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Good Morning Wednesday 21st February 2024

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Michael12 Wed 21-Feb-24 05:41:34

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark and its raining here in brackley .
Today bus as usual have a coffee and maybe a chat plus maybe a half pint of beer in the local spoons in Bicester .
Returning home to watch cycling on TV before a relaxing day .
Also maybe browse for holiday breaks .
Take Care,

grandMattie Wed 21-Feb-24 05:56:00

Good morning from a wet and windy Bristol. We are promised more rain and stronger winds this morning.
Yesterday, I did some dust rearranging and floor cleaning. 8 then made the final strips of fabric for the quilt. Mostly hand sewed them on; finishing today. I hope some navy fabric I ordered arrives so I can finish the edging of the quilt and send it to the GMmer who commissioned it.
Church ladies group this afternoon. The talk will be by a local sheriff. As I slept very badly last night, I hope I don’t doze off!
I hope today is gentle to you all. Carpe diem 🦩🦩🦩🦩

karmalady Wed 21-Feb-24 05:58:36

Good morning from s somerset. Rain and more rain

It has to be an indoor day today and I will have to find some cleaning to slot in, doing a bit at a time keeps me on top of it. Skirtings everywhere and the en suite will do today

My cds will be playing, bopping about will keep me moving, I de-cluttered cds yesterday, keeping only the ones I want, from rock to classical to new age to country etc and yes I have a lot

I have a couple of sewing things I can do, not actually sewing but preps for future projects. I don`t like the grey days but ok if I keep busy. I was planning to go out but the bus might not get back, through the expected floods all around

Have a good day

Mizuna Wed 21-Feb-24 06:02:43

Good morning from Cornwall where it's very blustery and wet, which will add fun to my Asda delivery in an hour.

Still coughing well and making cushions; that about sums it up really. Must get out at some point. Vodaphone are offering me a free coffee at Costa which is just down the road so I may go there.

As you can see my little woodworker came and drilled and went home looking as proud as punch with his rickety table. After woodworking he talked about van Gogh non-stop and attempted to paint a version of The Starry Night. 😍😁

Ashcombe Wed 21-Feb-24 06:24:22

Good morning from a soggy Torbay where it’s still raining. Interesting that the four of us who have joined this thread after Mick opened up are all from the South West!

I’m part way through sorting out excess paperwork in my filing cabinet, spurred on by a request from one of my friends who is running props for our next play and needs lots of typed on paper to be scattered!

Your grandson looks thoroughly absorbed, Mizuna, and has inherited the family's creative talent, by the sound of it. How lovely!

Wednesday Club will feature a film about Elgar today.

Happy hump day! 🦩💐🦩🥰🦩

cornergran Wed 21-Feb-24 06:42:17

Morning Mick, morning All

Another from the South West, ash, our corner of Somerset is beyond soggy. So many flooded lanes and fields. More heavy rain forecast for most of the day.

Enjoyed our drift about yesterday, an under cover shopping centre where we used vouchers for hot drinks and bought some small Easter gifts for our not so Littlest. We seem to take longer and longer to get not very far, I’m an expert seat-spotter these days. . It doesn’t matter, the benefit of no need to rush about.

Today it’s dust removal and a couple of phone chats plus we should know if our friend has been accepted into a new Home. If not I anticipate a distraught goddaughter.

Your grandson looks so engrossed mizuna, a talented family for sure. I could have waved to you for most of the night grandmattie. I’ll also try not to doze off today.

Hope Wednesday is kind to us all.

grandMattie Wed 21-Feb-24 06:49:10


Ladyleftfieldlover Wed 21-Feb-24 06:52:12

Morning all from a still dark West Oxfordshire,
It is my penultimate stained glass class today. I finished my lantern last week so will make a simple hanging thing today and next week. It will involve painting with lead paint.
A haircut later on and then WI. The speaker will talk about beekeeping.
Have a good day.

Susan56 Wed 21-Feb-24 06:52:21

Good morning.Mild with rain in our corner of Shropshire.

A face to face appointment with the GP this morning.He requested the appointment to discuss the symptoms I have had since I was prescribed the wrong dose of medication.After the appointment we will drive down to West Wales.DH is feeling better after the reaction to his shingles jab.

Lovely picture of your little woodworker Mizuna.

Sorry some of you have slept badly.

Thoughts with our absent good morningers💐Have the best day you can everyone🦩

Pittcity Wed 21-Feb-24 07:18:58

Good morning from rainy Colchester.
Usual Wednesday morning coffee meetup in the city centre. I expect there won't be many there because of the weather and half term.
I need to do some ironing today and some online research into insurances that need renewing soon.
Love to all 🦩 x

kittylester Wed 21-Feb-24 07:21:04

Good morning all from a very soggy North Leicestershire. Obviously, the weather knows I have a hair appointment.

Not much else happening today apart from researching a new car.

Have to best day you can all.

Puss Wed 21-Feb-24 07:23:32

Good morning everyone from a wet and windy Belfast.
Taking my car in today for a service.
DH following me to take me home.

Sar53 Wed 21-Feb-24 07:30:27

Good morning from a very wet Essex coast. I'm so glad I don't need to go anywhere today.
I love the picture of your DGS Mizuna, a talented lad who takes after his gran.
Have the best day you can everyone xx

RosesandLilac Wed 21-Feb-24 07:30:43

Good morning from a very wet hillside in south Glos, it’s pouring down.
I have a hairdresser appointment first thing, I must dig out an umbrella. Apart from that nothing else planned apart from usual housework bits. I have no idea what we’re having for lunch, food shopping/cooking holds little interest for me nowadays. I’d be happy taking a pill instead every day!
I hope today goes well for you all 🌹

baubles Wed 21-Feb-24 07:34:23

Good morning from foggy and damp South Lanarkshire.

Smashing photo Mizuna.

Daft dug and I were drenched on our walk yesterday, I got straight into the shower to warm up when we got home.

Yoga this morning, we had a couple of new people last week so I hope they return today.

Have the best day possible everyone.

keepcalmandcavachon Wed 21-Feb-24 07:38:00

Good morning all! Hoping this rain will blow away soon, hint of spring and need to get going on garden projects-2 benches to paint and a rummage 'round the shed.
What's the going rate for your little handyman Mizuna? Have a good day all x

Whitewavemark2 Wed 21-Feb-24 07:38:56

Good morning from a wet and very windy South Downs.

I completely forgot my well woman’s check-up on Monday - so have to phone and grovel yesterday. I must say that the lady receptionist was very kind. I reckon she thought “poor old dear”

I am beginning to get bored with my intermittent fasting - but as I’ve paid weight watchers until Christmas I have to keep going. I find losing weight very difficult - largely because I like all things food related. I love planning delicious menus and of course eating them. My basic diet is good, I eat almost zero processed food and cook from scratch 95% of the time., but things like puddings and home made cakes and bread scupper me!

Nothing planned for the day - the rain and wind will keep me indoors. Probably more knitting, I might look for material for trousers and top I intend making.

Enjoy your day all

Peace and harmony to our world.

Grandmabatty Wed 21-Feb-24 07:39:43

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 4° and wet. A thoroughly dark and miserable morning. Susan safe journey. Mizuna a lovely photo. He's inherited your family creative gene. Cornergran a difficult situation. I hope your friend is accepted into the new nursing home.
Yesterday was another lovely day with dgs2. He has decided he is fond of me and it was , "Gamma,go garden," and "Hiya Gamma." Then rushing at me headlong for a cuddle. I was utterly charmed. We walked to see diggers working then he dug in my garden with child sized implements and loved it all.
Dd came in later with soup she had made so lunch today is sorted. Today is my do little day. I will have to go to Tesco for wrapping paper because tomorrow is dgs1's birthday. Then this afternoon I will visit mum. In between will be pottering and depositing bags at the charity shop. I'm working up to cleaning out the kitchen cupboards. Have a good day all.

brook2704 Wed 21-Feb-24 07:41:03

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s grey and windy, rain forecast for later
A good little worker there mizuna!
I’m off to the gym this morning for a couple of classes and a catch up with the ladies there. I’m not sure yet if DGD is coming for her sleepover tonight as it’s half term - will see!
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

GrannyGravy13 Wed 21-Feb-24 07:42:03

Morning all, I am off to the gym this morning then I planned to take DD’s boys to the park so she could go to the gym. As the forecast is rain, rain and more rain it looks like a milkshake and cake in the cafe opposite the gym instead.

Have a good day folks, keep dry 🙋‍♀️

Marydoll Wed 21-Feb-24 07:57:01

Good morning all from a showery Glasgow, where it is 6°C.

Thank you for your good wishes yesterday, I do feel a bit better. It's the norm now, so nothing for it, but to get on with things.
I have to get up and dressed, for DIL has just phoned the landline, because she knew we would answer The family only phone it early in the morning, if something has happened. My heart stopped My!

Our wee Dollie is poorly, her asthma has flared up and she is unable to go to school.
I shall put on my Florence Nightingale hat and spoil her.

Enjoy your day folks.

NannyJan53 Wed 21-Feb-24 07:57:55

Good morning from a dull and rainy Black Country! Where it was mostly sunny and pleasant yesterday. Seems we are allowed only one day like that a week! smile

Meeting up with Aunt, Cousin and Mum for lunch today. First I will take Mum food shopping.

Whitewave the only way I can control my weight is to limit the 'treats' to weekends. I occasionally 'stray' but so far have maintained it for the past two years, the weight I need to be.

Wishing you all the best day possible.

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 21-Feb-24 08:00:04

Good morning Mick and everyone from a dismal wet and windy Oxfordshire, the wind is howling down the chimney.
Plumber will be here later MrOops will deal with him replacing the upstairs loo.
Another day for me to be spent in the garage sorting crockery, let’s hope I can lift the crates back onto the shelving when I’ve finished labelling it all up. The Charity shop only wants a few items at a time, so I’ll have to ring around and see who else wants some of it, otherwise it will be here for months.
I tried to sell a few things on FB, apparently only people from Eastern Europe are interested and will send an ‘Agent’ with my cash in an envelope to collect the items, sadly they are too busy to come in person! Not difficult to believe when the live in Hungary/Serbia/Poland……. Anyway it will either sell locally or some more stuff for the Charity shop, it’s too good to dump really.
My neighbours family are still clearing her house opposite, one skip is full and they are waiting for another to be delivered, the Charity shops are full to bursting, it’s been 3 weeks of different family coming over and spending a couple of hours each sorting and they are all upset to have to throw things away.
I think I’ll end up going to the tip when we move, too much stuff to take and no one wants any of it.
Anyway, I’m off to wrap up and go into the garage, have a good day everyone and remember, every puddle on the road could hide a pothole, so take care. ( found that out yesterday on a flooded road)

Bellasnana Wed 21-Feb-24 08:01:48

Good morning from Malta where it is cloudy and around 16°C.

I’m another insomniac. I go to sleep with no problem but wake every hour or two for no reason other than my brain won’t switch off.

The boys are their usual sweet selves today, they have given me a new lease of life.

Will catch up with posts later as I don’t like to be on my phone when I’m with the boys.

Have a good day all.☀️

Jaxjacky Wed 21-Feb-24 08:02:28

Morning all, wet and windy in S Hants too, safe journey Susan.
A lovely picture of concentration Mizuna.
Physio concluded strained hamstring, calf muscle and inner knee ligament, 4-6 week recovery, I’ve exercises to do, I gave my apologies to U3A for this afternoon.
Missing Blossoming.