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Good Morning Tuesday 13th February 2024

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Michael12 Tue 13-Feb-24 05:29:54

Good Morning Everyone,
Up early as usual , its dark but dry outside at the moment
As is Pancake Day , a change of plan , bus to Bicester for an hour or so then get another one to Buckingham with intentions of visiting a cafe which does Pancakes today , before returning home from there .
Take Care,

karmalady Tue 13-Feb-24 05:40:49

Good morning from s somerset, dull all day with some rain, not exactly inspiring weather

I have no plans or ideas for today but will not be having a repeat of yesterday when I did nothing much at all, I need to start sewing that coat, have been putting it off but will bite the bullet and make a tentative start later

Have a good day

cornergran Tue 13-Feb-24 06:02:17

Morning Mick, morning All from a wet corner of Somerset.

Yesterdays sunshine allowed a pleasant time outside, thoroughly enjoyed watching small children hurtle about. A potential bench located for our front garden we enjoyed lunch and then trundled back home where I, finally, waded through the last of the greetings cards. It’s been fascinating to trace the progress of our grandchildren via the cards they made and their handwriting.

Our daughter in law is still quite unwell, thinking about her we realised just how fortunate Mr C has been in his recovery from cardiac surgery.

Grocery delivery, there’s an odd substitution it seems, dust removal and a parcel to collect today. Mundane stuff which keeps the wheels turning. Pancakes for tea.

With thoughts of all managing sadness and a hope that Tuesday is kind to us all.

Bonnybanko Tue 13-Feb-24 06:05:02

Good morning everyone from sunny Tenerife where it’s boiling hot. I’m having a real ball here on my holidays Mick hope you’ve had your condition checked out by your gp it’s real worrying when you pee blood.

Have a safe day my friends.

grandMattie Tue 13-Feb-24 06:06:42

Good morning from Bristol
I’ve just been watching a livestream of my elder sister’s funeral in Perth, WA. She was only 77. It was very hard.
Carpe diem. 🦩🦩🦩🦩

Bellasnana Tue 13-Feb-24 06:07:11

Good morning from Malta where a windy day is forecast with a high of 16°C and a chance of rain.

I’m meeting a friend for coffee so hope I won’t get soaked.

Spent a couple of hours with the boys yesterday so DD3 could get some errands run. They were delightful as always but when SiL came to take over they both clung to my legs and didn’t want me to leave so I stayed! Such loving little chaps.💙💙

Sending best wishes to all, enjoy your pancakes, Mick.☀️

Bellasnana Tue 13-Feb-24 06:08:03


Ashcombe Tue 13-Feb-24 06:12:13

Good morning from a drizzly Torbay, after a beautiful day yesterday.

Thinking of you, grandMattie, on a sad day for you.

My DS, his lady and DGS3, aged 7, are due here early and we'll go out for breakfast at The Babbacombe Inn. Then a visit to The Little Theatre as GS is involved in a Drama Group so I thought he'd find it interesting to see round the building.

A busy day as DH should arrive early evening at Newton Abbot.

Wishing everyone as good a day as possible. 🦩💐🦩🥰🦩

RosesandLilac Tue 13-Feb-24 06:17:20

Good morning everyone from south Glos, no idea what it’s like outside other than being dark!
Sending you hugs grandMattie, a sad time for you 💐

Yesterday my lovely gardener neighbour and I spent nearly four hours tidying my front garden, pruning shrubs and roses and weeding, it looks so much better now. Lots of bulbs coming up, hyacinths are my favourite. The crocuses are out and everything is coming into bud.
Today I want to do my drawing once the Ocado shop arrives and I’ve put the washing on. A quiet day.
Take care everyone 🌹

Mizuna Tue 13-Feb-24 06:21:37

Good morning from Cornwall where it's raining and breezy, lovely and fresh. Yesterday I called in at a church in another town offering a warm space and tea and coffee. Discovered that the vicar has a Harley Davidson motorbike and as I used to ride a motorbike we enjoyed a long chat about them. Then found that an older guy at the Food Bank table had been a journalist like me so that was another good natter. Today I'll stay locally and walk on one of our nearest beaches for fresh air.

On a sombre note my close friend's son-in-law who has had a stroke isn't coming round after two weeks. We continue to hope and pray.

The pic is of Tesco hyacinths which made me cough so they were banished to my patio and are on their second flowering.

Grandmabatty Tue 13-Feb-24 06:23:28

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 4° and damp. Still very dark. GrandMattie I feel for you being so far away 💐. Ash I'm sure your dgs will find the theatre visit really interesting. Cornergran I'm sorry to hear that your Dil is still unwell.
Yesterday was chaos and fun. My living room had two dens in it-one for each boy, my bedroom became a ship and the hall was a race track. We went into the garden in the morning to use the new tools. There was much brushing and raking happening. When dgs2 went for his nap, dgs1 and I went back outside to play cricket with a balloon. It wasn't very successful so we played football instead.
Today I'll have them back. We are going to Macdonald's as a treat for lunch. Otherwise it'll be a rerun of yesterday. I may be in bed early. Have a good day all

Grandmabatty Tue 13-Feb-24 06:25:36

mizuna is that twisted hazel? I have one in a large pot in my garden

Mizuna Tue 13-Feb-24 06:25:54

grandMattie 🌹

Mizuna Tue 13-Feb-24 06:28:56


mizuna is that twisted hazel? I have one in a large pot in my garden

Yes, well spotted! It's six years old and has produced catkins for the first time. I love its sculptural shape in the winter.

Susan56 Tue 13-Feb-24 06:42:28

Good morning from Acton Trussell.Rain forecast for later.

Yesterday was lovely.Unfortunately 20 minutes into our visit to SeaLife there was a fire alarm so that was the end of our visit.DD2 sent a lovely text later saying you know you are with the right people when things go wrong but you still have a lovely time☺️

We are looking after DGS1 this morning while DD and SIL get a few things done in town.We are going to plant trees with his Beaver group this morning.DD1 and family will arrive later and we will have a family party for DGS1’s birthday.He had a party for his friends on Friday and other outings planned this week so a very lucky boy.

Ash the food is still delicious here.Our favourite hotel.

Yesterday did sound like chaos and fun Grandmabatty.Hope you have another good day today.


Have the best day you can everyone🦩

Greyduster Tue 13-Feb-24 06:44:10

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. It’s still dark, but dry in South Yorkshire. Rain expected this afternoon. Yesterday I spent a lovely long day with my best friend. We went out to lunch at a local carvery. Today GS is coming for an overnight. It’s become his habit during school holidays to do this and I’m making the most of it while it lasts. We are going to try and repair my IKEA chair, which has lost its rather flimsy seat base, with some strong webbing. It will either be a success or a dog’s breakfast. There will, of course, be pancakes today.
Have the best day you can folks.

cornergran Tue 13-Feb-24 06:46:22

A sad day grandmattie. flowers.

BlueSapphire Tue 13-Feb-24 06:59:49

Good morning everyone and happy Pancake Day from a still dark and dry Northampton, but rain is forecast later. Up early this morning as I was told to expect an early message regarding the delivery of my new washing machine. They have just texted to say I can expect delivery between 9 and 1 this morning. I have emptied the cupboard under the sink, so they have access to power and water, and cleared anything else that might be in their way.

Nothing else planned for today, so will spend the time waiting sorting out some admin on the laptop, and possibly looking for a new freezer for the garage. The old one is almost empty, so will defrost it this week. It is just not freezing any more. In the meantime the small kitchen freezer is bursting at the seams!
Pancake batter to mix as well.

grandMattie flowersflowers

Enjoy your pancakes, and have a good day.

Password1066 Tue 13-Feb-24 07:18:27

Good morning from rural Cambridgeshire. It is a dry cold morning and lots of flood water to cause chaos. I am new to posting on this site! My plans today include coffee and brunch at the garden centre with a friend then pick up GD and GS from school and maybe join the annual school pancake race before heading home.
Have a great day everyone

kittylester Tue 13-Feb-24 07:25:51

Good morning all from a blowy North Leicestershire.

Lots of bitty errands to run today while DH does a volunteer drive.

My friend's funeral was a lovely gentle one - just as she was in life. A friend sent me some lovely flowers to cheer me up - i was quite overwhelmed..

Have the best possible all.

baubles Tue 13-Feb-24 07:28:34

Good morning from dark and damp South Lanarkshire.

I envy your stamina grandmabatty smile

I’m meeting a fellow Gransnetter for coffee later, looking forward to seeing her.

gMattie flowers

Thinking of our all our sad friends this morning.

Gingster Tue 13-Feb-24 07:28:54

Good morning all .

I was up late watching ‘One Day’ on Netflix, and didn’t sleep too well after the emotional ending.

Today I will take little DGD to school , the traffic and parking is horrendous , so will leave a bit earlier.
Then I have the Play Reading group, followed by lunch and then Bridge club. A busy enjoyable day.

Mizuna I know what you mean about hyacinths! Can’t stand the smell and they give me a cough and headache.

Have a lovely day with your family Ash. It’s all or nothing isn’t it!

Yes, pancakes it is for tea. Yum!

Take care 🌷

Gingster Tue 13-Feb-24 07:31:18

Welcome to gransnet Password1066. Tell us all about yourself. 👋

Ladyleftfieldlover Tue 13-Feb-24 07:36:38

Morning all from West Oxfordshire.
I had a good time at my craft group yesterday. I showed them pictures of how I’m getting on with my stained glass project. I’ll take the completed item next time.
A quieter day today, but I will make pancakes.
I’ll be popping round to a friend’s tonight while OH goes shooting. Younger son is here for a few days. He’s been working on his novel. He had a one and a half hour zoom call with his agent yesterday.
The road and pavement outside our house is still being dug up and it feels we are trapped as they keep putting barriers up everywhere!
Have a good day.

luluaugust Tue 13-Feb-24 07:44:56

Good morning from W Kent. Another quiet morning due to the broken foot, DH awaiting call from the Dr regarding a cataract operation. Later we are off to the U3A monthly talk.
Best wishes to all