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The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face…..

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Calendargirl Sat 10-Feb-24 14:01:02

This song was played on something I watched last night. It still sends shivers down my spine every time I hear it, sung by the incomparable Roberta Flack, who incidentally is 87 today.

87! shock

She recorded it in 1972, I think, the year DH and I married.

Just listening to the words makes me feel so young and just so nostalgic for being ‘in love’ and feeling that no one else has ever felt like that before.

Daft I know.


TerriBull Sat 10-Feb-24 14:08:22

I'm glad to hear Roberta Flack is still alive. I loved that song, still do. Yes wonderful wonderful lyrics.

Mamie Sat 10-Feb-24 14:10:16

Beautiful song. I love the Mary Travis (of Peter, Paul and Mary) version.

SusieB50 Sat 10-Feb-24 14:18:02

Oh yes a beautiful song, we got married in 1971 but remember playing it many times in the car during those romantic first years of marriage. One of my late DH’s favourites all his life .

AGAA4 Sat 10-Feb-24 14:20:35

A very poignant love song. I have always loved it.

Smileless2012 Sat 10-Feb-24 14:22:00

Oh yes, one of my favourites and there's nothing daft about the way it makes you feel Calendargirl smile.

Sparklefizz Sat 10-Feb-24 14:23:14

Tender and poignant lyrics. That song means a great deal to me.

Mamie Sat 10-Feb-24 14:30:19

The song was written by Ewan McColl for Peggy Seeger in 1957 and I think Mary Travis really brings out the folk origin. It is on YouTube.

seadragon Sat 10-Feb-24 14:32:45


Oh yes a beautiful song, we got married in 1971 but remember playing it many times in the car during those romantic first years of marriage. One of my late DH’s favourites all his life .

DH and I married in 1971 too SusieB50. Ewan McColl's beautiful song captures exactly the way I felt the first time I saw DH.... as does John Denver's "You Fill up my Senses" and OMG:.... Eddie Readers' "Jamie" - (The Lyrics are by Rabbie Burns). Ewan tended to favour a swifter pace which I remain unsure about.... We have been so lucky SusieB50 to have found someone who inspires such feeling in us..... DH's health has been deteriorating recently so I must get on with the Playlist of 'our songs' from our 56 years together....

Anniebach Sat 10-Feb-24 15:37:07

Cleo Lane singing it

VioletSky Sat 10-Feb-24 15:45:35

It's a beautifu song

pascal30 Sat 10-Feb-24 15:57:43

i don't like the Peggy Seegar version, I love the Luke Evans and Roberta Flack versions andthey really make me tear up with old memories..

Iam64 Sat 10-Feb-24 15:59:23

It’s a hauntingly beautiful song

pascal30 Sat 10-Feb-24 16:01:53

The song that reminds me of the early 70's also is Francoise Hardy 'All over the world'

Millie22 Sat 10-Feb-24 17:07:36

My very favourite song

Grannybags Sat 10-Feb-24 17:51:09

Oh yes Calendargirl I love that song and agree with your description of how it makes you feel. Gives me goosebumps

It all seems such a long time ago!

midgey Sat 10-Feb-24 17:54:13

Pascal30 that is a favourite of mine, it reminds me of my lovely sister.

petra Sat 10-Feb-24 18:22:46

You can’t forget the film when you hear it, sooo good.

Patsy70 Sat 10-Feb-24 18:24:46

I love that song too. Reminds me of a lost love. ♥️

LucyAnna Sat 10-Feb-24 18:29:28

Lovely music. Takes me back to 72 - a wonderful year for me!

MissAdventure Sat 10-Feb-24 18:31:38

It's so beautiful it makes me sad.

Bridie22 Sat 10-Feb-24 18:33:29

Beautiful song, brings back special memories, I didn't realise Roberta was still with us !

polomint Sat 10-Feb-24 22:26:18

Yes I do agree that it is a lovely romantic song. Another song which I like but makes me wonder is nat king Cole singing," if I had to choose just one day ". Nostalgic but I would pick the first time my husband kissed me

polomint Sat 10-Feb-24 22:27:13

The actual day was a Wed and it was 3rd march

Gin Sat 10-Feb-24 22:56:06

Gosh we often play it, such a gorgeous piece, we have Roberta’s version on our Spotify mix.
Also very fond memories of Francoise Hardy. I had all her LPs but have not heard any of her songs in ages. I have just now played my favourite ‘Le Premier Bonheur du Jour’ on YouTube. So simple and melodic compared to today’s music. Such lovely reminders of youthful times.