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Bows in tiny baby girls' heads .....

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Luckygirl3 Sun 10-Dec-23 09:44:11

Am I just becoming a crabby old git or are these bows ridiculous?

Some of them are huge.

Why should a tiny baby have to tolerate a band round their heads? It needs to be quite tight to keep it on and that cannot be comfortable. And you see pics of babies lying in their cribs with them on - it only needs the baby to wriggle around and the band slip round their neck for a danger to be created.

Is it just me ........ ?

dogsmother Sun 10-Dec-23 09:47:24

Oh I am with you, sure they might look fine to some but to me all I see is unnecessary pressure being applied to a precious little head. I know they wear hats and need those these are something else.

ExDancer Sun 10-Dec-23 09:48:23

No it's not just you.

Curtaintwitcher Sun 10-Dec-23 09:49:56

I looks plain silly and doesn't serve any purpose.

Casdon Sun 10-Dec-23 09:54:09

I can’t see much difference in reality between the bows and the frilly bonnets with ties under the chin that people used to dress their baby girls in to show them off, it’s just a different fashion.

toscalily Sun 10-Dec-23 09:55:34

Am I just becoming a crabby old git or are these bows ridiculous?
Probably yes to the crabby bit, comes with age, but I agree with you, some are so large must be uncomfortable on their little heads.

toscalily Sun 10-Dec-23 09:57:37

But a bonnet does serve a purpose, keeps the sun off or keeps the head warm depending on the time of year.

silverlining48 Sun 10-Dec-23 09:57:38

No it’s not just you.

silverlining48 Sun 10-Dec-23 09:58:54

Bonnets can serve a purpose by keep heads warm in winter or protection from the sun.

silverlining48 Sun 10-Dec-23 09:59:10

X post

silverlining48 Sun 10-Dec-23 09:59:55

Almost word for word Tosca

Grandma70s Sun 10-Dec-23 10:05:42

I assume the bows are to show the baby is a girl, not a boy. Still not necessary.

Casdon Sun 10-Dec-23 10:06:53


But a bonnet does serve a purpose, keeps the sun off or keeps the head warm depending on the time of year.

Yes, if it’s a practical design. But so many weren’t, they were all lace, frills and ribbons, worn to show the baby girl off, not for any practical purpose. Boys always wore practical headgear, girls, no.

toscalily Sun 10-Dec-23 10:16:03

silverlining48 almost posted at the same time too smile

Luckygirl3 Sun 10-Dec-23 10:22:41

Phew - I am a crabby old git, but not being unreasonable! grin

paddyann54 Sun 10-Dec-23 10:37:41

I know from past threads many of you didn't dress your children in the style of the times.I'm afraid we went the whole hog,including frilly waterproof knickers My MIL used to say it was a fashion show when we visited with at least 4 spare outfits.When MIL's best friend had a "late baby" in her 40's she was delighted to get a suitcase filled with over 60 dresses and wee outfits.
My daughter grew up enjoying the fashions she saw around her although she wouldn't wear jeans until she went to high school .

Now my lovely young neighbours enjoy doing the same ,they are great parents but I'm sure you'd cringe at the wee boys in their Peaky Blinders caps or the wee girls in...shock horror headbows..! Surely how others dress their kids is their business.
Its probably the only time you can dress them in things you want,by the time my son was 2 he would bring down his colour co ordinated choice of clothes for the day every morning, so the lovely baby whites were done with.
Not everything needs to have a purpose ,decoration is great for its own sake .The vast majority wont leave their baby in a different room so their headband IF they have it on can be seen at all times .YOUNG mothers aren't stupid ,just excited by the choice and colour of beautiful baby clothes

You are being grumpy ,sorry

Chestnut Sun 10-Dec-23 10:43:49

I don't think Luckygirl3 was criticising the way people dress their children, just the bows around tiny babies' heads.

BlueBelle Sun 10-Dec-23 10:45:02

Yes I would cringe, baby and small children and dogs are not our fashion playthings …buy a Barbie 🤣
I think those bows especially on a bald head are daft and serve no purpose and I m not a crabby old lady I ve always thought they are daft …but…. you re right it’s no one’s business but the parents but we can quietly think what we like 😀

BlueBelle Sun 10-Dec-23 10:46:05

Posted to soon the other thing I can’t stand to see is small babies in jeans they are so hard and unforgiving

Maggiemaybe Sun 10-Dec-23 10:54:53


I assume the bows are to show the baby is a girl, not a boy. Still not necessary.

Yes. DGS2 was with us for a family meal at a local restaurant when he was tiny and the lovely Italian owner took him off our hands while we ate. DD1 had just popped her bow onto his head as a joke, and off he went showing off the “beautiful little girl” to every table and all the staff. grin With 5 gorgeous grandsons I’m guessing this is the nearest I’ll get to a granddaughter.

I have to say that DGS2’s beautiful mum was always mistaken for a boy even with a frilly bonnet on. grin

eazybee Sun 10-Dec-23 10:55:59

I am just surprised these bows stay on the baby's head. My daughter had a broderie anglaise mobcap in the seventies as a sunhat and although she liked it it rarely stayed on longer than five minutes, just rose to the top of her head and fell off.

welbeck Sun 10-Dec-23 10:59:00

isn't it largely a class signifier.

Calipso Sun 10-Dec-23 11:16:00

What most are failing to recognise is that they pose a danger to very young babies. Adverse incidents have been recorded where they have slipped down over the nose and mouth and caused suffocation.

twiglet77 Sun 10-Dec-23 11:27:25

I only have grandsons but all my DDs’ friends with baby girls put those silly hair bands and bows on them. No baby needs a hair decoration, they just look ridiculous.

But I suppose the layettes mine had would seem ridiculous to them: flannelette nightgowns, fine wool crossover vests, beribboned mittens, bootees and bonnets, angel tops with matching frilly pants, romper suits… and so many hand made clothes. I still have lots of them stored away just for sentimental reasons, none of mine wanted them for their own babies.

Luckygirl3 Sun 10-Dec-23 11:43:15

At least one baby has died from suffocation when a bow was left on during a nap.