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SEAT Arona automatic

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Kiwiqueen123 Mon 11-Dec-23 16:14:01

I've got a fracture of the left knee. Have a hinged knee brace. The fracture was six weeks ago.. Not seeing the consultant again until the first week in February. We live rurally. My husband has mobility issues and no longer drives. We have a Fiesta which is now ten years old but it's a manual because of the fracture. We really need an automatic as I'm unable to drive a manual. We've today found a lovely SEAT Arona automatic which will be ideal for DH, much easier for him to get in and out compared to the Fiesta. Only trouble is I've never driven an automatic. The sales man showed me the interior and what to push etc. Also there's a different key system.

Can any one tell me how long it took them to get used to their new car being an automatic. Think I need a confidence boost please! So many different gadgets compared to our basic Fiesta.

crazyH Mon 11-Dec-23 16:24:53

I’ve only driven automatics, so I wouldn’t know the difference. But I would think it’s the easiest thing in the world to drive. I have a Kia Rio Auto. Just start the car, put gear into ‘drive’ and off you go. I’ve had it a couple of years (2018 model) - not one day of trouble, touch wood.

crazyH Mon 11-Dec-23 16:30:52

Btw, I failed my ‘manual’ driving test couple of times and decided to do my test in an ‘automatic ( had a few lessons ofcourse) - never looked back..

tanith Mon 11-Dec-23 16:32:57

The basics are easy you only have two pedals brake and accelerator, your left foot is now not needed you simply start the engine with your foot on the brake then you move the gear leaver into D for drive keeping your foot on the brake take the handbrake off and move your foot onto the accelerator indicating of course if necessary. Took a few minutes to keep my left foot from wanting to move but it was very easy.
The other gadgets you will learn in time just sit yourself in the car and familiarise yourself with where all the essentials are first.
Good luck! you’ll wonder why you were so nervous after a few days.

Margiknot Mon 11-Dec-23 16:32:59

I am not familiar with the Seat, but changed to a hybrid six ago - also an automatic. At first I kept reaching for the gears and the clutch- but very quickly it became second nature to leave it to the car! I used to get anxious on hill starts - but modern automatics work well even in trying conditions. I sometimes struggle to start the car- it can be a pedantic about its safety checks- but that might be specific to an EV which has a button started not a key turn, rather than a petrol automatic!
I used to tuck my left foot out of the way to help stop myself automatically searching for the clutch- but with a knee brace you probably can’t do that.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 11-Dec-23 16:42:50

I have always switched between automatic and manual vehicles, as our work vehicles are a manual and our personal vehicles are automatic.

Automatics are so easy to drive, I would practice on quiet back streets first, good luck.

Sorry to hear of your fracture.

M0nica Mon 11-Dec-23 16:44:04

Why not book a couple of lessons on an automatic car with your local driving school?

I drive both. It took me about two emergency stops - foot on brake and clutch together to remember what to do.

Oldbutstilluseful Mon 11-Dec-23 17:10:10

I leased a Seat Arona nearly 3 years ago having driven manual cars for the last 50 years. After driving locally for the first couple of days I wondered why I hadn’t changed to automatic years ago. Best decision I made.

Georgesgran Mon 11-Dec-23 17:20:37

Took me about 20 minutes. I’d previously driven sports cars which performed better with manual gearboxes. I then got an automatic, but with the option of using ‘flappy paddles’. I much preferred the automatic and would never go back to a manual.

62Granny Mon 11-Dec-23 17:31:42

I am like you and have never driven an automatic , but would like a hybrid car next time we change our car , I have been told by my female friends that your left foot does go for the clutch for a day or two but after that it just becomes the normal. Ask the garage if you can test drive it and see how you feel after that.

Greyduster Mon 11-Dec-23 17:56:49

Our last three cars were automatic, but DH drove them, not me. I had only ever driven manual cars. When, last year, he could no longer drive, I had to step up to the plate. I spent half an hour driving around our estate and then went out on to the main road, and never looked back. They are easy; a doddle on hills. The only thing I couldn't get used to with the hybrid was not having a handbrake, but you soon stop worrying about it. Go for it.

Callistemon21 Mon 11-Dec-23 18:01:42

I admit to putting off driving DH's automatic but now I have, there was nothing to fear.

I'd advise sitting in the car on the drive with the handbook and go through everything as it may have gadgets that you're not used to - some useful, some not.

dolphindaisy Mon 11-Dec-23 18:10:49

I had only driven manual so before buying an automatic I booked a one hour lesson with a local during school. I'm so pleased I did because I got lots of useful information. When I did buy an automatic the salesman just quickly told me how to start it and that was it. I must say I love it and wish I'd got one sooner. At first I kept my left leg stretched out on the floor and kept a tight grip on the wheel with my left hand.

dolphindaisy Mon 11-Dec-23 23:46:32

That should say "local driving school" oops?

Siope Mon 11-Dec-23 23:55:38

I e owned and driven both, and while I prefer a manual, driving automatics is simple.

The additional gadgets are presumably because the Seat is both newer and a higher spec, so that would happen even if you were upgrading to another manual. Just spend some time reading the handbook before you drive anywhere.

GrandmaSeaDragon Tue 12-Dec-23 00:05:53

I found it took me a couple of days to get used to driving my new Automatic in the summer. Having driven a manual for over 50 years and resisting suggestions from DH and DDs to get an automatic for ages, I thought it would be too difficult to adapt. Now I wonder why on earth I didn’t get one years ago, it’s so easy. The best advice the salesman gave me was “just keep both your hands on the wheel”, only once did I reach for the gear stick when approaching a junction the next day. And mine also has a lot more gadgets than the previous one. Go for it Kiwiqueen123, you’ll wonder why you hesitated!

M0nica Wed 13-Dec-23 16:49:21

Today I had a strange contra experience with an automatic/ manual car.

I have a car with a manual gearbox, but for the last 20 years DH has owned a succession of ageng SAABS, all with automatic gearboxes, which I am accustomed to driving, although I do not drive them often. So put me in a SAAB and mind immediately switchesinto 'automatic gearbox' mode.

However, when the last old SAAB went to the scrap yard the only SAAB DH could find to replace it had a manual gear box.

Today I needed to drive his car, so found myself dealing with a mind that as soon as I got into the car said 'automatic gearbox', and I was surrounded by a car that had all those quite unrelated items like headlight controls, signal controls etc, that my mind automatically associates with the automatic car in the family, but actually the one I was in had a manual gearbox.

It took me all of 20 miles on the motorway before I proeprly adjusted.