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Good Morning Monday 4th March 2024

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Michael12 Mon 04-Mar-24 05:47:49

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark and cloudy at the here in brackley at the moment.
Today a chance to catch the bus to Bicester ,and hopefully see many I know there .
Yesterday I was dealing EE/BT as to my Tv box , anyway it will be a case of await for a new one , so I can hopefully watch my cycling on tv, I am more inclined to follow the process in the instruction manual than make errors .
Take Care,

grandMattie Mon 04-Mar-24 05:54:13

Good morning from a cold Bristol. Didn’t we have a lovely sunny day, yesterday? It made the heart sing…
I hope you manage to sort out you TV woes, Mick, enabling you to watch your beloved cycling.
I had a quiet day yesterday - church, then managed to appliqué two white ducks onto a bright turquoise background for a cushion.
My hearing has improved immeasurably since I started using the ridiculous nose inflating ballon. Magic!
Today, I’ve got toddler group, where I’ve prepared a card for the children to give their mums on Sunday. A hygienist appointment this afternoon - ouch(financially)!
Hope all the poorlies and anxious have a better day. Carpe diem 🦩🦩🦩🦩

Grandmabatty Mon 04-Mar-24 06:00:22

Good morning Mick and all from Polmont where it's currently 0° and dry. I'm going to have to scrape the car though.
Yesterday's opticians appointment has disappointing if expected results. She is referring me to the cataract surgeon for removal of a cataract in my right eye. It's a seven month waiting list to see the consultant and then I'll be on the list itself so nothing is happening soon. I visited mum in the afternoon and she seemed worse than before. Very confused and unable to find words or remember family members. I've reported it to the nurse as I suspect she's had another tia. Dgs2 was very sore yesterday morning but dd said he picked up a bit on the afternoon.
Today is early childcare day so we'll see how dgs2 is. I feel dd or dsil could have had an extra day with him but they have to work. Dd is leaving work early and picking the boys up. Chicken for dinner. Have a good day all.

Ashcombe Mon 04-Mar-24 06:00:37

Good morning from a dry but chilly Torbay.

Yesterday, I was touched by the many kind, supportive comments posted by you lovely GM people. Sunday became rather a dies non with me needing a season ticket for the bathroom! Although I hate letting folk down, excusing myself from accompanist duties at church was a wise decision. On a foray to the nearby Tesco, olddudders found Diaralyte and Lucozade which were comforting, the latter being something I haven’t drunk since days of childhood illness. I've already decided that going to Move It Or Lose It today would not be wise.

I hope your poor young DGS1 is in less discomfort today, Grandmabatty. It’s horrid to see our little ones suffer.
I hope you enjoyed your day out, Mizuna and your DD continues to recover well.
It sounds like you’re having a lovely break with your family, brook2704.
I hope you’re feeling more rested, grandMattie, as you face a busy day.

Have a good week - the evenings are drawing out which is heartening to see. 🦩🥰🦩💐🦩

Grandmabatty Mon 04-Mar-24 06:04:05

I hope your internal discomfort has settled down Ashcombe. I knew I was poorly if mum got out the lucozade!

Ashcombe Mon 04-Mar-24 06:04:59

I'm sorry, Grandmabatty - please forgive me - my muddled brain was confused as to which grandson had the operation. Your DD is lucky to have you on whom she can depend. Thinking of you. 💐

Pantglas2 Mon 04-Mar-24 06:14:48

And a very good morning Mick and all from a dry north Wales where the chamberpot is being put to good use ☕️ - so missed a proper sized dose of wake up tea!

Love to see those 🦆🦆 grandMattie when you’ve finished, my favourite birds….cos they waddle, like me 😂

Glad to hear grandson is on the mend Grandmabatty, I always think loved ones being unwell is more worrying than whatever you’re coping with yourself sometimes! So many on here also in that position 💐 and improvements for you all 🙏

Having another domesticated day in PG Towers just pottering about since we got back on Saturday - as lovely as the cruise was, I’m glad to be back in my nest!

Will catch up with the late shift this afternoon but hope for a good day for all 🌞

cornergran Mon 04-Mar-24 06:25:49

Morning Mick, morning All. Our corner of Somerset feels cold, haven’t looked out yet as don’t want to disturb Mr C.

Yesterdays sunshine was very welcome, the world was definitely brighter. Lunch was good, enjoyed a wander and did some catching up at home. More of the latter today I think.

The mention of Lucozade took me straight back to poorly days as a child ash. You’re wise to take it easy today, rest and recover. That was quite a day grandmab, get well wishes to your grandson and a hope he’s not too uncomfortable. What have I missed with your magic hearing help grandmattie? No matter, as long as there’s improvement.

Hope Monday is kind to us all.

grandMattie Mon 04-Mar-24 06:28:05

Here are my ducks, pant on the unfinished cushion.
Ash, I’m glad you’re feeling “less worse” as a friend put it, ditto the little boy, batty.

Susan56 Mon 04-Mar-24 06:34:41

Good morning from Shropshire.A misty start.

An okayish day with my mum yesterday.She wasn’t at her best.We had a lovely lunch which she enjoyed although she left more than half of it.

I have an early hospital appointment this morning.Luckily it is at the local hospital so not far to drive and parking is usually ok🤞🏻Afterwards a couple of other appointments to rearrange and hopefully a quiet afternoon.

I hope your DGS is more comfortable today Grandmabatty and that you all have a good day.Sorry your mum wasn’t too good yesterday.

Glad you enjoyed the cruise Pantglas.Good to see you back👋🏻

Have the best day you can everyone🦩

grandMattie Mon 04-Mar-24 06:41:59

corner, the ENT specialist told me to use something called “otovent”, a nose inflated balloon, in the hope of clearing my glue ear, in the hope I wouldn’t need an operation to clear the blockage. And, my word, after two days most of my hearing came back. I have been totally deaf in that ear for over five years. You can imagine my joy!

Bellasnana Mon 04-Mar-24 07:02:35

Good morning from Malta where it is 15°C and rather cloudy.

grandMattie that nose balloon sounds wonderful! So glad your hearing has been improved so much by using it. I love your ducks, how talented you are.🤩

Poor you Ashcombe, it’s quite miserable having the trots and I hope you’ll be feeling better today.

Lucizade also reminds me of childhood illness but also when pregnant with DD1 I was so terribly sick that it was all I could tolerate for twelve weeks. I was surprised she wasn’t born bright orange!😄

As usual I’m with the boys who are both happy after a bit of a rocky start when littlest one whacked his brother on the head with his spoon at breakfast causing brother to be very offended!

I fear the ‘terrible twos’ are about to be upon us!😂

Wishing you all a good day and best wishes for poorly people to feel better as the day goes on.☀️

brook2704 Mon 04-Mar-24 07:03:29

Good morning everyone from Cambridge where it looks very cold outside, a clear day with blue sky
That’s a really beautiful cushion, gMattie I love the colour and the ducks
Lovely to have you back with us Pantglas I hope you enjoyed your cruise and you’ll tell us all about it.
DD1 has already gone out to her early morning gym class, but the rest of the house is quiet. I’ll be on my travels again this morning, back up home to Inverness arriving late afternoon. I’ve had a lovely time here with the family, been very well looked after and I’ll be back again soon
Hoping you’re feeling better today Ash and you can slowly get back to normal
Susan hope your hospital appointment goes ok this morning
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Whitewavemark2 Mon 04-Mar-24 07:04:18

Good morning from the South Downs.

Yesterday was such a joy with the sun, and I am optimistic that today will be similar - although rain tonight I think.

Appointment with nurse this morning (must get on) for a health check, then a house working day and hopefully into the garden to cut back some grasses. I must also weed out some wild garlic. When my son was a young teenager (he is now 53) he brought back some wild garlic he had (no doubt illegally) dug up for me as he thought the woods looked so lovely with them flowering. I’ve had them ever since snd each year they spread like mad. But it is a lovely problem to have🙂.

DH is better after his gastric trouble - hope you are recovering ash

Must dash to make tea.

Enjoy your day all

Peace and harmony to the world

Grandmabatty Mon 04-Mar-24 07:11:13

Brook safe journey home. Pantsglas good to see you back from your cruise

Marydoll Mon 04-Mar-24 07:11:32

Good morning all from a frosty and foggy Glasgow.

DH is golfing (he is mad), so I have an empty.
I cannot summon up the energy to do anything, after another bad night (thought it was time to get up at 3am) and also had a full on, stressful day at Church yesterday. It's hard to slow down, not in my psyche to accept my limitations. I am thoroughly fed up feeling permanently unwell, with no possible improvement!
Consequently, DH gave me a good talking to last night about overdoing things! 😉

The freezer door has been open all night, guess what I will be doing this morning?

At lunchtime, we are going to pick up Babydoll, to allow DS2 and DIL to go out and celebrate their anniversary. We have battened down the hatches. She crawls at lightening speed and is deciding whether to start walking or not.

I hope your wee DGS feels an improvement this morning GMB.
I hope all goes well with your appointment Susan.

Have a good day folks.

RosesandLilac Mon 04-Mar-24 07:14:58

Good morning from a very foggy and frosty hillside in south Glos, it’s a really murky start here.
Yesterday’s sunshine was glorious, the snow haas nearly all gone, just a few pockets here and there.
I spent most of yesterday on a zoom art workshop, very intense but interesting.
Today is housework and laundry, unfortunately my washing line isn’t in the sun at this time of year and there isn’t any space to move it.
Have a good day 🌹

Pittcity Mon 04-Mar-24 07:20:15

Good morning from a frosty and misty Colchester. The sun is out, so the mist is disappearing.
DH is off fishing. I will wander into the City for a few bits and a mooch around. I have had a spring clear out and need new clothes and bedding as replacements.
Love to all 🦩 x

Sar53 Mon 04-Mar-24 07:21:19

Good morning from my last full day in Leamington.
Yesterday I watched DGD2 play netball, they won, a good game to watch.
In the afternoon we went to a place where they do the most delicious desserts. We all enjoyed that.
DD1 has a cold and I have a very annoying cough so I'm not sure what we will do today.
I hope you all have a pleasant Monday xx

Greyduster Mon 04-Mar-24 07:33:52

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. The sun is shining but there’s frost on the ground. I appear to have lost my front door key, so the hunt will be on for that this morning, and possibly getting a new one cut. I have one on my car key ring but can’t afford to be without a spare. Worrying. Work should resume on the garden fence today🤞🏻.
Have the best day you can folks.

baubles Mon 04-Mar-24 07:41:35

Good morning from frosty South Lanarkshire.

Hope your discomfort eases Ash.

MD enjoy Babydoll’s visit.

Yesterday afternoon was spent listening to my audio book and crocheting daffodils for our spring display. Very relaxing.

Charity shop today then I think I’ll pop into the nail bar, my nails could do with a polish.

Hoping everyone has the best day possible.

karmalady Mon 04-Mar-24 07:42:27

Good morning, a lot of rain later this morning in s somerset but yesterday was glorious all day long

I finished the yarn (singles) winding off and then finished plying and skeining. I packed all the equipment away too so was busy until mid afternoon. All safe in a big zip lock bag for now, I need sunless dry weather for the last process before it becomes proper knitting yarn

My back is sore again so I am changing one thing plus definitely will go out on my bike, even if only around the block a few times. Otherwise pottering, with a straight back and perhaps out to craft group but don`t think that sitting for a couple of hours would do me any good so probably won`t go

Have a good day

luluaugust Mon 04-Mar-24 07:44:08

Good morning from a sunny W Kent. Our cleaner is coming first thing and later we are supposed to be going to a U3A talk, DH still coughing away so we may not. DGD1 has an operation at a specialist dental centre this morning so we will be anxiously waiting to hear how it goes.
Hope you feel better soon Ash and your small GS GMB
Best wishes to all

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 04-Mar-24 07:44:49

Good morning from a bright and very frosty Oxfordshire.
A couple of collections that I have to stay in for this morning, a quick dog walk, a clean through, then packing for our house hunting trip to the coast early tomorrow.
4 houses booked to see, so it should be an interesting few days.
Hope all the poorly grans start to feel less unwell.
Have a good day everyone.

cornergran Mon 04-Mar-24 07:52:06

Understand now grandmattie. Thank you. How wonderful to reclaim your hearing.