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NS&I automated answer phone AI bot.

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HelterSkelter1 Tue 27-Feb-24 16:51:22

I wasted 30 minutes of my life today trying to get help with a request to NS&I regarding cashing in a Growth Bond.
They have a "change to their answer service" wow that's an understatement. The bot misunderstood my request and gave instructions which were the complete opposite of what I stated...several times. And then said thank you and goodbye.
Eventually after several calls I said just put me through to a human which it did.
The advisor did exactly what I wanted and I then put in a complaint about the answer system. She said if I need to ring again just ask to be put through to an advisor as soon as it answers. She said she appreciated my comments and would pass them on as they often don't hear what people are saying.

Is this a downward spiral? The bot sounded completely human which threw me for the first few minutes. And cheerful and helpful!!! But then it went downhill. Be warned.

TinSoldier Tue 27-Feb-24 17:08:52

I know what you mean.

I had to call NS&I about something else recently. It's clear the phone system does not work very well. The AI was very realistic leaving me feeling like an idiot. Even when I managed to speak to humans they cut me off mid-query. That happened three times over a number of days. I had the distinct impression that staff are working from home.

I grumbled but did not make a formal complaint. Nevertheless NS&I sent me a cheque for £75 in compensation for the inconvenience.

Auntieflo Tue 27-Feb-24 17:11:44

Hah, that happened to me .
When light dawned, I asked if he was a human being? Eventually I was allowed to speak to a real live person. But it is so frustrating, especially as it seems the bots can only answer questions that have been programmed in.

keepingquiet Tue 27-Feb-24 17:41:36

The bane of odern life- there are ways round though if you are prepared to just keep hanging on.

The bots are really just to make you think something is happening when it isn't. Designed to delay due to shortage of staff to deal with enquiries. It's really no different to listening to Mozart on a loop.

HelterSkelter1 Tue 27-Feb-24 17:48:43

Its a bit different. They are asking for details of your query as if they are going to answer it not just redirect you. And its the human type cheerfulness that threw me. If it had got my query correct it probably could have given me the correct answer. But the answer could not have been more wrong.

I have not come across anything similar in all my calls to BT, HMRC. OVO etc etc.
Once I was put through I didnt have to wait...the reply was immediate so not short staffed. I would rather have had some music. I felt completely frustrated and angry. I may even have sworn once!!!!