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Good Morning Wednesday 28th February 2024

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Michael12 Wed 28-Feb-24 05:38:22

Good Morning Everyone,
Dark with signs of overnight rain or mist/fog here in brackley .
Yesterdays trip out was not perfect , on the outward leg to Bicester lost time due to a road accident , this was also causing problems returning with the driver asking her garage for permission to return a different way .
Today I am hoping for a trouble free journey on the bus , otherwise on the health front weight is starting to gain ,and my system is acting normal as to toilet issues .
More cycling on TV later ,
Take Care,

grandMattie Wed 28-Feb-24 05:48:25

Good morning from a still quite chilly Bristol. My word, the sunrise was something else yesterday. And there was a heavy air frost, judging by the ice on cars.
I inadvertently had such a busy day yesterday. It takes me a little over 10 minutes to get to the village for the bus, etc. I made that journey 4 times each way, first to go to get the paper, then go to town, then to Waitrose. Once there, I was annoyed to find that I had forgotten m6 library books. This is opposite the supermarket. Another journey, this time after lunch. I was pooped.
I made some peanut butter cookies for this morning’s residents’ coffee meeting, and a pizza for dinner while the oven was on.
Today, loads again, but all planned, soi know what is happening.
Carpe diem, Carpe horam 🦩🦩🦩🦩

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 28-Feb-24 06:04:10

Good morning, it’s still dark and I haven’t seen the weather yet, but it feels cold, I’ll get up when the heating comes on.

Hygienist and dentist later today and the dog will be here, so hopefully a dry walk.

Have a good day everyone.

RosesandLilac Wed 28-Feb-24 06:15:31

Good morning, it’s a damp, misty start here in south Glos.
Lots of hyacinths, primroses and daffodils are coming out in the garden, a very welcome sight. Everything is so sodden despite being on top of a free-draining hillside with very stony soil so I can’t do much outside at the moment.
Take care 🌹

Whitewavemark2 Wed 28-Feb-24 06:47:21

Sometimes I have written a nice long post and it disappears. Today is such a day😡.

So good morning from the South Downs. It is dull, yesterday was glorious.

Have a good day

Bellasnana Wed 28-Feb-24 06:55:53

Good morning from Malta where it is bright and 19°C.

As usual I’m with the boys. They are saying more words now in both English and Maltese so they are good company as you can have a conversation of sorts with them. They understand everything.

Later I will watch the tennis and hope I won’t nod off like I did yesterday afternoon! I was so tired I didn’t even bother with dinner, just flopped into bed early.

Wishing all of you a good day.☀️

Sar53 Wed 28-Feb-24 06:57:28

Good morning from a grey and cold Essex coast.
Just after 9 I shall be on the train for the first leg of my journey to Leamington. DD1 will meet me at about 1'sh.
I haven't seen them since last October so I'm very much looking forward to hearing all the girl's news.
The eldest, 15 year old S, had her first night in her WAGS show, all local scouts, guides and rangers. They do six shows between Tuesday and Saturday and have been rehearsing for about 5 months. I'm going to see it on Saturday and can't wait.
Here's hoping for a pleasant day for everyone xx

karmalady Wed 28-Feb-24 06:58:24

Good morning, rain later in s somerset

Nicely busy yesterday and hoping for more of the same today

I am keeping moving as I did something to spark my lower back into pain a week ago. I have managed to get rid of the accompanying sciatica but am expecting maybe 2 more weeks of pain while the muscles de-tense. I do regret re-homing my big massage chair, it was so good for the back but far too big for here. I have ordered a mat to help stretch my back, half price via ebay, just a damaged box. Luckily I can get up and down from the floor to do stretching exercises

Have a good day

Bonnybanko Wed 28-Feb-24 07:05:27

Good morning all it’s to be cloudy and wet today from the east coast of Fife or so the weather report says.

My friend is meant to come and finish repairing the shed roof today I just hope he can make it he’s been here 2 days already and doing a grand job of it.
I’m off to the local auction house today and M&S I’ve put a few things into the auction, hopefully I’ll get a few pounds and I’ll be making lentil soup on Friday with my carer.

Keep safe everyone

Ladyleftfieldlover Wed 28-Feb-24 07:05:29

Morning all from West Oxfordshire.
I need to get up! It is my final stained glass session and I will be finishing off the hanging ornament which I started last week. It will be interesting to see how my lead painting turned out.
Have a good day!

Grandmabatty Wed 28-Feb-24 07:07:13

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 6° and dry. A bit grey looking though. Susan have a nice time.
Yesterday was a reasonable day with dgs2. He was a bit out of sorts so transitions were challenging but generally a good wee soul. He has a cough and a cold and has passed it on to me. He's also off his food which is most unlike him. Dgs1 swam a breadth and a half with no float last night. He's coming on too.
I have a sore throat and a cough and I feel a bit achy but nothing major. I have an early haircut then a hospital eye appointment later. It's an annual one because I'm diabetic. After that, I will stay home and drink honey and lemon and rest. Have a good day all

kittylester Wed 28-Feb-24 07:15:54

Good morning all from a very chilly North Leicestershire.

Cleaners here at 8.45 so I should get up and get on but it is lovely and warm in bet.

I had really distressing news from one of my cousins about her sister yesterday.

Have best day possible everyone.

Gala Wed 28-Feb-24 07:19:04

Good morning from a grey & gloomy Sefton. Rain is forecast all day but it's dry at the moment.
Wednesday is our busy day. Zoom dance class for me first followed by a Pilates class in our local market town for both of us. Lunch will be provided by our local sandwich shop then a drive across town for nursery pickup. It is a journey that should take no more than 15 to 20 minutes if all the (numerous) traffic lights are with us & there are no roadworks, 'dead' buses, burst water mains, grass cutting etc etc. No chance. Will allow at least 45 minutes & hope for the best. We will stay for tea. We've been promised fish & chips😃.
Have a good day.

cornergran Wed 28-Feb-24 07:24:44

Morning Mick, morning All from a grey, dry corner of Somerset.

It’s a routine sort of a week. We did wander out to a garden centre yesterday returning with a less than half price container of flowering spring bulbs. Made me smile and they will last a good while yet. We’re getting quotes for replacement blinds in our conservatory. One yesterday which was far less scary than anticipated. Another at 9am this morning so must be up and about soon. Other than that it’s dust removal and laundry today and some more sorting.

Look after yourself grandmab, we always wished the little ones were less keen to share. Enjoy it all sar. A special time.

Hope Wednesday is kind to us all.

brook2704 Wed 28-Feb-24 07:35:20

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s cloudy and rain is forecast for later
Have a lovely time with your family Sar , safe travels and good luck to your DGD in her show.
Sounds like a busy day Gala - enjoy your well earned fish and chips later!
We’re picking up DGD from school this afternoon for her sleepover, so looking forward to that. I’ve also got to finish some packing as tomorrow I’m off to DD1 in Cambridge as it’s my youngest DGS birthday at the weekend 😀
Hope you feel a bit better soon grandmabatty and your hospital appointment goes okay today, take care
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all the day brings 💐

luluaugust Wed 28-Feb-24 07:41:53

Good morning from a grey W Kent. A successful day yesterday at Bluewater with glasses adjusted and the excitement of a new waste bin for the back bedroom. Not easy walking round in my black boot as Victoria Beckham is finding but at least I am not trying it in six inch heels !!!
Enjoy your visit Sar.
All the best.

Alygran Wed 28-Feb-24 07:45:01

Good morning from North Yorkshire. It’s dull and breezy.
I have a friend coming today and we are going to the arboretum then the village pub for a late lunch. I hoping that the daffodils are beginning to flower and the pathways aren’t too muddy!
Have a good day everyone.

harrigran Wed 28-Feb-24 07:45:17

Good morning from a grey, cool NE.
Another quiet day for me just sorting paperwork, shredding stuff that DH had kept for years. I am sure 15 year old bank statements will no longer be needed.
No shopping today as SIL is still recuperating.
Have a good day.

Gingster Wed 28-Feb-24 07:50:25

Good morning all and as Sar says, it’s grey here in Essex .
Hope your journey is trouble free and enjoy your time with the family.

Today I’m meeting my old school pal for coffee and croissants. We meet half way and it’s a two stop train ride for me. It takes 11 minutes and is much easier and cheaper than driving and parking. We’ll try to FaceTime our friend in Oz but I’m not sure of the time difference where she is.

This afternoon DS1 is taking me to a nursery to choose garden ‘stuff’. He’s re-doing our little plot and we need lots. He loves a challenge. Dh has lost all his ‘oomph’, so our lovely chap has stepped in. ❤️.

I hope you all have a ‘good’ day. 🌷

NannyJan53 Wed 28-Feb-24 07:51:28

Good morning from a very foggy Black Country.

Gym this morning which will be needed as meeting friends for an Afternoon Tea this afternoon!

Had notification by e-mail that the gym is closing in a months time! So time to find a new one. There is one nearby (literally 8 mins walk away) which was built and completed just as lockdown started! So may look into that one.

Wishing you all the best day possible.

monk08 Wed 28-Feb-24 08:00:32

Good morning all from a dull and damp Black country.
Today we have a meal booked and a trip to the theatre to see Officer and a gentleman, it's a present from my birthday.
Best wishes to anyone celebrating, safe travels those on the move and virtual hugs where needed.
Enjoy your day everyone whatever your plans and may you all find some ☀️.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 28-Feb-24 08:06:51

Morning all, yes it’s grey here.

Sar53 safe journey, enjoy your time with your girls good luck to S in her show, I know you are looking forward to watching her.

Despite being exhausted and tired yesterday I got everything done that I wanted to. I am off to the gym first thing and then it’s the ironing mountain that needs attention.

Take care 🙋‍♀️

Marydoll Wed 28-Feb-24 08:07:19

Good morning all from a wet Glasgow, its 7°C.

Good luck with your appointment GBB.

WWM, I hope your spirits have lifted.

GM, how I envy your stamina and busyness.

Some good news. I received an email from the court, the citation for jury service, should never have been , but I should keep my medical exemption certificate, just in case I am summoned again. 🤬

A quite day ahead, I have had little sleep, my RA has become very troublesome, roll on my next appointment. Think of toothache in just about every part of your body, it restricts what I am able to do and makes me a very grumpy, old woman. 😉

Have the best of days.

Liberty Wed 28-Feb-24 08:12:37

A quick good morning from a damp Suffolk.

I’m off to my keep fit class in less than an hour and am still in my dressing gown waiting for our porridge to be ready.

Because of other commitments I’ve missed this class for 3 weeks so it will be good to loosen up again.

Hope today is a good one for all.

Georgesgran Wed 28-Feb-24 08:26:08

Good morning from Durham. A dry day is forecast. Another here with a chesty cough and sore throat - don’t think I can blame the DGSs. Coffee this morning with a friend, some food shopping, then a walk with DD2’s Little Dog before dark. Her DH gets home today, but I’ll keep the dog ‘til the weekend, as he’ll be jet lagged - her DH, not the dog! Did a different walk yesterday and disgusted to see piles of dog waste everywhere - some bagged, some not. It was awful. The area is used almost constantly by professional dog walkers now (that’s why I usually give it a miss, even though it’s nearby) so I think they must be responsible for the mess.
How or who do they think is going to collect it??? Rant over.
Best wishes to all. X