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Hairy Biker Dave has died.

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Kate1949 Thu 29-Feb-24 10:17:32

How very sad. We love them. We've been watching the new series where he keeps saying how lucky he feels to be back on the road with his mate.
RIP Dave.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 29-Feb-24 10:19:10

I enjoyed watching them too. Only in his sixties, no age.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 29-Feb-24 10:20:00

How sad, RIP Dave 💐

Anniebach Thu 29-Feb-24 10:20:35


Nanatoone Thu 29-Feb-24 10:23:27

Oh what a shame. I knew he was poorly but not how bad he was. RIP Dave.

Grandmadinosaur Thu 29-Feb-24 10:25:01

So sad to hear this news. I loved his shows with Si.
RIP Dave

henetha Thu 29-Feb-24 10:25:31

I really like the hairy bikers. Dave and Si came over as such nice people. I did so hope that Dave would make a full recovery and am so sad that he did not. RIP Dave.

25Avalon Thu 29-Feb-24 10:26:30

So so sad. He was back doing what he loved and passed away peacefully. God bless.

BigBertha1 Thu 29-Feb-24 10:27:31

Oh how sad what a really man and a greta performer on Strictly. RIPflowers

aggie Thu 29-Feb-24 10:30:33

So sad

Kate1949 Thu 29-Feb-24 10:38:35

We saw them on tour twice. They were such fun and seemed lovely.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 29-Feb-24 10:43:03

We watched the new programme last evening, and I think it was pretty clear that he wasn’t very well. We noticed how he couldn’t lift anything heavy or do much more than light stuff.

RIP Dave - May all your heavenly meals be delicious and well cooked. 🥮🥗🌮🍛🥟🍺🍾

Purplepixie Thu 29-Feb-24 10:44:33

I am so sad about the sad passing of Dave. Poor Si must be devastated along with all of his family and many many friends.

RIP Dave 🤗

granfromafar Thu 29-Feb-24 10:45:51

So shocked by this news, having just watched the latest series. Condolences to his friends and family.

kittylester Thu 29-Feb-24 10:46:16

What a shock - I had assumed that he was getting better.


Callistemon21 Thu 29-Feb-24 10:49:47

Oh no! We watched them the other evening and thought how much weight he'd lost and he looked so different with short hair. I didn't realise he'd been ill.
I like their recipes.

They came here once to film and DD was chosen as a "taster" 🙂

RIP Dave, you will be missed

Kate1949 Thu 29-Feb-24 11:06:44

He never disclosed which cancer he had but he said he had to learn to walk again. He had a terrible time. Poor chap.

Aldom Thu 29-Feb-24 11:08:24

What sad news. RIP

Hels001 Thu 29-Feb-24 11:15:23

So sad. Rest in peace and huge condolences to his family and Si. A sad sad loss taken too soon.

Georgesgran Thu 29-Feb-24 11:25:10

I’m very shocked. My sympathy to his family and friends, especially to Si.
Cooking in Heaven just got better!

MissInterpreted Thu 29-Feb-24 11:26:15

Sad news. They always just seemed like two good friends who enjoyed cooking and were genuinely interested in the places they visited and the people they met along the way.

Astitchintime Thu 29-Feb-24 11:28:09

That is so sad. I didn't watch the Hairy Bikers regularly but always enjoyed when I did.

Rosie51 Thu 29-Feb-24 11:28:56

Very sad news. Si has written a lovely heartfelt tribute, I'm glad he was with Dave and his family at the end. RIP

Curlywhirly Thu 29-Feb-24 11:30:54

I too am shocked - I have just been watching their latest series and though he looked fragile, I thought he was over the worst. Loved his relationship with Si, they seemed lovely blokes who were genuinely the best of friends. So sad.

Georgesgran Thu 29-Feb-24 11:33:11

Yes Rosie what a beautiful tribute from Si.