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Hair dilemma?

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Lilliesmum79 Sun 11-Feb-24 13:58:21

Ive been growing my silver /grey out for about 2 yrs. Im turning 60 in August and finally decided to give up dye also I've been growing it too but it's very thick and frizzy. I don't bother with hairstyles it's just brushed and put up in bun in morning and washed once a wk. I've just let it air dry I've arthritis now in hands and shoulders so can't blowdry style it. Takes about 2 hrs to dry. I'm not working don't go out and socialise alot I just like my home and family counting my 3 Furbabies too. Full time granny too. I guess I'm saying I'm in 2 minds what to do with my hair chop it all off but then I'd have to style it wouldn't I. I don't mind the grey lol. Maybe it's better to just leave it as it is?

Sago Sun 11-Feb-24 14:27:04

It sounds as though you have given up and 60 is young.
I would suggest a nice bob or short style and a straightening brush to use on dry hair to smooth.
There are lots of shampoos that bring out the natural hi lights in grey hair.

Jackiest Sun 11-Feb-24 14:32:40

Leave it grey and have it long or short or just a fuzzy mop providing you are happy and smile and laugh with people you will look great.

Lilliesmum79 Sun 11-Feb-24 14:33:38

Hi its not that I've given up just not a girly girl never was the less hassle the better. Feel like taking my husbands hair clippers to my hair!

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 11-Feb-24 14:41:54

Conditioner will help with the frizz, plus some serum such as John Frieda Frizz Ease. Drying with a hairdryer shouldn’t take very long - if I let my hair dry naturally it would be dreadfully frizzy. Ten minutes with the hairdryer - I don’t faff around styling it - is all I need and my hair is also thick, shoulder length. My hair is then sleek and straight.

Tenko Sun 11-Feb-24 15:29:10

My hair is quite straight but goes frizzy is left to dry . So I always use a hair dryer . I’ve got a Dyson which dries quickly and is quite light . Maybe that would help with your arthritis.
Mines in a bob and I get it cut every 6-7 weeks which means it keeps its shape and is easy to blow dry .
I’m not ready for grey yet , I’m a dark blonde and have highlights every 3 months and have 3 colours which tone in well with my natural colour.

MissAdventure Sun 11-Feb-24 15:34:06

I'd leave it as it is, apart from putting some sort of anti frizz stuff on it.

If you are happy with the colour and having it tied back, then anything else complicates matters.

V3ra Sun 11-Feb-24 15:40:08

I can't be bothered don't like blow drying my hair every morning.
I mix some mousse and leave-in conditioner together in my hands, pat it lightly all over my head then scrunch my hair into shape and let it dry naturally.
If you want yours shorter but not have to style it that might be worth trying?

nexus63 Sun 11-Feb-24 15:40:43

i had the same hairstyle since i was 14, i had to wash, dry and tong every day and use a ton of hairspray until 5 years ago they said cancer, weirdly i was not bothered about the cancer, it was the thought of my hair falling out, i had not gone to a hairdressers in more than 30 years, i went the next day and asked for a pixie cut, it was the best thing i have ever done, i have kept it and all i need is to wash it, comb/brush and leave it.

shysal Sun 11-Feb-24 15:47:10

I also have arthritic hands and shoulders and can't style or blow dry my hair. I find the best length is to my shoulders and I comb through a leave-in conditioner (Mixed Chicks) which I allow to dry naturally then comb with a wide-toothed comb. I never use a brush as it would cause frizz. I would imagine your bun will be the easiest for you, I have never managed to grow my hair that long.

62Granny Sun 11-Feb-24 16:00:17

Sounds like hairstyle wise you have it under control for your lifestyle , if you go short I can assure you it is much more of a problem and is very rarely wash and go.
To get the frizz under control, perhaps a change of shampoo to one that combats frizz, do you use conditioner? I like John Frieda products they are a little dearer but a little goes a long way , they also do a shampoo for grey hair. Apparently grey hair is coarser which probably why it seems frizzy now.

Baggs Sun 11-Feb-24 16:15:08

Short hair has to trimmed and 'dealt with'. Long hair is much easier imo. My approach is similar to yours except I now have a plait instead of a bun. I even plait it while it's still damp. It gets brushed and replaited once every 24 hours. Never bothered with dye so mine is now a paler mouse than it used to be and white around my face. Never could be arsed with hair faff.

Each to their own but it sounds as though your approach suits your lifestyle, Lilliesmum 🙂

Norah Sun 11-Feb-24 16:33:03

Pixie cut, mousse, allow to dry, comb. Done.

Mel1967 Sun 11-Feb-24 16:41:09

I gave up colouring my hair at least 20 years ago.
Now 57 with very grey hair.
Mine is cut very short - pixie style.
Just wash and go.
Easy peasy

Elusivebutterfly Sun 11-Feb-24 16:51:02

If you have arthritis in your shoulders I do not recommend a pixie cut. That needs cutting every few weeks and I find that leaning back over the basin at the hairdressers is very uncomfortable with arthritis. It also becomes expensive.

Lilliesmum79 Sun 11-Feb-24 17:17:17

Thanks everyone I think I'll just keep it the wag it is and maybe look for more moisturising and nourishing shampoo and conditioner. Most days I just put some conditioner in my hands and then spread it through the hair then put it up.

MissAdventure Sun 11-Feb-24 17:27:26

Maybe experiment with different ways of putting it up?
Just of you fancy a change, or want something a bit more "done" looking. 🙂

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 11-Feb-24 17:33:53

I can recommend Percy &Reed Wonder shampoo and rinse-out conditioner (not cheap but worth it) and Goldwell Rich Repair leave-in conditioner. I can’t be doing with loads of products or faffing around. Quick blow dry and forget.

Purplepixie Sun 11-Feb-24 17:39:37

You are only 60 and that is a very young age. Maybe go to a professional hairdressers and ask them for advice? The grey will really make you look a lot older and sorry I am not a fan of grey. I cannot understand why younger people want to dye their hair grey, we all get there soon enough if we let it. I would be inclined to get some professional advice and go back to putting a colour through your hair. Sorry if this offends anyone, just my opinion, which was asked for.

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 11-Feb-24 18:19:40

I’m pleased that I have let my hair go grey. I decided that at about 70 my highlights no longer looked right. However I wear eye makeup every day. Without that I would look like a washed out old biddy. Hair is important but imo so is the face.

Castafiore Mon 12-Feb-24 12:03:00

Why don't you go to your hairdresser and take a picture of Judi Dench with you? Or anyone else whose hair looks great?

Tish Mon 12-Feb-24 12:06:52

I embraced the grey during covid and don’t regret the decision, I have quite curly hair with a mind of its own, I have it quite short so minimum time to dry but I can style it if I wish… embrace the chop… it might suit you and you may find you have curls instead of frizz. If you don’t like it… it will grow back!

growstuff Mon 12-Feb-24 12:12:37

Wear a hijab! wink

Dempie55 Mon 12-Feb-24 12:14:02

Don't get a bob, whatever you do! I grew my hair during the lockdowns, and didn't go to a hairdresser for 3 years, having just tied it up in a plait or a French roll thing. Eventually the daughter persuaded me to go and get it cut into 'a nice bob'. It looked fabulous at the salon, but whenever I slept on it, it would go all weird, and turn up instead of under. It only looked good when it was freshly blow dried, and, like you, I have the arthritis in the mitts, and couldn't bear the effort involved in styling it. Needless to say I haven't been back to the hairdresser, just chop at the ends if they look a bit untidy, so it's all grown back the way it was!

Nicolenet Mon 12-Feb-24 12:16:33

I am 70 and not very grey yet. I have a jellyfish haircut, long at the back bob at the front... Now or never. Which makes it very easy to look after. Shampoo/ conditioner, rinse and dry. Love it.