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Artistic, or dull and boring?

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Joseann Sun 10-Dec-23 05:12:02

What does the Christmas photo say to you? Does its style send any particular message?
Just interested to hear.

denbylover Sun 10-Dec-23 06:21:06

Personally I don’t think it sends a particular message, it’s a beautiful photograph on its own but not Christmasy. It looks more like a fashion shot with the matching shirts.

Ashcombe Sun 10-Dec-23 06:29:22

Before I looked close up, I presumed it was of an American family! It reminds me of the kind of shot that might be used in an American year book or album of members for a club or church!

nanna8 Sun 10-Dec-23 06:32:10

Just looks normal to me Maybe a little old fashioned .

HelterSkelter1 Sun 10-Dec-23 06:41:06

I think Kate or her mum read my comments some time back about àn article I had read in a Sunday supplement about a family who every year took a photo against a plain backdrop.

They took it on the same day each year in the same position so they, over a period of 21 years, had a record of how they were all growing and changing. The article showed all the pictures with the children from babyhood to adulthood. It was fascinating. Maybe the Christmas card will follow the same format!! Otherwise it is a bit of an off piste one off!!

CoolCoco Sun 10-Dec-23 06:43:18

Too much negative space around them. Not Christmassy. Louis and Kate look like their heads have been photoshopped on. Would be better close up and in colour. It’s a no from me but I’m unlikely to be sent one so that’s ok.

nanna8 Sun 10-Dec-23 06:48:11

I just realised who they are ( it is small on my iPad). Could do with a nice bit of Holly in the background.

Marydoll Sun 10-Dec-23 06:54:17

I thought it looked a bit staged, a bit like a corporate Christmas card.

Since I won't be receiving one anyway, my opinion doesnt matter! 😉

Mizuna Sun 10-Dec-23 07:12:07

It's a lonely-looking photo, but mostly I'm fascinated by the huge piece of fabric they're standing on and am wondering what it's draped over. (Visions of the photographer's crew smoothing it out once the family had walked across it.) Peculiar choice of background, like a storm brewing.

karmalady Sun 10-Dec-23 07:37:17

Not at all artistic, it is just a duty family photo but at least we can see the children, unlike some other `royal` children. The family look isolated on that sombre background

Kate takes much better family photos

Calendargirl Sun 10-Dec-23 07:42:13

A good family photo, but not Christmassy.

Rather formal.

A handsome family, nonetheless.

Margs Sun 10-Dec-23 07:51:40

It says "Hey - we're The Rich Family!"

Cabbie21 Sun 10-Dec-23 07:57:03

I much prefer Kate’s photos. They are so much more natural.

sassysaysso Sun 10-Dec-23 08:07:09

Very conventional. Why are Charlotte's shoe laces missing?

Grandma70s Sun 10-Dec-23 08:10:47

I think it’s beautiful - what a good-looking lot they are - but I can’t quite make out which feet belong to William and which to Louis.

Grannynannywanny Sun 10-Dec-23 08:14:41

I’m viewing it on my phone screen and perhaps that’s affecting my interpretation of it. It looks very staged and heavily photoshopped. Especially Kate’s face. I’m afraid it reminds me of the type of photos taken years ago by photographers who’d set up in a supermarket for a few days with a similar backdrop draped over a stand to shield their customers from passing Asda trolleys.

Juliet27 Sun 10-Dec-23 08:21:05

Kate looks very different to me, not a relaxed smile.

Juliet27 Sun 10-Dec-23 08:22:33


Very conventional. Why are Charlotte's shoe laces missing?

That’s the style of shoe. Many shops sell it.

ginny Sun 10-Dec-23 08:34:31

I think it is very dull Nothing Festive about it , just says look, here is a picture of us.

NotSpaghetti Sun 10-Dec-23 08:40:29

Unfortunately, before I knew who it was I had assumed it was one of those dull-but-talented wholesome family singing groups!

If you zoom in nd look at the family members individually I think you can see it's a good photo.
Whether it's a Christmas photo or not, I suppose it depends if it is the main thing on a card or if it's a photo to just pop inside one.

M0nica Sun 10-Dec-23 08:57:39


It says "Hey - we're The Rich Family!"

Why does it give that impression?

It strikes me as being dull, boring and rather arty-farty. I can see that is meant to look very cutting edge and modern, in the real life style of urban photographers showing 'street life among the terraces in the 1950s' style. Unforunately, I do not think it works and it just looks boring.

Perfect for hanging in corporate boardrooms or in army messes

Sago Sun 10-Dec-23 08:58:05

It’s astonishingly dull.

Chardy Sun 10-Dec-23 09:02:39

I thought the photos you send people at Christmas were supposed to be joyful.

Imo this is ghastly.

vampirequeen Sun 10-Dec-23 09:07:26

Nice composition but a decidedly dull photo.

Anniebach Sun 10-Dec-23 09:10:55

They have 2 photographs, an official and family and friends