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Gymmer or non-gymmer?

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Baggs Sun 18-Feb-24 15:57:24

Just curious. Curiosity provoked by some comments elsewhere.

I haven't been inside a gym since I left school. Never been short of exercise though.

Witzend Sun 18-Feb-24 16:08:00

I’d run a mile at the thought of any exercise classes - some sweaty person shouting at you. Was v likely put off by the sadistic PE teachers at school.

However I’m half thinking of joining the local David Lloyd - but only for the pool. It’s a short bus ride away and I’ve always enjoyed - or rather never actively disliked - swimming.

JaneJudge Sun 18-Feb-24 16:10:34

i actually can't think of anything worse than going to the gym

Boz Sun 18-Feb-24 16:19:53

Well, Ive got my Sweaty Betty and Lululemon but quickly skirt the gym for the swimming pool which is usually a tranquil slow activity unless you have to contend with a tsunami in your face by the "serious" swimmers; you know, goggles, nose clip, timer on their wrist going for gold like sharks who have scented blood.

AreWeThereYet Sun 18-Feb-24 16:37:11

I used to go to the gym about four times a week - pilates and yoga classes, some weight training, some swimming. I think some people who have never been to a gym have a bit of a weird idea of what it is like. I've worked out alongside people who have lost their legs and are working out from wheelchairs, people who are very overweight, cage fighters, and girls who spend an hour getting their make up right before entering the gym and then stand around gassing for an hour.

Go to the classes and meet a lovely group of people and have a coffee afterwards. One of the ladies who came regularly to our gym was 82 - she was a tiny lady who wore her towelling beach shorts to work out. She did classes for suppleness and strength, weight training to build her muscles and a bit of cardio. She said she didn't want to lose her ability to hike with her family.

MissAdventure Sun 18-Feb-24 16:38:47

I can barely walk these days, so no gym for me. (Not that I went when I could walk!)

keepingquiet Sun 18-Feb-24 16:47:06

I joined my local one for the swimming. I said good morning to someone who told me everyone was very friendly and then turned round to talk to someone else!

I'm thinking of giving up my membership as I have no one to play badminton with and they don't have any classes that appeal to me- plus I don't trust people who say you can go at your own pace because experience has told me you can't. Also I am very uncordinated so when people are turning left of picking up the right or left leg I'm doing the opposite!

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 18-Feb-24 16:48:17

I’m another who hasn’t seen the inside of a gym since school and has no intention of changing that. I walk, garden and clean the house. I have had arthritis in my knees since age 21 so the types of exercise I can do are limited.

Aveline Sun 18-Feb-24 16:49:15

I'm a member of a local sports club but only for the Aquafit classes. The thought of mindless artificial exercise on machines just seems nuts to me. I'd rather just walk.

MissAdventure Sun 18-Feb-24 16:49:33

I could maybe swim, but last time I went, I was exhausted just putting my cossie on!!

AreWeThereYet Sun 18-Feb-24 16:49:37

Also I am very uncordinated so when people are turning left of picking up the right or left leg I'm doing the opposite!

I'm exactly the same 😆 The reason I stayed away from the zumba/dance classes. I once took my niece while she was staying with me, and the pair of us spent an hour falling over at the back 😆

V3ra Sun 18-Feb-24 16:51:42

...girls who spend an hour getting their make up right before entering the gym and then stand around gassing for an hour.

I see some of these on the school run every morning, all dressed in their designer gym outfits and with the eyelashes on 😉

V3ra Sun 18-Feb-24 16:55:53


I can barely walk these days, so no gym for me. (Not that I went when I could walk!)

My mother-in-law (96, uses a wheeled walker) has been going to a chair exercise class for years.
Her local council sends a minibus round to pick all the elderly people up and take them home afterwards 🙂

MissAdventure Sun 18-Feb-24 17:04:59

Thanks. smile
I'm still trying to gear myself up that sort of thing.
It's a huge adjustment for me, so my mind hasn't caught up with my body yet.

Millie22 Sun 18-Feb-24 17:07:37

No chance

Freya5 Sun 18-Feb-24 17:11:49

I did try it once, up at 6 in gym by 7. Then became monotonous, and I found it very cliquey, trainers only wanted to help younger women in their, even in those days, very skimpy gym wear. So stopped wasting my money, took up walking, much better for you and easier on the pocket.

Judy54 Sun 18-Feb-24 17:13:30

No definitely not a Gym person. I have been doing Tai Chi for a few years which I really enjoy, it is great for stretching and balance plus I get to meet some lovely people there. So much more my sort of thing than a Gym.

Joseann Sun 18-Feb-24 17:18:13

I attend a pay as you go gym for the pool and pilates classes. I don't like the machines. The other members are friendly.
I enjoy the ballet classes I do with an RAD teacher best.
DD2 has her own dance/fitness studio at home, so I can work out there if I want.
I have a few special outfits I keep for exercise.

Maggiemaybe Sun 18-Feb-24 17:20:32

I used to love going to the local Council gym two or three times a week when it fitted in well as a stop off on my way home from work. It was the sort of place where people would pass the time of day then let you get on - call me antisocial, but that suited me. I didn’t go there for the social aspect, just to keep fit. Now I’m retired I just walk and exercise at home with a variety of YouTube instructors - there’s so much variety on there, and all for free. So much more convenient and easier than travelling to a gym and back.

Gwyllt Sun 18-Feb-24 17:20:49

I got signed up for the gym for cardio rehab As on crutches at time I was somewhat limited However as it was a regular class x2 week and we all had issues and a similar age it was really good for morale. And a good natter however back to relative normality I have not returned.

Visgir1 Sun 18-Feb-24 17:21:01

Yes I go to the Gym... I have had x2 hip replacements, knee replacement and I have a Pacemaker.
I didn't bother long term with the Physio for my rehab.
I now pay for a Personal trainer, best investment my programs are designed to what I can and can't do.

I am convinced with the Gyms being shut during Covid. it brought forward the deterioration of my joints. I had managed to keep a control on it, I started going after my first THR so about 9 years now.
Unfortunately 18 months ago I had to have my other THR then 6 months later TKR. Prior to that I was almost immobile.

I go by 8 am you definitely don't see Gym members dress up, quite the opposite, plus I reckon the folks there probably at that time of the morning all over 50 +

Gwyllt Sun 18-Feb-24 17:33:17

The surgeon said to me he sees a lot of fit women who’s joints appear to give up quickly when the muscles no longer able to take the strain
My exercise now is lots of walking rough ground and hills

MissAdventure Sun 18-Feb-24 17:35:10

I yearn to go for a good long walk.

Redhead56 Sun 18-Feb-24 17:42:03

I have just finished a circuit training course for lung disease at our local sports centre. It was organised by the NHS when my lung problem was diagnosed. I am going on another course in the spring it has benefitted my breathing and muscle strength.

Boz Sun 18-Feb-24 17:44:10

I quite fancy Tai Chi but do not like classes of any description.
Can anyone recommend a UTube video?