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Soop's warm and welcoming kitchen for kindly folk.

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soop Mon 01-Apr-24 17:49:04

Here we are again...all good pals and jolly good company.
Enjoy the celebration buffet. Please continue to make our kitchen a special meeting place.

A group hug awaits every Granspal.

flowers sunshine cupcake wine and LOVE.

Charleygirl5 Mon 01-Apr-24 17:52:59

I never mind moving as there is always a very warm welcome.

Grandmabatty Mon 01-Apr-24 17:54:39

I will bring chicken vol au vents and a lemon and mascarpone cheesecake. I need a comfy seat though

Jaxjacky Mon 01-Apr-24 18:20:04

I’d posted in the last kitchen, but the door was closed 🙂
I hope you’ve been able to call someone ann for a cheering chat.
It’s been showers, sun and cloud, the washing is drying indoors, just to be safe.
Quiz tonight, I’m hoping there are Easter questions, I’ve been revising #class swot 🙂
I shall leave some sausage rolls on the side, cheese and onion too with three different chutneys. Enjoy your evening.

Pittcity Mon 01-Apr-24 18:26:42

The sun is shining here in Essex and the washing is dry and put away. Time for a little something in the new kitchen.
I've hot chocolate and broken Easter Egg. 🐣☕

Septimia Mon 01-Apr-24 18:39:31

I'll make one of my few appearances and bring some chocolatey Easter biscuits.
I read frequently even though I don't post, and regularly think of all those Grans who need our support.

Grandmabatty Mon 01-Apr-24 18:42:43

The best thing about hosting Easter Sunday lunch is leftovers for dinner tonight. I hope you feel better Annsixty. A virtual hug from me. Jaxjacky good luck with the quiz. Soop thank you for opening a new kitchen.
The weather here today has been miserable. Damp, breezy and very cold. The boys and I went outside this morning so that they could make a mess, but came in after half an hour. It was just too cold.
I have them all day tomorrow so hopefully we'll get to the park. Enjoy your evening Kitcheners.

RosiesMaw Mon 01-Apr-24 19:02:16

I do agree about the leftovers Grandmabatty !
That’s what I have missed over the last six years when one or other D has hosted Christmas.
My leftovers from my Easter Sunday (Nigella’s) shredded lamb and pomegranate seed “warm salad” was slow roasted in the slow/warming oven overnight.
Her recommendation for the leftovers is delicious and original, you warm and split pitta bread and fill with with a dollop of hummus, some finely chopped red onion and shredded lamb.
However I only managed to actually have any leftovers at all by whisking the lamb off the table and back to the (cold) oven before my 6’4” nephew who has hollow legs could “help out” by finishing it off for me.grin
It’s very nice to be back in the new refurb’d kitchen. I’m leaving the leftover Simnel cake on the side- it would not be there for long if I had it here!

Urmstongran Mon 01-Apr-24 19:20:18

I had to come in to just say ‘hi’ and to say that a group hug sounds wonderful Soop thank you. As always Kitcheners are the nicest bunch of folk, caring and kind.

Thorntrees Mon 01-Apr-24 19:39:24

Mainly just read rather than post but wanted to pop in to the new kitchen to say hello.
Freshly baked oat cookies if any one fancies one.
Scoops kitchen is always such a gentle friendly place where everyone cares for each other,long may it continue..

cornergran Mon 01-Apr-24 20:00:54

Goodness we’ve moved quickly. Thank you soop. A (far too) large chocolate cake is on the side, please save the little that remains of my waistline and tuck in.

Everything crossed here the letter arrives very soon soop. You sound worried.

A hug heading your way ann. You’re a wise woman not dwelling on how things were. Sadly I have no such sense and spent a very miserable day yesterday regretting the loss of family Easters.

Good to see you urms

We’re off over the bridge tomorrow, a grave to tend then time with our friend who is having a difficult time just now.

The conservatory is 80% finished, just waiting for new blinds to be fitted. Easy peasy as minimal disruption.

Mr C has changed our living room curtains today while I dealt with cushions. We still have different summer and winter curtains and cushions. Why? Because I like a change and Mr C is a very patient man grin.

Feet up now and a glass of chilled white. Have a good evening everyone.

Grandmabatty Mon 01-Apr-24 20:29:07

RosiesMaw that sounds delicious! Cornergran 💐 I sometimes look back at the big family get-togethers I had and feel sad that they are no more. I wonder how I managed when working full time and bringing up two children on my own. However things do move on, don't they? I try not to regret but be glad I still have family.

Ladyleftfieldlover Mon 01-Apr-24 20:39:30

Hello kitchen people. Thank you Soop for the refurb! I’ve got lots of chocolate and fudge plus Simnel cake and rich chocolate cake to spare. Help yourselves.
Younger son and elder son and his family have gone back to London, sooo relax!
Our nearly eight year old granddaughter is a delight but exhausting. This afternoon she encouraged us all to do a drawing based on a Grayson Perry book cover. We then had to write two poems which rhymed! OH acted as judge.
I’m looking forward to curling up in my own bed tonight.
Have a good evening.

Nannytopsy Mon 01-Apr-24 20:57:58

LLFL our DGD was 8 yesterday and she is exhausting too! She always wants to do or make things!
soop 🤞 for a speedy outcome.
I agree about the good left overs! We had Homity pie tonight.
DD and family went home today but she is back on Thursday as she has the two little ones and the dog and SIL is on night with really awkward shifts. I won’t mind snuggling the baby for her while DH entertains the toddler 🥰.
Yet more Simnel cake on the side!
Welcome to Thorntrees.

SueDonim Mon 01-Apr-24 21:00:45

I’ve brought a yellow gingham tablecloth and two vases of spring flowers to decorate the table. Also an endless supply of M&S Mini Eggs.

The weather reverted to NFS today - normal for Scotland, which means dull, a chill wind and later on, rain. Not a hint of sun today. We went to tip to offload a tonne of cardboard and some electrical bits. We need another visit to get rid of all the glass.

Then into town for a couple of bits and back home again. The kittens keep eating my plants so today I bought a couple of nice artificial plants to brighten the place up. It turns out that kittens also eat artificial plants. confused


brook2704 Mon 01-Apr-24 21:14:41

Thank you for opening the new warm kitchen soop it’s lovely to be here amongst friends
We’ve had the same cool wet weather here today SueD, hoping it improves soon.
DGS is here for a sleepover, he’s just gone through to bed. We’ve been playing the Ticket to Ride board game which these days he always wins and then a quiz game. I could have done with your expertise Jax!

Hoping Mr Soop gets his appointment through soop and things begin to improve for him soon
Sending ❤️ annsixty

Jaxjacky Mon 01-Apr-24 22:32:38

That made me laugh about your kittens SueD
Not so extensive brook the last round is Boom or Bust, ten questions, get one wrong and you’re out. I thought I knew two, but only by consensus do we write them down, so we didn’t. We came fourth, yet again, 44 people on a BH, not bad (I was right)!
Goodnight all.

Ali23 Mon 01-Apr-24 22:41:53

How lovely to find a new kitchen. Cheery and welcoming.
I’ve had a bit of a rough day. Won’t bore you with the details but this kitchen is worth its weight in gold . Always a welcome, even if I’m just sitting quietly drinking a cuppa. Thank you.

brook2704 Tue 02-Apr-24 07:29:59

Ali23 sending warmest hugs your way ❤️

Naughtyneine Tue 02-Apr-24 10:03:26

Flying in...late as usual.
AnnS.. I'm sorry to read you are feeling low... Sometimes the antibiotics can do that I think ..are you still able to use your electric wheelchair? Maybe when the sun shines next ( I's a rarity at the moment) but a little trip out might help to lift you a little.
Ali23...I hope whatever it is...goes away very soon.
Corner...I had a brief reminisce about times past but not wanting a repeat of Mother's Day ( which was especially hard this year) when I completely broke down and broke my lentern alcohol fast too....I concentrated on making and baking. Our meal with friends was just lovely...they had kept strictly to their lentern alcohol fast so the wine went down very well and conversation flowed. I can really recommend the Old English Gooseberry Cobbler pudding....It can be made up to to the cooking stage in advance ( always a plus) . I softly whipped the cream to serve with it and even I ( not normally a pud girl unless it involves meringue) really enjoyed it and the beauty of it too is it can be made with other stewed fruit as well.
We went to Lyme Regis was gloriously sunny...lots of people all enjoying their Bank Holiday..BBQs on the beach ...small children on the sand..windsurfers heart lifted even though I scanned the beach hoping to maybe catch a glimpse of D's and Grandchildren as they sometimes visit there too. ( Stupid I know ...but I still live in hope...even if it hurts).
I'm off now to retrieve a beautiful wicker obelisk that I paid for on Saturday but couldn't take at the time. It will look lovely with sweet peas growing through it.... Once the damaged in the storms fence panels are replaced ( our neighbours) which should happen in 2 weeks time..I will be able to start planning what needs to be added to the border alongside. We've been watching the series about Somerset on TV ( so much on our doorstep) and one episode featured an abbey not far away that holds a Spring Fair with plants for sale and it's this coming Saturday so guess where are off to...DOH has said we will take Henrietta Moho...I think that is a very dangerous idea... disastrous for my bank account and his back as he'll have to plant them!!!

Grannmarie Tue 02-Apr-24 11:43:57

Good morning, , Soop and lovely Kitchen people, happy New kitchen! Dear Soop, I'm thinking of you and MrSoop, hope health matters improve soon.

Wishing everyone a happy and peaceful Eastertide. DH and I had a restful break in a beautiful country house hotel in Perthshire. Thank you all for your kind good wishes. Our accessible suite opened out onto nice gardens on the riverbank, very serene outlook. We visited our loved one in hospital on the way up and back, also did a detour to visit the Wee Boy and his parents with Easter goodies. DS3 and lovely partner joined us for roast lamb dinner on our return.

Grandmabatty, I'm so sorry to read that your dear Mum is not so good. Be comforted that she is nearby, safe and well looked after , and you can cost her regularly. Thinking of
SueD, skiddling is indeed water play at the sink, involving plastic toys and breakers and all sorts of imaginative scenarios from the Wee Boy, he could spend ages there!
I'm sharing your hopes and wishes for your DS, may be enjoy many, many happy returns.🙏
Neine, thank you for the prayers, please keep them coming, most welcome.

If I may, I will join our lovely Soop in the quiet corner for a while, I'm feeling a bit fragile at the moment with family worries.
I'm thinking of you all, especially those with worries, illness or sorrow. I'll continue to read your news when I can, but I'm finding it hard to post just now. Sending love and prayers to all who need/ wish them. TOYA.

Grannmarie Tue 02-Apr-24 11:45:42

Grandmabatty, oops, I meant visit, not cost, don't know what happened there...

brook2704 Tue 02-Apr-24 12:19:01

Grannmarie so sorry to hear you’ve family worries on your mind, take care and sending ❤️

soop Tue 02-Apr-24 15:02:09

Dear Grannmarie, I shall keep you company in the quiet corner. Until I receive news that Mr Soop will be having scalp surgery, I cannot truly relax. Hugs for you and all our concerned Kitcheners.

annsixty Tue 02-Apr-24 15:10:06

Kindest thoughts and good wishes to all kitcheners who have worries and illness to cope with.
The sun has tried to break through several times but not very successfully.
I haven’t been out for over two weeks now apart from the surgery so may try tomorrow, weather permitting.
Have the best day you can everyone,