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pressed face powder

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Judy54 Mon 26-Feb-24 14:20:34

Can anyone recommend a pressed rather than loose face powder to set foundation. Looking for something in mid price range rather than expensive. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you.

kittylester Mon 26-Feb-24 15:00:38

Do foundations need setting? I've not used powder for years. And I am incredibly stylish and well groomed.

Seriously, I will follow this with interest.

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 26-Feb-24 15:01:32

I imagine it would be very ageing.

Calendargirl Mon 26-Feb-24 15:05:52

Is that the sort of powder you have in a compact?

Sorry to sound clueless, what is the difference between pressed and loose ( though it seems obvious)?

Oh, if only I too were stylish and well groomed kitty


Sago Mon 26-Feb-24 15:08:28

Quality foundations shouldn’t need setting.
Pressed powder will sit on lines and pores and age you.
If you have skin that will not hold foundation well then use a good primer and finish with a setting spray or bare minerals mineral veil which is a loose powder.

Oreo Mon 26-Feb-24 15:56:25

Judy54 I use a dab or two of pressed powder, it does set foundation also gets rid of a greasy look around the nose and chin. I use a neutral, no colour one from Rimmel, works fine looks fine, it doesn’t sit in creases, not that I really have many.

Esmay Mon 26-Feb-24 19:13:14

I'm with Sago on this one - you really don't need to set your foundation .
Foundations are more sophisticated these days .
But if your face is shiny then pressed powder is OK .
I still have loose powder ( Lancome ) for a hot day , but rarely use it .
If you have a lot of wrinkles - it's perhaps not advisable .
I've heard good things about Bare Minerals .
Always use a big soft brush and flick off any excess on the back of your hand before applying .

As we get older , we need more blusher and the same method of application looks
natural .

I think that the incredible range of foundations offered by Avon is great for experimentation .

flappergirl Mon 26-Feb-24 19:56:29

I remember my mum using pressed face powder back in the 60's. She had some really pretty compacts and they always fascinated me as a child. I couldn't wait to grow up and have my own but I'v never used face powder in my life.

Doodledog Mon 26-Feb-24 21:19:25

I don't wear a lot of make-up, but I do like Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Powder, which I use as make-up rather than on top of foundation. I sweep some on before a Zoom/Teams meeting so I look less dead. Bare Minerals do some nice things, too.

Marydoll Mon 26-Feb-24 21:28:10

I use this.

Grannmarie Mon 26-Feb-24 21:36:03

Clinique used to make a gorgeous powder and lipstick compact, I used to buy it in Duty Free at the airport. The powder was light and almost creamy to apply. It gave good natural coverage and didn't cake or crease. The lipstick was a natural rose shade and it fitted into the compact Wish I could still get it.

Marydoll Mon 26-Feb-24 22:40:43
I use this.

Judy54 Wed 28-Feb-24 14:11:42

Thanks everyone for your replies. I like a matte finish which is why I thought of powder. However a setting spray sounds interesting and something that I will look into. Thanks for the tips much appreciated.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 28-Feb-24 14:26:32

I don’t like shine and use a face primer to achieve a matte - but not masked - finish. I dislike foundation but this, applied lightly, is quite nice.

Labradora Wed 28-Feb-24 14:30:45

Me neither , Flappergirl

I also echo Calendergirl's comments about wishing I were as stylish and well-groomed.....

These days I could probably use pressed powder to match my pressed face smile

NangelaMary Wed 28-Feb-24 15:01:23

I have always been happy with Max Factor Creme Puff pressed powder over my foundation, and just reapply as necessary; it's one my Mother always used too. Good price also.

BigBertha1 Wed 28-Feb-24 15:36:24

If I am doing a 'proper' make up that needs to last say for the evening then I do use a light dusting of a neutral powder.. I use Nars which is very light. I also have a Bobbi Brown one which imparts a light sheen for if you want to be shiny. Use a big fluffy brush not a pad.

NanKate Wed 28-Feb-24 15:45:18

Look Fabulous Forever does a very nice face powder. I think there is 20% off at present.

I can confirm that kittylester is incredibly stylish and well groomed. 👍

Desdemona Wed 28-Feb-24 16:02:20

I use ELF Perfect Finish HD Powder, which is a non-coloured pressed powder, I apply a bit each morning after putting on my foundation. I use a brush. It is £7.50 in Boots.

flappergirl Wed 28-Feb-24 20:19:10


Me neither , Flappergirl

I also echo Calendergirl's comments about wishing I were as stylish and well-groomed.....

These days I could probably use pressed powder to match my pressed face smile

You've made me giggle Labradora!

wendyann23 Thu 29-Feb-24 16:09:27

It is not often I shed a tear or two on the death of someone I do not personally know but I did today. I have watched many of their series and they both came across as such genuine, lovely men who shared a real, long lasting friendship. The programme about his cancer experience was very moving. My sympathies go out to all Dave’s family and friends. RIP.

wendyann23 Thu 29-Feb-24 16:10:19

And I have posted this on the wrong page. Sorry, don’t know how to move.

Marydoll Thu 29-Feb-24 16:19:16

You cant wendy These things happen. Earlier, I nearly posted a reply on GN to my DIL's Whatsapp message.

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