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Good Morning Thursday 29th February " Leap Year Day" 2024

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Michael12 Thu 29-Feb-24 05:32:09

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark and wet outside and could be cold as well here in brackley .
Yesterday I had probs with my BT/EE TV box could only get Freeview channels, but that was with the original box I have , I also got a updated one which I shall attempt to sett up later .
Otherwise usual morning trip to Bicester ,and then return home using the bus of course .
Take Care,

grandMattie Thu 29-Feb-24 05:38:49

Good morning from a damp Bristol. Weird day of maxima now descending into a minimum in the early hours…
I had a quiet day, culminating in an evening Lent group. Unfortunately, the curate who would have led us is unwell so the vicar took over. They have very different attitudes.
I’m going to DD’s for dinner as usual.
May the day be kind to everyone. Carpe diem 🦩🦩🦩🦩

Bellasnana Thu 29-Feb-24 05:39:59

Good morning Mick, you’re an early bird this morning! Hope you get your tv sorted, it’s frustrating when things we take for granted go wrong.

It’s supposed to be a rainy day here in Malta with a high of 17°C however, we shall see as the forecast isn’t always correct.

I’m just enjoying my coffee before driving the short distance to DD3’s to look after the boys. Thursday is our long day but I slept better last night so should be ok. I do love being with those two dear little boys.

Wishing you all as good a day as possible.☀️

Susan56 Thu 29-Feb-24 06:34:48

Good morning from Shropshire.A dry day forecast.

Today we are off to Staffordshire where DGS1 has invited me to be his guest for school dinner.We are both looking forward to it.DD2 finishes work at midday today so we will go into town this afternoon and DH will collect DGS from school.

We had trouble with our tv yesterday too Mick and had to sign back in to every channel🤦🏼‍♀️

Thoughts with all struggling and with a mountain to climb.Marydoll I am so sorry you are suffering so much pain💐

Have the best day you can everyone🦩

cornergran Thu 29-Feb-24 06:38:42

Morning Mick, Morning g All from a soggy corner of Somerset.

Second quote for blinds yesterday. Struggling to settle on fabric, that’s the trouble with having a clear image of what we’d like - seems not available. Nothing will happen until after carpet upheaval in three weeks so time to ponder.

A wait and see day here. Neither of us have a lot of energy, a slow day is fine. Will check on a poorly neighbour, think about a phone call or two and generally faff around.

Good luck with your tv mick, one of the apps on ours is seriously temperamental, a challenge for another day.

Hope Thursday is kind to us all.

Ashcombe Thu 29-Feb-24 06:49:55

Good morning from a damp but still Torbay.

Yesterday saw me at A and E on the recommendation of my GP in a telephone appointment because my left hand ring finger knuckle is very swollen. Without examining it, he thought it could be a septic joint. An X-ray proved it to be arthritis and I had my wedding ring cut off whilst there to make my finger more comfortable.

I mentioned my recent brain scan for which I’ve had no feedback yet so the doctor helpfully looked up the result which confirmed I have had a TIA. I have no recollection of this occurring but know my memory isn’t as sharp as it once was. He was emphatic that I should see my GP for a review of medication and to discuss what support services are available.
I will try but am not hopeful of being seen.

Sorry for rambling on but I am rather preoccupied with this at the moment.

Have a good day, everyone . 🦩💐🦩🥰🦩

Mizuna Thu 29-Feb-24 06:54:39

Good morning from a damp Cornwall where the gulls are gathering noisily. Will be waiting around today for an Argos delivery of grown-up Lego for my son's 40th birthday present so can't go journeying far but will pop out down the road into town; I get an hour's notice so I can easily come back when I hear. Library, bank, Tesco and Costa today, then to the much-missed beach tomorrow.

cornergran Thu 29-Feb-24 06:54:57

Goodness ash I’m not surprised you’re preoccupied. I’m so sorry you’re anticipating difficulty with a GP appointment. Hope not once the surgery understand why it’s needed . Sending a huge hug.

Susan56 Thu 29-Feb-24 06:55:04

Oh Ash I’m sorry you have these health issues and am not surprised you are preoccupied.I think it takes a while to get used to any new diagnosis.I hope you can see your GP soon who will hopefully put your mind at rest💐

Mizuna Thu 29-Feb-24 06:57:46

Feeling for you Ash, I know that's hard news to receive.

GrannyIvy Thu 29-Feb-24 06:58:12

Good morning everyone from a dry Cambridgeshire but heavy rain expected later!

Today I will go to my exercise class then to lunch with a friend for a catch up. It will be good to get out as been a bit of a recluse this week due to ear infection which has been slow to resolve.

Do hope everyone has a good day and my thoughts and best wishes go to those unwell and struggling. Keep positive we have too. Take care x

Ashcombe Thu 29-Feb-24 07:02:28

Thank you all for your kindly support which has brought tears to my eyes. This is happening all too frequently of late and has cast a pall over DH’s visit although he has been very patient. 💕

karmalady Thu 29-Feb-24 07:07:04

Good morning from s somerset, rain all day today

I have been tidying and thinking about food for visitors. I put my spun yarn away for now, I still have to soak and thwack the skeins before hanging on the line to drip dry. No time right now and I like them to go outside for that process of thwacking

I need to return a book to a relative so I skim read it last night, it was a fact book with loads of padding and I just absorbed the facts.

I managed to buy 2 items from ebay, I prefer `buy it now` one for back support on my lounge chair and another for `switch on` electronic stretching. Both were very cheap compared to new prices. The chair support will enable me to keep my most-used chair. Both items had very good reviews

I did a touch of mouche the bear, added eyes, snout and mouth and ears. I can only do a bit at a time, it is so small and my dpns are 4". It is starting to look cute though

More of the same today

Have a good day

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 29-Feb-24 07:17:04

Good morning from a wet Oxfordshire, due to rain all day.

My car has to go up for its MOT, MrOops will wait in at home for the plumber (loo still not fixed) so I will take a book to read and wait for my car, hopefully it will pass, it’s an old car so who knows?
Apart from that I need to sort the empty crates in the garage, sort MzOops stuff into some empty crates so that the cabin can be organised ready for her next load. Then as I now have empty crates I can start organising the house ready for it to go up for sale in a couple of months.

Sorry about your diagnosis Ash might be an idea to tell the receptionist that your Consultant says you need an urgent Drs appointment, that should do the trick, hope you get seen soon.

My thoughts are with those who are struggling with their health or who are stressed and have other worries.

Have as good a day as you can everyone.

brook2704 Thu 29-Feb-24 07:18:07

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s dry but looks very windy outside
Goodness Ash no wonder you’re worried about receiving news like that, I hope that seeing the GP can put your mind at rest and sort out any required medication, take care
I’m just about wake up DGD who stayed here last night, we’ll drop her off at school and then I’ll come back home to get my last few things together and go off to the airport. I’m staying DD1s in Cambridge for the weekend and really looking forward to seeing everybody
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Pittcity Thu 29-Feb-24 07:20:30

Good morning from a grey, damp Colchester. A pottering day as my cold is better but still lingering. I'll change the bedding as exercise.
Love to all 🦩 x

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 29-Feb-24 07:21:52

Morning all from West Oxfordshire.
I have to finish off my stained glass piece from yesterday. The excess cement needs scrubbing off and the whole thing cleaning up. If it looks good I’ll think about getting it framed.
Then my book group at lunch time in the village cafe. I didn’t finish the set book (can’t remember the name) so will talk about Pepys Diaries, which are captivating.
Have a good day, especially those of you with worries.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 29-Feb-24 07:24:20

Morning all, we are forecast rain for today, I have changed my plans and now it’s a trip to the farm shop followed by Aldi.

Ashcombe try not to worry, DH has had two TIA’s , now takes meds and is doing well. I hope you feel better once you have more info from your GP

Have a good day folks 🙋‍♀️

luluaugust Thu 29-Feb-24 07:27:49

Good morning from a grey W Kent. Ash so sorry to read of your diagnosis I hope you get a Drs appointment soon.
Off to art this morning without my boot, only half awake as DH snored and talked half the night with his cold. He has to take the car for new brake pads later, as I can’t drive yet.
Best wishes to all

Greyduster Thu 29-Feb-24 07:31:12

Good morning, Michael and all GNs from a dreary damp South Yorkshire. Mick I had a similar problem with my tv recently- could only get terrestrial tv and Freesat. Turned out that the tv itself needed its software updating so it might be worth looking at that. Writers group was mostly taken up yesterday taking about ancestry and genaeology. Fascinating stuff, but we didn’t get much writing done! We seem to spend a lot of time going off at a tangent these days. Love it!
I am off out with the walking group this morning, then lunch with DD. I have to pick up my new glasses this afternoon - readers and drivers.
Have the best day you can folks.

Sar53 Thu 29-Feb-24 07:35:02

Good morning from my daughter's spare room in Leamington where I could hear rain during the night.
A long journey yesterday but good to see the girls and hear all their news.
I am becoming mini Nan, they are all so tall, and I am not short at 5ft 5in.
I'm not sure what the plan is for today so I shall go with the flow.
I'm sorry to hear your news Ash, a worry for you.
Safe journey Brook, enjoy the time with your family.
Have a good day everyone xx

Kalu Thu 29-Feb-24 07:39:43

Good morning from Glasgow. We are promised a dry day today with strong winds.

A Waitrose visit today at some point otherwise an at home day with a glance at the to do list. GD2 FaceTimed me last night, now 14 she can wear contact lenses and wanted me to see her new look. She did look different and the huge smile on her face confirms she is thrilled at not having to wear glasses at last.

Ash I am so sorry to read your news but also pleased to know a meds review will be done to find which meds will benefit this recent diagnosis. What a frightening experience for you. 💐

My best wishes to all for a good day and a brighter day to all with difficult times. May you find some extra strength to cope with another troubled day.

Grandmabatty Thu 29-Feb-24 07:41:07

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 5° and damp. Ash I'm so sorry to hear about your diagnosis and how sad you are. Hopefully your GP will be reassuring. Brook safe journey and have a good time in Cambridge.
Yesterday I had my three monthly haircut. It doesn't take long because I don't have much left and it doesn't grow much either. My hairdresser is a lovely chap who feels sorry for me and always pops a freebie bottle of something in my handbag 😊. In the afternoon I had a diabetic eye test at the hospital and was shocked with the vision in my right eye. Very blurry at distance reading. I hadn't realised it was so bad. I do have an optician's appointment on Sunday so we'll see what they say.
Today is the last art class in this session. I'm still suffering from a cold but it's not too bad to keep me home. I'll drop my friend off afterwards and head home for a Tesco delivery. Have a good day all.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 29-Feb-24 07:42:24

Good morning from a wet South Downs.

Yesterday I wrote a nice post and it disappeared! So hope this one is successful.

ashcombe I know quite a few people who have had a TIA - do not be too downcast as they recovered really well - get your medicine and off you go🙂. My mum was one who had a TIA at about 89 - in fact it was really as sort of mini stroke but she recovered so well - carried on her normal life snd died at 101.

Well I’ve recovered from my glums - not at all sure what that was about - needed a kick up the a..s I think.

We’ve had 1 glorious day this week the rest has been unremitting rain and gloom. That one day I gardened - oh joy - accompanied by Tofu who seems to think I’m his bestie. He is a real hunter and his owner was telling me that he brings in mice by the bucketload (note - slight exaggeration) one day she came down the stairs in bare feet and trod in a bloody mouse corpse😮. I didn’t like to mention that we - particularly my DH are in constant war with him, as he clearly thinks of our garden as his utility area and uses it for his ablutions - particularly once fresh vegetable seeds have been sown. DH tries all sorts of constructions to keep Tofu off, to no avail. I have heard language I never thought to hear from my husband😮😮.

Today - I am planning my summer pots and trying to decide what to put into a permanent pot in the front garden - the rhododendron is not doing well in it. Lots of on line browsing.

Enjoy your day all

Peace 🤞 and harmony to the world.

Georgesgran Thu 29-Feb-24 07:49:34

Good morning from a cloudy, but dry Durham. A good idea Ash to ‘mention’ your Consultant to the receptionist - that always worked for DH. I do hope you get some ‘action’, it’s only natural to be preoccupied.
I’ve slept 10 hours - that’s virtually unknown, but I’m not feeling well with a hacking cough and tight chest.
A morning at home, then I’m meeting a friend for tea and cake later. Little Dog will need a walk before dark.
Best wishes to all. X