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M&S 12 days of Christmas

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Aveline Mon 11-Dec-23 11:38:44

I saw that M&S were doing this again this year. I'd been disappointed last year but feel luckier this year. I got a nice hand cream and a packet of Florentines as well as a bag of fresh baked cookies or doughnuts with my usual Sparks card.
I know others were very lucky last year. Anyone get gin this year?

Gardenersdelight Mon 11-Dec-23 11:54:25

You've done very well all I "won" was a bag of chocolate coins all the others were just money off purchases I don't want

Theexwife Mon 11-Dec-23 11:54:38

I had a few last year but have only had chocolate coins this year, can’t complain about any free stuff though.

Chocolatelovinggran Mon 11-Dec-23 12:14:01

Well you're all up on me. I've had a stream of 15% off wrapping paper- type offers. I'm a little underwhelmed.

Rosie51 Mon 11-Dec-23 12:20:54

Me too Chocolatelovinggran, and that's all I got last year. My husband did get a free pair of Christmas socks on the first day.

annsixty Mon 11-Dec-23 12:32:27

I had thought that the offers where the same for everyone, obviously not so.
I have taken advantage of one online one which was a percentage off Christmas decorations and I bought a little prelit tree.
I can’t get into a store unless someone takes me which is rare so can’t get the free things.

annsixty Mon 11-Dec-23 12:33:09


polomint Mon 11-Dec-23 13:58:33

No freebies for me either! Just money off biscuits, cheese

Shinamae Mon 11-Dec-23 14:01:10

Same as polomint 🤷‍♀️

Margiknot Mon 11-Dec-23 14:16:25

Ist day I got a hand cream, the rest are % money off tokens. I went into look at Christmas decorations ( as we need a new tree topper) and there was very little left- so I suspect several of us get the same offers but perhaps on different days. I've dutifully checked it every day. Last year I forgot the first day- so only got the %off tokens.
I used to buy the beauty advent calendar but I no longer have any female relatives to share out the contents so there is less point.

Callistemon21 Mon 11-Dec-23 14:35:31

Oh snow! I've missed 10 and today I have 10% off a truffle tin I don't want.
And no peeking at No 12 until tomorrow.

DH said "They're treating you like a child!"

Parsley3 Mon 11-Dec-23 15:40:17

I got a free bottle of Signature perfume and money off a Christmas cake. 20% off gift sets today but I have already bought all the presents I need.

Grannybags Mon 11-Dec-23 15:46:34

Only % off things for me. No freebies. Same as last year.

Very disappointed!

AreWeThereYet Mon 11-Dec-23 15:52:36

A few days ago got ground coffee in a gift box. That was okay. The just money off things we don't want. Got hand cream last year.

NotAGran55 Mon 11-Dec-23 15:54:03

Free bottle of Discovery perfume and a box of Colin The Caterpillar’s best bits, along with a selection of % off.

Jules1960 Mon 11-Dec-23 15:55:50

I did "win" a lip balm and as usual they had no stock, I think it's one big con to get you into the store and spend apparently there was no alternative.
This isn't the first time e this has happened to me.

Scapa1 Mon 11-Dec-23 16:01:24

My daughter got offer for Percy pig train and chocolate coins on Saturday. When she went today to collect this she was told they ran out on Friday and weren’t getting any more in! Poor show Marks.

Bella23 Mon 11-Dec-23 16:20:59


Free bottle of Discovery perfume and a box of Colin The Caterpillar’s best bits, along with a selection of % off.

Sorry NotAgran I laughed out loud,Colin the" Caterpillar's best bits", I hope they were better than the Etsy card they still keep showing me, and moi being a prude.grin

Aldom Mon 11-Dec-23 16:26:13

I just delete the 12 Days of Christmas email every morning. It's a pretty worthless offer.

rafichagran Mon 11-Dec-23 16:29:44

I got the room spray and money off things. I took advantage of the night wear offer and saved £5. I cant complain.

granfromafar Mon 11-Dec-23 16:31:02

I had mostly been getting money off items but one day had the free M And S coffee tin. I assumed it was an empty tin so didn't bother claiming! Will go into our local food hall tomorrow to see if there are any left.

Aveline Mon 11-Dec-23 17:04:24

Apart from my v welcome free gifts (Florentines are my absolute favourite and I love the hand cream) the discount vouchers have suited me. 20% off their good chocolate biscuits and also off frozen foods is helpful. The other offers weren't of interest. What you get is just luck. I'd expected the store near us to be out of stock in my free items but they weren't. smile

Devorgilla Mon 11-Dec-23 17:15:02

rafichagran, lucky you finding a room spray. The two stores near me had the 250ml one but not the free 100ml and it has now expired. Feel cheated. I did get a free mini bites which they did have in stock. Used the 20%off PJs and biscuits. I await the 12th tomorrow.

Desdemona Mon 11-Dec-23 17:35:47

Just money off things I don't want, except for some chocolate coins which I won't bother to try to collect as it isn't worth the faff and last time they ran an advent calendar the few free items I did win were out of stock anyway.

Callistemon21 Mon 11-Dec-23 17:54:21

a box of Colin The Caterpillar’s best bits

I'm so envy