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Anyone else having to mute the pot noodles advert?

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Poppyred Wed 28-Feb-24 19:49:48

It’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard on television….a new low 😩

Smileless2012 Wed 28-Feb-24 19:52:31

Yes. Goodness knows why anyone thought it would encourage people to purchase the product confused.

Lomo123 Wed 28-Feb-24 20:32:48

Had the misfortune to hear /see this advert today.

Urmstongran Wed 28-Feb-24 20:33:59

I mute all ads.

mrshat Wed 28-Feb-24 20:34:32

It's dreadful - I'm in mind to write a letter!!!

Grandmabatty Wed 28-Feb-24 20:39:05

Sadly it's achieved its aim. You are talking about it and can identify the product. I mute all adverts too but this one is particularly loathsome

nanaK54 Wed 28-Feb-24 20:39:39

Isn't it just awful

Smileless2012 Wed 28-Feb-24 20:40:28

But would we be persuaded to buy the product Grandmabatty?

Grandmabatty Wed 28-Feb-24 21:01:37

Probably not. Definitely not in my case Smileless

annodomini Wed 28-Feb-24 21:21:47

Is it really supposed to put us off the product?

BlueBelle Wed 28-Feb-24 21:35:51

No never noticed it

Luckygirl3 Wed 28-Feb-24 21:49:02

I mute all the ads.

tanith Wed 28-Feb-24 22:14:30

I mute ads too.

nexus63 Wed 28-Feb-24 22:19:19

pot noodle is annoying but so is the allison hammond great renovation (wren) advert. i now mute all the adverts.

BlueBelle Wed 28-Feb-24 22:36:37

My brain automatically mutes them

Maggiemaybe Wed 28-Feb-24 23:18:01

It’s positively refined compared to the “slag of all snacks” advert they produced a few years back, which I think may even have been

nanna8 Wed 28-Feb-24 23:29:59

Funny- I just chucked out all my pot noodles.I bought them thinking they might be nice. They’re ‘orrible.

Redhead56 Thu 29-Feb-24 01:09:17

Vile advert it is totally off putting why would it appeal to anyone time to mute tv.

bikergran Thu 29-Feb-24 09:03:46

Yes If I can get to the remote fast enough, it is sickening sound. I hate people making noises when eating to start with, I don't eat pot noodles but would never eat one after this add as I would just keep thinking or the nauseating gross sound.

Georgesgran Thu 29-Feb-24 09:07:08

I was also going to mention Alison Hammond and the Wren Say-ul. She’s doing a radio ad for a Bank, dropping her ‘Gs’ for bankin and investin. Awful.

Elless Thu 29-Feb-24 09:07:34


pot noodle is annoying but so is the allison hammond great renovation (wren) advert. i now mute all the adverts.

Exactly what I said the other night. I actually said do they not realise people like Alison Hammond deter you from buying their products.

kittylester Thu 29-Feb-24 09:24:43

I don't watch much TV with ads but it makes me smile. It has no impact on my desire to buy Pot Noodles.

Tenko Thu 29-Feb-24 10:59:37

I absolutely hate that advert and have to mute it or leave the room.
I hate noisy eaters and I hope this ad doesn’t encourage kids to slurp their food .

Kim19 Thu 29-Feb-24 11:07:39

I have to turn off the little girl who sniffs and wipes her nose on her sleeve. Ugh. Puts me off buying tissues.

Chestnut Thu 29-Feb-24 11:37:00

I have to admit this advert doesn't bother me at all compared with the adverts showing women with blood clots falling from their vaginas in the shower. And the general lunacy of numerous adverts showing dopey people jumping around, leaping on sofas and doing (what are supposed to be) dance moves.