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JamesandJon33 Thu 29-Feb-24 09:19:52

There are a few reminiscence threads on here, so I thought to add another.
Did you go to art school in the 60s ? Four years…. Foundation to NDD.
How were your tutors, who were your tutors. Lessons, models, being an art student. Anything and everything.

NotSpaghetti Sun 03-Mar-24 22:08:30

National Diploma in Design (NDD) was in those days preceeded by a "pre-dip" I think.

The Foundation course didnt take took over from that in most art schools until the 70s(?).

Later of course the schools were generally incorporated into the universities as they started to have to offer degrees.

NotSpaghetti Sun 03-Mar-24 22:10:05

No, I must be wrong... In 1946 the Ministry of Education organised Art and Design education into two parts. Students took a Ministry's Intermediate Certificate in Art and Crafts followed by a National Diploma in Design (NDD). The Certificate and Diploma each took two years to complete, and the examinations had a dual system of assessment.

Primrose53 Sun 03-Mar-24 22:35:38

I used to go out with an Art student around 1972/3. He used to hitchhike right across the county to see me at weekends. He also used to write me lovely letters and include drawings.

JamesandJon33 Mon 04-Mar-24 18:42:16

notspaghetti That’s exactly it. Intermediate after two year ( sometimes called foundation) Then a further two years to NDD

JamesandJon33 Mon 04-Mar-24 18:46:43

P.S. My son did an arts course in the late 80s. One year foundation at a local art college , followed by 3 years at university.

NotSpaghetti Mon 04-Mar-24 19:24:44

Yes, that is what my "arty" children did JamesandJon33 - there must have been a transition though from the 2+ 2 years to a 1+ 3 years.