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Manual or Automatic car?

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Chrisks Sun 25-Feb-24 11:46:56

Im approaching 70 and am about to buy a car, maybe my last, lol!
Undecided whether i should go for a manual or automatic.
Any views on the subject?
Thank you.

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 25-Feb-24 11:50:35

Automatic for me every time. I wouldn’t go back to a manual.

Faierynan Sun 25-Feb-24 11:54:17

I'm 74 and have just ordered a new Yaris automatic. Went for a test drive and loved it. Never had automatic before but it was so easy. Didn't think I would ever get an automatic as I love 'proper driving' but I would suggest you test drive different automatics and see if it suits you. In my search for a new car I have found the sales people have stopped being pushy these days and felt no pressure from any of them.

Mollygo Sun 25-Feb-24 11:57:36

I’ve had both, currently driving manual, but I’d love an automatic again. Being able to drive both makes it easier to rent a car abroad.

ginny Sun 25-Feb-24 12:03:37

Automatic every time.

kittylester Sun 25-Feb-24 12:04:06

Plug in Hybrids and electric cars are all automatic as are self charging hybrids (I think) It seems to be the way forward.

We are looking at getting a new car and will definitely get an automatic.

nanna8 Sun 25-Feb-24 12:12:41

I’ve never driven a manual, wouldn’t know how. I got my license in 1975 and was pleased that most cars here are automatic. I’ve just bought a hybrid Toyota, it’s lovely, very quiet.

Septimia Sun 25-Feb-24 12:54:24

I wouldn't touch an automatic if could help it. Years ago my father referred to an automatic as a "woman's car". Since he was, at the time, teaching me to change the wheel, clean the plugs and set the points, the thought put me right off automatics! (I'd like to point out that he wasn't really a misogynist, just an engineer!)

What set the seal on my opinion was the time my friend's mum took us out for the day - in her automatic car. Something had gone wrong and it wouldn't move out of second gear for miles, leaving us chugging along at about 20mph.

Like all the gadgets now being fitted to cars (including the computerised stuff in manual geared cars), it seems to me to be just another complication to go expensively wrong. Once upon a time you could lift the bonnet and stand a fair chance of sorting out the problem yourself...

keepingquiet Sun 25-Feb-24 13:14:49

Whatever makes life easier- go for that choice!

1summer Sun 25-Feb-24 13:23:16

Definitely an Automatic. Our first one was about 8 years ago, I really wasn’t sure but husband’s arthritis in his knees was getting worse so an automatic was easier for him to drive.
I don’t think I would go back to a manual now.

welbeck Sun 25-Feb-24 13:27:59

so many cases of elderly people stamping on the gas in automatics, thinking it's the brake.
i was nearly impacted by one such years ago, as it mounted the pavement and literally described an arc, embedding itself into a lamp standard.
if it was a manual, it would lurch and then stall, but autos just keep on going . . .
if they survive, the drivers say, believe that the brakes failed.
examination of the vehicle proves there to be no mechanical fault, rather it was driver error.
something goes wrong, they try to brake, get flustered, press the gas in error, then press it harder, as the car is still moving . . .
i have driven autos , for work, and can see they might be easier, but i wouldn't buy one.

tanith Sun 25-Feb-24 13:29:32

I’ve driven a manual car for 45+yrs never wanted to change although I did drive automatics through my work. I just got sick of sitting in heavy traffic changing gear every 2 seconds and finally bought an automatic last year. I wouldn’t go back it just makes driving in heavy traffic so much simpler.

welbeck Sun 25-Feb-24 13:35:51

M0nica Sun 25-Feb-24 13:37:59

We have both, I switch seamlessly between them with no preference.

welbeck Sun 25-Feb-24 13:39:31

Georgesgran Sun 25-Feb-24 13:46:22

I’ve driven both, often on the same day, but it’s automatic for me now, unless I win the lottery and get a flash sports car!
Driver error in not knowing which pedal does what, to me means they shouldn’t be driving either!

granfromafar Sun 25-Feb-24 13:53:10

Kitty is right, all hybrids and evs are automatic. Had ours for about a year, after many years of driving manuals. Would never want to go back to a manual car now. They are so easy to drive.

JaneJudge Sun 25-Feb-24 13:54:54

I've always had a manual but I've recently got an automatic for my daughter's carers to drive and I am a complete convert. They are so much nicer than old automatics

JaneJudge Sun 25-Feb-24 13:55:40

I think the main advantage for me is it is easier to pull out onto busy roads

V3ra Sun 25-Feb-24 13:58:42

Automatic every time for me as well now, and my husband! 🚘🚘

Musicgirl Sun 25-Feb-24 14:00:27

I passed my test in a manual and I’m glad I did, but I am now on my second automatic - a twelve year old Nissan Note with less than 40,000 miles on the clock - and would never go back to a manual by choice. I have never been a particularly confident driver and use my car for local A to B journeys, so it is ideal.

Visgir1 Sun 25-Feb-24 14:00:53

Both my son and DIL, my sister and her OH. Now my chums are all getting Automatics.
My DH has driven one for years, I finally got mine 2 years ago.
Easiest car you could drive .

Iam64 Sun 25-Feb-24 14:07:17

Definitely automatic. I bought my first two years ago. I love it and would never choose manual again

welbeck Sun 25-Feb-24 14:08:34

i guess i feel that driving should not be too easy.
that driving a manual makes ones more aware of the vehicle and how it is operating.
so being more engaged, and alert, active in the driving task.
being too comfortable could lead to complacency, that what i feel.
also that if one cannot cope with manual, then maybe one is no longer competent to drive to the required standard.
i know you will not agree with me.

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 25-Feb-24 14:10:04

Automatic for me too - and it’s a sports car Georgesgran! Much easier for arthritic knees!