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Good Morning Sunday 10th December 2023

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Michael12 Sun 10-Dec-23 05:51:21

Good Morning Everyone,
A dark but dry start here in brackley this morning.
Yesterdays bus trip went OK met up with a friend in the supermarket , plans to u buying a soundbar changed have chosen a delivery option .
I did have a couple of beers locally despite toilet trips , although taking the IBS relief capsules seem better than the normal Laperamide ones , now down to 2 a day.
I may go out to a nearby bar and have a Sunday Roast as a treat but will decide later .
Take Care,

grandMattie Sun 10-Dec-23 06:14:08

Good morning from Bristol. No idea what the weather holds today; it isn’t especially cold.
The Scouts did a roaring trade with their trees, despite nearly doing a Mary Poppins with their shelter - a boy on each corner, nearly taking off in the wind!
They came in for hot drinks and cake; I love the candour of 11 or so year-old children. It can inadvertently be very funny.
Today, church then an empty. I’m getting on well with my latest quilt. I shall have finished all the endless hand sewing by the end of the week.
I hope that today holds only pleasantness for you all. Carpe diem 🦩🦩🦩🦩

Ashcombe Sun 10-Dec-23 06:25:15

Good morning from a calm and mild Torbay, unlike yesterday which was very breezy.

After a lively chat over coffee with my theatre friend, I took a short walk but soon found the wind made me breathless. The first photo shows the main view with the second one capturing a fishing boat moored in the bay for shelter, I imagine.

At last I've finished writing the cards but I’ve decided against putting up the tree this year as we shall be away for the main Christmas and New Year period, in France then Crewe. Being in a production this close to Christmas is a mixed blessing!

I hope you enjoy your Sunday roast, Mick; perhaps a call beforehand to check if booking is necessary might be an idea?

Every blessing for the second Sunday in Advent. 🦩🎄✝️🎄🦩

Mizuna Sun 10-Dec-23 06:33:13

Good morning from Cornwall where it's wet and windy. My granddaughter and I had the sort of busy day we love yesterday, making gingerbread shapes, banana muffins from a Gransnet recipe, a Christmas light from a cardboard tube on to which she sewed beads and then tracing and drawing. We discussed fractions, as she's puzzled about how useful they'll be later in life. 😁

Today is quiet and reflective with church at 4o'clock; it's our Christingle service.

karmalady Sun 10-Dec-23 06:34:31

Good morning, nice mixed weather is forthcoming today in s somerset

Driving yesterday was very enjoyable and the rest of the day was filled with knitting and pottering once I arrived back home

I have to order some specific fabric for a dgd teenager, who asked me to make the exact same top that I made for my dd, her mum. Different colour though.

Not sure today, whatever will evolve

Have a good day

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 10-Dec-23 06:37:45

Good morning from Oxfordshire, still in bed so don’t know what the weather is doing, but I can’t hear the gales or rain beating on the window, so I guess it’s calmer outside.
Off to the Devon/Cornwall border to meet GCs and DD for lunch, taking birthday cake for GD, the restaurant says we can cut the cake there, she would be mortified if we sang and had candles though, so it will be a whispered ‘happy birthday’ a quick opening of Birthday presents and then we will have to organise a place to meet up with the cars and pass over Christmas presents. Don’t know where that will be as the City centre will be fairly busy (I would think it will be rammed) and it’s unlikely that we will be able to find Parking at the same place.
Then back home.
Have a good day everyone.

Marydoll Sun 10-Dec-23 06:50:12

Good morning all from a damp Glasgow.

Been wondering about since 5am, needed pain relief and anti-histamines.

I realised the boiler was making strange noises and when I checked the pressure gauge was at red. After that was sorted and I had checked the heating was working, I tidied up the kitchen and then sorted my weekly medication box.
The meds box is a faff to do, no two days are the same and I tend to forget to do it , if I get caught up in things.

I came back to bed with a cuppa, to find DH hadn't noticed I was gone and was still snoring sleeping.! 😔

Have a pleasant day folks, enjoy your family meet ups.

RosesandLilac Sun 10-Dec-23 06:50:59

Good morning from south Gloucestershire, it’s a dray start to Sunday.
An uneventful drive home yesterday, it’s good to be back here😊 The house was so cold it took ages to warm up; perhaps turning the heating to frost setting at this time of year wasn’t such a good idea.
Today’s plan is getting all the unpacking and laundry done then a quiet afternoon. I now have 3 crocheting projects underway 🙄, finishing one is my focus from now until Christmas.
This week I must write Christmas cards and attempt to get vaguely organised although it’s just us two here.
Have a lovely day 🌹

Ladyleftfieldlover Sun 10-Dec-23 06:52:31

Morning all from a still dark West Oxfordshire.
After yesterday’s exertions in the kitchen (bread sauce, stuffing balls, sausage rolls, chocolate fudge icing, Christmas gravy and lemon iced cream) today will be a little quieter. Church this morning. This is the church in the Benefice where bat poo has to be wiped off the pews before we sit down. We are having lunch out at a gastropub which has been recommended. On our return, and if I have any energy, I’ll make another two dozen sausage rolls.
Have a good Sunday.

kittylester Sun 10-Dec-23 07:04:28

Good morning. North Leicestershire is very chilly at the moment.

Our choir is singing at a Festive Food Fair at the pub at the top of the road this morning. Roast chicken for dinner.

Have the best day possible everyone.

Tessyo Sun 10-Dec-23 07:04:33

Morning all, still dark, but no wind or rain it seems - haven’t actually poked my nose outside yet. Well the dog got 1 walk yesterday & I also managed to drop some toys off at charity shop - my granddaughter gave her permission! - amidst the atrocious weather. What will today bring? Hopefully a bit more outside activity but I’m trying to be more disciplined about housework, so maybe give the kitchen or front room a good going over. Maybe. Have recently been wondering about a return to church after decades an atheist. Happy Sunday x

Jaxjacky Sun 10-Dec-23 07:08:45

Morning Mick and all from a calmer S Hants, the wind has dropped from yesterday.
Yesterday was quiet, some mental sorting out and list checking with a quick walk.
Daughter and grandchildren will call in today at some point, we’ve some baubles for them to collect.
Tomorrow our tree will come in and a busier week will commence.

Pittcity Sun 10-Dec-23 07:36:52

Good morning from a dry, mild Colchester where the sun is forecast to shine for a short while before turning to rain again later. Yesterday was very wet and windy. Double figures temperature.
We will walk into the City centre later to browse the Christmas market. DS has some cash to deposit, luckily there is a Metro Bank that opens on Sundays (we hope they can stay in business as they are very handy).
Roast chicken later.
Love to all 🦩 x

Sar53 Sun 10-Dec-23 07:42:20

Good morning from a calmer Essex coast, the wind last night was ferocious.
We had a great evening yesterday at a fund raising event, based on Strickly, for a young lad with Downs and Autism who has had extensive surgery to improve his walking. . It was so much fun, and a good amount was raised to go towards building a small extension so the young boy can have a downstairs bedroom built.
As DH and I are going away for Christmas we have decided to have a traditional Christmas lunch today.
Have a great day everyone xxx

brook2704 Sun 10-Dec-23 07:43:12

Good morning everyone from Inverness, still dark here but mild at 4º
Sounds like a lovely day with your DGD mizuna so nice you can share that time together being creative and teaching her those skills.
I’ve got DGS here watching TV in bed beside me, no rush to get up for the school run this morning. We’ll be dropping him off at home late morning and hoping DGDs sleepover party with her 3 pals went well. Probably not much sleep involved but lots of noise and laughter. Then I’m going to a local garden centre to look for some sort of Christmas gift for my pal.
If you’re out and about today meeting friends and family have a lovely time
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Grandmabatty Sun 10-Dec-23 07:43:29

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 6° and damp. Ash lovely photos. You live in a lovely part of the country. Marydoll I hope your boiler is ok. I've broken a match for you. My ex fil always broke a match if two things went wrong.
Yesterday I looked after dgs2 on the morning. In the afternoon dgs1 came round for a sleepover. We put out the Christmas decorations and he tried to put the star on the tree but he's still too wee, even standing on the step ladder. Hot chocolate after his bath and popcorn which was very disappointing as it burnt in the microwave.
This morning we are up and he's watching cat videos on YouTube and playing with cars. He's a good wee soul. He had been playing quietly in his bedroom until I got up. No plans for later apart from tidying up and a visit to mum. Steak casserole to make and lentil soup. Have a good day all

fancythat Sun 10-Dec-23 07:45:05

Good morning. Dry so far down South.
Did a leaflet drop recently for the Carol Service today.
Then an afternoon rest.

Greyduster Sun 10-Dec-23 07:48:12

Good morning. Michael and all GNs from a dry and blessedly calm South Yorkshire. Yesterday, after a very brief dry spell, was horrendously wet and windy. My garden chairs, which I have still to find room for in the garage, were tossed around the patio like matchboxes. One is in the flower bed. Plans for today are amorphous. DD and the menfolk are coming for Sunday lunch at some stage but it will depend on whether GS is playing football, if the pitch is playable. I fancy it won’t be. I expect someone will let me know what time to put the meat in - eventually. We shall have mystery pudding today - even I don’t know what it’s going to be yet!hmm
Have a good day, folks.

Alygran Sun 10-Dec-23 07:55:11

Good morning from DD’s. Still dark and I’m not up yet. The weather sounds quieter. Heavy rain and high winds yesterday which didn’t spoil a lovely shopping day with DGS, DD1 and2. I’m pretty much done for gift shopping.
Back home today and DD2 will help me decorate the house. I was going to stay to watch DGS play football but it looks like poor weather is expected and getting soaked before a 2 hour drive is not very sensible!
Have a good day everyone.

Greyduster Sun 10-Dec-23 08:00:06

Just thought I would come back with this morning’s sunrise. It looked very lacklustre when I posted earlier, but now - Wow!

monk08 Sun 10-Dec-23 08:03:33

Good morning all from the Black country where the wind has finally dropped.
A quick trip to Aldi then back to finish my book so I can pass it on to my hairdresser when I see her this week.
Have a lovely Sunday all whatever your plans and may you all find some ☀️.

cornergran Sun 10-Dec-23 08:05:18

Morning Mick, morning All from a dry, calm corner of Somerset.

Yesterdays winds disturbed just about everything. Very strong gusts and spells of horizontal rain. Cards finally written they were squeezed into an almost full box just before emptying time. Phew. After a very pleasant lunch, other than me having a coughing fit half way through, we deposited a bag of cards and gifts and decided to risk a trip to a usually quiet garden centre. Fortunately the roads had huge puddles rather than floods but goodness the fields were flooded. A wander and a cuppa accompanied by excellent cake made for a very enjoyable if ‘coughey’ afternoon

Quiet one today, may write some local cards, will produce sausage rolls and hope some make it to the freezer. Mr C will I hope make inroads into the latest jigsaw, I’d truly like a tidy table before Christmas appears.

With thoughts for all finding life a struggle, hope Sunday is kind to us all.

Marydoll Sun 10-Dec-23 08:05:49

Marydoll I hope your boiler is ok. I've broken a match for you. My ex fil always broke a match if two things went wrong.

Thank you for thinking of me, GMBatty! 😂

baubles Sun 10-Dec-23 08:08:36

Good morning from South Lanarkshire. It’s another dreich day.

I have a big birthday later this week and DD has asked us over this afternoon as they will be busy with work and school on the actual day. I think DS and family will be there which will be lovely as I seldom see all the grandchildren together.

Have the best day possible everyone.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 10-Dec-23 08:15:20

Good morning from a quiet South Downs.

Yesterday I decorated the outdoor Christmas tree with its lights between rain. I looked out last night and the two foxes were just sitting next to it in the light -it would have made a photo worthy of Chris Packman!

Today is the annual neighbourhood festive lunch at the golf club, with carols. We (about a dozen of us) are meeting up in one neighbour’s house for pre-lunch drinks - I’m taking over some canapés. Must sort out some Christmas sparkle to wear. It is always a very jolly time.

That is my day sorted🙂🎄

Peace and harmony to all.