and I did the shopping then had a cooked lunch.
He sorted my computer which had pop up boxes saying I had 19 viruses, it was a scam to try and get me to click on buttons which really would have infected the hard drive.
After an early tea we drove to Durham for GD's Christmas concert, it was really good. The music was everything from Adele, Foo Fighters and Blur to traditional carols and The Snowman. At the interval we had warm mince pies, cookies and mulled wine if desired. Sadly my DIL was too unwell to attend so it was just DS, SIL and me.
I am expecting a delivery of wine but no email yet so I shall just potter around the house today.
Have a good day.

monk08 Thu 07-Dec-23 06:44:29

Good morning all from a dark and wet Black country.
DH has a blood test this morning and yesterday evening DS rang to see if we can have Dgs2 he is off school and DS unable to work from home today so it's an early start.
Glad to see the Glasgow Grans meet up went well, you all looked like you was having a good time in the photos.
Will catch up later when I get 5mins, enjoy your day everyone whatever your plans and may you all find some ☀️

Greyduster Thu 07-Dec-23 06:54:53

Good morning Michael and all GNs from a very wet South Yorkshire, which has scuppered my plans for a sorely needed good walk this morning. The rain is in for the day. Had a very good pub lunch with five of my neighbours yesterday. We all decided to have the three course seasonal menu which was lovely. DS phoned rather late in the evening for a long catch up and to tell me that their plans have changed and they won’t be down on Boxing Day this year, but they’ll come down between Christmas and New Year instead. I’m fine with that. I’m staying overnight at DDs on Christmas Day so it will save me having to rush home again. Must get these bloomin’ Christmas cards written today! My good intentions seem to be wallowing in the horse latitudes at the moment!
Have the best day you can, folks.

Grammaretto Thu 07-Dec-23 07:04:38

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. It feels cold.

I enjoyed the meet up in Glasgow very much. Such a friendly group. Thanks Marydoll for organising it . Photos on the Meet-up forum.

Yoga this morning and packing for going to Nottingham tomorrow. Including presents which I must wrap and buy

Goodness gMattie there's never a dull moment in your new abode!

Sad news Sar. flowers

Hope everyone has a good day.

karmalady Thu 07-Dec-23 07:05:50

Good morning from s somerset, where we are awaiting another deluge. Many have now got sandbags in, schools cancelled and journeys postponed. It will be floods on top of floods. I am glad to be up rather than down

I did knit the whole day yesterday and enjoyed every minute, alternating between two jumpers, one plain and one full of cables and similar today. I wanted to go visiting at the weekend but will very much play it by ear, it depends on residual flooding.

Have a good day

Ashcombe Thu 07-Dec-23 07:07:50

Good morning from a wet Torbay after rain in the night.

I’m later than usual after a poor night, following a long rehearsal. Sadly, I’m not really enjoying being in this play - one particular diva with a main part is proving to be rather demanding, both during rehearsals and on the group WhatsApp.

Today I’m having a test of my binocular field of vision, following the recent startling news that my hospital check up revealed history of a mini stroke within the last three years. Fingers crossed for a positive result.

It’s lovely to read of all the pre Christmas activities being attended and I’m glad the Glasgow grans gathering was a success.
I hope the power behaves now, grandMattie! You could write a book, cataloguing your new home experiences!
I need a card writing fairy, too, Greyduster!

Enjoy whatever is planned. 🦩🥰🎄💐🦩

kittylester Thu 07-Dec-23 07:16:56

Good morning all from a dark and damp North Leicestershire.

Today, I intend to visit my friend who has just finished chemo. She is very down and needs cheering up a bit.

This afternoon, our memory Cafe is having a Christmas Party - wish me luck.

Marydoll Thu 07-Dec-23 07:21:41

Good morning all from a showery Glasgow, where its 3°C.

GM, how on earth did you manage to get all those fused sockets working? That must have been awful, no cooking, heating etc.

DH has just wakened me with a cuppa, because we have the school run to do and Dollie will come here for breakfast before school. The pancake batter is ready waiting. She always expects Scotch pancakes for breakfast.
It was a great shock to be woken so early, yesterday's outing definitely took it out of me. By 7pm, I had had a bath and was in my jammies!
It was lovely to catch up with some old friends and meeting some new ones.
We did miss our good friends Kalu and Topsy

Much to my surprise one Gransnetter's children were taught by my bridesmaid and another shares a first name with Babydoll.💕 Serendipity!
I had such a lovely if exhausting day at the meet up. A nicer bunch of ladies, you couldn't meet. There hugs and warm wishes was the best of tonics.
They had all made such a big effort to come from all arts and parts.

My circuitous route paid off. I now know the location of every bench and loo between Argll Street and the Concert Hall.
I had the bright idea of going through JL, out the back door and in through the back door of the Concert Hall to avoid the steps.
The last time, I couldn't find it, so this time I stopped two ladies to ask for directions. There was much hilarity, when they told me they were on a day trip from Belfast and had no idea where they were!!!

On one of my many rests ( looking for a loo) I went into Princes Square to find a pop up whisky stand. The result, on the way back to the station, I popped back in and secured a special edition gold medal bottle of whisky, complete with two free engraved whisky glasses for DH.
I had to text SIL from the meet up for advice, as there were six choices.
The difficulty was how to hide it from DH,, who was picking me up at the station.

I promised Dollie's teacher some of my craft stash, (death clean and all that) so that is my job when I return from my meeting.
Much to our delight, she is coming here after school. 💕

This morning I have to pop over to the doctor's and then meet with the PP. I had been summoned, but told told him I had more important things to do yesterday. 😉
He even phoned me during the meet up, I ignored the call. Then a message was received. How do you turn off the spotlights, which illuminate the church?. GMBatty told me off for responding. 🤣

I need to give my self a push, I used up today's energy allocation yesterday.🤣 A snooze will probably ensue later.
I will come back later and read. DH is hassling me to get a move on. Fat chance!!🤣

Have a lovely day folks and as always thoughts and prayers for the mountaineers.

Pittcity Thu 07-Dec-23 07:23:21

Good morning from a milder but damp Colchester.
After a few busy days we have a few quieter ones. Usual housework and grocery shop on the agenda.
DS has been working abroad for a few weeks. He sent us a message yesterday that he'd heard that the base car park that his car was in was badly flooded. All but essential staff had been sent home yesterday as more rain was expected. We just hope the car is driveable as he was due home this weekend.
Our rain is just drizzle. I loved yesterday's weather, sunny but freezing.
Love to all 🦩 x

baubles Thu 07-Dec-23 07:25:22

Good morning from dark South Lanarkshire, think it’s still a little frosty but rain is coming.

Yesterday’s meet up was thoroughly enjoyable and an hour at the shops beforehand meant a few items were ticked off my list.

Thanks for organising it Marydoll.

I need to put some Christmas decorations up so I can get rid of the storage boxes in the hall. There’s a parcel to collect and food to be prepared for tomorrow’s visit to DS.

Have the best day possible everyone.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 07-Dec-23 07:29:23

Good morning from a dark South Downs. Not long to solstice.

Rain is forecast, so I will begin to decorate the house I think. It is a bit early for me, but I’ll do it in stages. I’ve forgotten when the tree is being delivered - it is either tomorrow or the following week.

Shopping delivery and that’s it for the day.

Peace and harmony to all

Jaxjacky Thu 07-Dec-23 07:31:39

Morning from a rainy S Hampshire. Your leg brace sounds useful Mizuna.
Good luck with your eye test Ashcombe
Yesterday I gave the upstairs a thorough clean through, the spare bedrooms usually get neglected.
At last, all our Christmas cards have been written, then I walked to the post box, job done.
Not sure what I’m up to today.

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 07-Dec-23 07:46:43

A quick morning all from West Oxfordshire. It is wet and miserable outsidesad I am off to Winchester with the WI to visit the Christmas market after breakfast. Rain is forecast there too but I’m sure we’ll have a good time.
Have a good day everyone.

ginny Thu 07-Dec-23 07:47:49

Good morning all from a damp dull N.Bucks.
This morning I have to follow DH to the garage as his car has a fault and they will investigate. I’ll probably have to bring him home then take him back late afternoon after my sewing club.! Nearly two hours driving altogether, what a pain !
We had a lovely evening at WI . The singer was really good and he sang ‘show’ songs with a little bit of history about each show in between.
Have a good day.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 07-Dec-23 07:49:37

Morning all it’s slowly getting light here in S E Essex, we have had rain overnight.

Day 4 of having men in (well technically they are out as they are in the garden). I think they will start laying the porcelain tiles today so the noise will be rather less than the kango of previous days.

Pleased the Glesca Grans had a wonderful meet-up. grandMattie what a palaver. Ashcombe hope your eye test has a good result.

Have a good day folks 🤶🏻🎄

Liberty Thu 07-Dec-23 07:59:03

Good morning from a dry looking Suffolk after glorious blue skies for most of yesterday which I only saw through the window. I was involved in a remote meeting all day.

Off to my stretch class in just over an hour and then a few jobs to do when I’m out and about.

4 cards written yesterday! I’d better increase my daily rate or some won’t see the post box til 2024.

Mizuna your new leg brace sounds just like the contraption eldest DD had a few years ago when she injured her leg in a ski-ing accident. It was both very ungainly,uncomfortable and awkward to wear but amazingly,it avoided her needing an operation which,had it been necessary,would have put her out of operation for several months. With 3 children ,a full time job and a busy house she dreaded that.

Hope all find some pleasure and comfort today.

Taichinan Thu 07-Dec-23 08:01:25

Good morning from a balmy if it wasn't for the wind Angus coast where it's 6° rising to 8° today. Variety is the spice of life.
Glad to hear the Glasgow meet-up went well yesterday and Marydoll survived the journey (and shopping) so well.
My own meet-up with DD and DGD3 was lovely and all too short, but I think I may be nearing the end of the Christmas shopping list. Now for the wrapping marathon!
Grandmattie what next?! I hope you stay 'powerful' today
Tai chi this morning, although after only 4 hours' sleep my balance will be very off. Then it's the usual Thursday shopping and home to a detailed study of the inside of my eyelids no doubt.
Have a good day everyone x

Grandmabatty Thu 07-Dec-23 08:03:05

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 4° and damp. Heavy rain is forecast. Ash I hope all goes well at your eye test. I've had experience of a drama diva. It can spoil the atmosphere. Mizuna it sounds like your leg brace is helping. GrandMattie I hope the electric situation resolved quickly.
Yesterday was a lovely day with a difficult start. I decided to hand in my library books on the way to Glasgow. Apparently the council has closed the library on a Wednesday now. So back home I trotted. I then tried to park the car at the train station. Not a chance. There were cars galore. It was thick fog and freezing so I expect people were doing what I wanted to do! I drove to a Falkirk station in time for the train which turned out to be cancelled. The next one was problematic and extremely late. By this point I was frozen. However by some miracle I made it into Glasgow to meet up with a lovely group of ladies. Marydoll I did not give you a row! I wouldn't dare! It was the kind of gathering where chat flowed so easily. I hope Brook made it back to Inverness ok. I had intended to be in Glasgow early to do a bit of shopping, however the train debacle put paid to that.
Today I'm going to see my friend's partner for coffee. I haven't seen him for six weeks or so. I have a delivery of an electric blanket arriving later. It's for the spare bed which dgs1 uses. He's coming for a sleepover at the weekend and I want it to be cosy. Harrigran I'm expecting a wine delivery too, but not til tomorrow. Have a good day all

grandMattie Thu 07-Dec-23 08:05:20

MD, I just flicked the fuse switch. But it’s happening a lot, out of nowhere, without using an extra machine…. The manager has told me to report it to her if it happens again.

brook2704 Thu 07-Dec-23 08:10:13

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s still cold with frost on the ground
Hoping the electrics are all sorted today gMattie
I had a really enjoyable time at the Glasgow meet up yesterday with a group of such lovely ladies. Thanks marydoll for organising 😀 I had a trouble free journey home thanks grandmabatty and slept really well last night
Today I’ve a dentist hygienist appointment later and then DGS has asked to come over for a sleepover, so looking forward to that.
Sad news Sar 💐
Hoping the eye test all goes ok Ash
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐