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Should women have equal pay and opportunities?

36 Shelflife

Child maintenance

2 ginny

People eating and drinking on the go

72 Summerlove

Wetherspoons is a dog-free pub

263 infoman

Not allowing my dog

82 sandelf

Shall we reboot our cartoons thread again? 😁

109 Jaxjacky

Hopelessly out of date?

47 Woollywoman

Silly customer question

8 Redhead56

Same place used differently

2 BigBertha1

Soop's warm and welcoming kitchen for kindly folk.

262 Charleygirl5

I laughed today and it felt good.

26 Redhead56

Anyone else eat their supper on the sofa in front of the TV?

159 V3ra

Always use your indicators!

47 RosiesMaw


69 MayBee70

Good Morning Friday 19th April 2024

51 Jaxjacky

New style M&S

103 Magrithea

Quilt covers advice, please.

87 AuntyTrouble

What gives you a warm feeling? 🥰

51 bobbydog24

I do get irritated by .........

9 NotAGran55

I didn’t think dogs were allowed in Waitrose 😳

208 infoman

Friendship Cake

26 Redrobin51

I deserve a round of applause!

32 annodomini

Funny slang for clothes…

93 SueDonim

Do you still wear you original wedding and engagement ring

59 Ladyleftfieldlover


86 Callistemon21

lily beetles-how do i rid myself of these little red devils

18 Bumface

Good Morning Thursday 18th April 2024

44 Taichinan

If I had to choose.....just one day

85 marionk

Inexplicable things

62 MissAdventure

Pre Warning re Tonight’s Eastenders

35 Grandmabatty

Do you live abroad and long for home ?

24 grace56580

Have you read any good books lately?

32 Bumface

How convenient is your house?

114 Marmight

Tales about "stingy" guests and hosts.

164 Aveline

Gp appointments or lack of!!

66 watermeadow

Sentimental items- can you bring yourself to get rid of them?

104 Caleo

Help to decipher please…..

62 suelld

Life After Death - Mediums, Ghosts, Heaven or Nothing?

184 Caleo

ever put the wrong fuel in you car?

22 NotAGran55

Boots Advantage Card

16 Freya5

Could another scandal be on the way? allegedly

43 nanna8

Good Morning Wednesday April 17th 2024

52 Grandmabatty

Aintree Marred By Drunken Brawling On Ladies Day

132 biglouis

A four-day week will soon be the norm in the public sector.

142 Bumface

Generational stereotypes (Trigger Warning for Jeremy Vine!)

101 Bumface

Geri Horner

10 Labradora

If you live in a bungalow….

53 Ikiesgranma

Good Morning Tuesday 16th April 2024

46 Blossoming

Update on M & S vouchers

4 Icandoit


72 Witzend