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Death of Wendy Mitchell - a campaigner who did so much to raise awareness of dementia.

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OurKid1 Thu 22-Feb-24 18:52:41

Sad news, but her legacy will be that many, many people have benefitted from reading her blogs, books and her media appearances.

Reubenblue Thu 22-Feb-24 19:08:37

Such sad news, a remarkable woman who did so much to help take some fear out of a diagnosis of dementia.

teabagwoman Thu 22-Feb-24 19:59:37

Very sad news, she was an inspiration and not just to people living with dementia.

PiscesLady Tue 27-Feb-24 16:46:00

I first heard of Wendy from a pen pal in New Zealand. I bought Wendy's (first) book & subscribed to her daily blog.
My sister was diagnosed with Alzheimer's about the same time as Wendy. I only wish I had read the book a lot sooner as it would have been a huge help in communicating with my sister, as well as understanding what she was going through.
If anyone reading this knows someone with dementia I cannot recommend Wendy's books enough, you will find them a help as well as an inspiration. (I now have all three books.)
It is almost two years since I lost my sister. When I read on Wendy's Blog that she had sadly died I cried. I had often talked to DH about her and he too was upset.
This is a link to the blog for anyone that might wish to see it. You can see previous posts on there but I am not sure how many.
Rest In Peace Wendy, such an amazing lady.

Oreo Tue 27-Feb-24 22:46:49

Must admit I’ve never heard of her before, but good on her if she’s helped people understand dementia.

silverlining48 Wed 28-Feb-24 07:55:27

Some years ago we went to an Alzheimer’s Christmas service snd Wendy gave a talk about her dementia.
I spoke to her afterwards and congratulated her on her interesting and inspiring presentation. She was lovely to talk to and I have never forgotten her.

silverlining48 Wed 28-Feb-24 08:15:15

Her end was very sad inasmuch as an accident at home resulting in breaking both her wrists meant she could not take herself to Switzerland so she made the decision to stop eating snd drinking. She like so many of us wanted end of life choice and had always fought for the right to die. She made a very brave and difficult decision . Her daughters should be proud of their brave mum.
RIP Wendy.