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The Wonderful World of Sleep & Dreams

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SeaWoozle Mon 04-Mar-24 23:28:33

Just wondered if people would like to share their sleep experiences and the dreams they have? I have a recurring dream of being in the house I grew up in and sneaking around in the garden, which was the perfect place for hide and seek! I regularly have dreams of being chased or where I know people are out to "get" me. I do have nice dreams as well, especially where my grandma is still alive and I'm watching her, happy she's still around.
I'd post last night's dream, but it's really not very nice! Hopefully tonight's will be better.

I'd love to know what other people dream about....

Bodach Mon 04-Mar-24 23:40:15

I'm sure I have posted before on GN about the recurring dream I have enjoyed for as long as I can remember: that I can levitate myself - just by thinking about doing it. As long as I hold that particular thought, I rise quietly and un-noticed from the ground and float about the ceiling, or fly myself slowly around the rooftops, looking down on the unsuspecting people below. As I lose the thought, so I descend gradually and land gently. If only I could do it when awake...

Maggiemaybe Mon 04-Mar-24 23:49:50

I rarely dream, or at least rarely remember dreams. I do have a recurring vivid nightmare of frantically trying to hide several dead bodies around my house with the police knocking at the door. I mentioned it at a family do once and my son in law casually said that he had that dream as well. DD1 just looked at us both in horror. 😂

Oh, and I did once hear the next day’s winning lottery numbers in a dream. I woke up scrabbling for a pen and paper but only managed to write down four correctly before they faded, though I was close with the other two. I won about £60. Since then I’ve kept a pen and paper handy, just in case……

keepingquiet Mon 04-Mar-24 23:51:59

Very recently I have dreamed about dogs- usually they are dogs I know, such as my neighbours, and sometimes they just appear.
They frequently go for me, to the point I feel them clamping their jaws on my legs, then I wake up. I do wonder if I'm just sleeping funny, and my legs aren't quite right but quite scary just the same.

SeaWoozle Mon 04-Mar-24 23:52:52


I've had dreams where I can "fly" before but not necessarily with any purpose!

I also have ones where I'm in a tall building and it's falling....

But being able to fly sometimes could be useful!

Toetoe Mon 04-Mar-24 23:56:04

In my dreams I'm with people who I know and are fond of , I will be chatting and laughing and spending time and I know them so well . Then I wake up and ask myself who were those people ?

In one dream a handsome gentle kind man was singing " Annie's song " to me and strumming a guitar , he was my soul mate , he truly loved me for me . I was so in love and felt so lucky . Then I woke up and he was gone forever .

harrigran Tue 05-Mar-24 00:02:23

I dream I am back at my childhood home and standing looking out of my bedroom window. Low flying military planes feature often, so low I can see the pilot in the cockpit.
Strangely my sister often dreams she is back at the house too.
The owners have renovated the house and added extensions and I don't get to enter the new parts.

biglouis Tue 05-Mar-24 00:04:06

I do have very vivid and traumatic dreams and have sometimes woken up screaming and sobbing!

They are often triggered by things that happened in the past, particularly during my childhood and teen years. Many feature being chased, locked up or punished in some form.

I also have revenge dreams.

Chestnut Tue 05-Mar-24 00:16:03

I often dream about places I knew as a child, or homes I lived in, but they have usually changed in some way. In fact buildings feature more than anything else in my dreams. At one time I used to dream about spooky houses and even though they looked scary I sometimes went inside and was perfectly calm and not frightened at all.

BlueBelle Tue 05-Mar-24 06:01:45

I m sure I do dream but I don’t remember anything so no stories to add

grandMattie Tue 05-Mar-24 06:12:19

I dream a lot. Flying, mostly to escape baddies, was a constant in my childhood. Later, during and for many years after, it being dragged kicking and screaming to a degree exam in a subject I didn’t study.
In later years, it was moving into one of several house I’d never been in, leave lived in… the house was one of several constants.
I ever dream of people I know/love!

Juliet27 Tue 05-Mar-24 06:47:40

I dreamed recently that I was hosting a ‘do’. The guests were arriving but I realised I hadn’t bought in extra wine and couldn’t get hold of my husband who was still at work to ask him to buy some on the way home. Panic set in.
It was probably a manifestation of my usual sense of inadequacy. When I told my husband about the dream he said ‘oh, my fault again then?’ Hmm a rather telling dream that I’d rather forget.

Juliet27 Tue 05-Mar-24 06:53:41

I don’t often seem to dream and my Fitbit REM results seem to confirm that apart from the amount shown when I had the dream I’ve mentioned.
Anyone else take note of such Fitbit results?

SeaWoozle Tue 05-Mar-24 10:08:19


I don’t often seem to dream and my Fitbit REM results seem to confirm that apart from the amount shown when I had the dream I’ve mentioned.
Anyone else take note of such Fitbit results?

There was an episode of SLICED BREAD on Radio Four this week all about Fitbit/Smart Watch type things and whether they help with monitoring sleep. Worth a listen to. I forget exactly what the results of the sleep bit were, but they didn't give the results people were looking for.

SeaWoozle Tue 05-Mar-24 10:13:47

Another dream of folk out to get me, last night. This time I was in a house, in which I'd armed myself with a beautiful, shiny, silver sword (my dad was even there, helping me to make sure it worked by putting something on the handle). I realised at some point I'd forgotten my pistol. I "knew" that someone was going to mortar the far end of the house, which they did. My friend Di was there but she was a baddie. (Other stuff happened but I can't really recall that).

(I watched the end of Lover, Stalker, Killer yesterday so wonder if that had anything to do with it. And reading so many articles about Gaza?)

MissAdventure Tue 05-Mar-24 11:23:38

I seem to have always had dreams which are variations of the same themes.

Being chased, hiding, (sometimes combined with being able to not exactly fly, but jump and glide and hover)

Moving to new homes, which are full of different shaped rooms and cubby holes.

Babies; having one, looking after one for someone else.

Being late and increasingly stressed because I can't get to where I'm going.

Being asked to look after a couple of cats or dogs.
Letting myself into the house to find it's a pack of wolves, or a few lions, which stalk me around the home.

MissAdventure Tue 05-Mar-24 11:29:19

Oh, and falling out of fairground rides.

Purplepixie Tue 05-Mar-24 11:44:06

I dream quite a bit but most of the time I do not remember them by the time I have got dressed. After I had my operation in January I have dreamt about mam and dad. On one occasion my mam had hold of my ankles and she was pulling me off the bed. Dad was over the other side of the bed and I shouted that I wasn’t ready to go with them yet! Then I woke up and my leg was indeed hanging out of the bed on the left hand side. Another time just after the operation I dreamt that someone was wrapping me in barbed wire and I was screaming but nobody was coming to help me. They just walked past and didnt look.
I used (years ago) to have a recurring dream that my daughter was hurrying ahead of me and turned the bottom of the street. I was running after her and screaming but she kept on walking. By the time I got to the bottom of the street and turned the corner she was at the top of the next street. All back to back houses. Today I am still estranged from her after quite a few years. I often wonder if this dream was something telling me of the future. She won’t have anything to do with me and yet I cannot fathom out what I have done wrong in the past. Dreams are fascinating.

Whitewavemark2 Tue 05-Mar-24 11:59:25

I have two recurring dreams - one I can explain, the other I have yet to workout.

The first - I am in a large house and walking through it when i become aware of an utterly dreadful evil presence in a room or around the corner. I always woke at that point. Eventually I realised that the evil was the recurrence of cancer from which I am a recoverer, and the house was either my life or body. Since I worked out the dream, I can’t remember that I’ve had it since.

The second and one I haven’t yet worked it out is that I am in the garden in which I lived as a child, with my family of all the generations both living and dead. Suddenly all sorts of RAF planes begin to fly overhead all flying north, this includes fighters, massive troop carriers, helicopters etc. All goes quiet and then at cloud level huge alien craft fly overhead firing at the ground (think those films) . I then wake up, which annoys me as I want to see what happens.

Any ideas anyone?

Theexwife Tue 05-Mar-24 12:09:12


I don’t often seem to dream and my Fitbit REM results seem to confirm that apart from the amount shown when I had the dream I’ve mentioned.
Anyone else take note of such Fitbit results?

There are many articles about how notoriously bad fitbits are about monitoring sleep.

SeaWoozle Tue 05-Mar-24 12:42:10


All goes quiet and then at cloud level huge alien craft fly overhead firing at the ground (think those films)

I have these too and like yourself I'm yet to work out what they mean. I never get taken away by any of them or see aliens, but it's usually like something from War of the Worlds.

LauraNorderr Tue 05-Mar-24 12:47:41

I eat liquorice before bed and dream about all sorts.

Juliet27 Tue 05-Mar-24 12:47:53

Moving to new homes, which are full of different shaped rooms and cubby holes

I get that one too MissAdventure

Urmstongran Tue 05-Mar-24 12:49:04

I have a recurring anxiety dream. They all take the form of having to dish up food to (various) folk and worrying because I know I don’t have enough food to go round. In some dreams I’m taking a bit of food from several plates to put on another to feed someone. It’s always very stressful to me and I’m glad to wake up.

Juliet27 Tue 05-Mar-24 12:51:09

🤣 or maybe 😩 LauraN