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New consent form

33 Curlywhirly

I am leaving due to the consent message.

89 Grandad1943

Soop's welcoming kitchen for kindly caring folk...

331 Nannytopsy

Bad film remakes

31 Witzend

Good Morning Saturday

32 EllanVannin

Horrid afternoon.

49 EllanVannin

A polite, but heartfelt request.😬

29 Orangerose

But, what if you are not, or even don't want to be, on the internet?

133 Spangler

I'm back x

30 BlueBelle

Well now I ve got a dilemma

255 Squiffy

The Old Argy Bargy Bar....a new lease of life!

96 Lins1066

a sensitive question....but i am interested.

42 ElaineI

Forgot about my tea and took a big gulp. It was cold🤢. X

269 Marydoll

Good Morning Friday

53 gillybob

Do you ask for a receipt?

48 quizqueen

Looking forward to seeing Diana programmes on next week

77 Lucca

Sadiq Khan - Labour at it’s best? 🤔

39 Grandad1943

university, debt and an abundance of graduates

33 Doodledog

Do you know where you are in the world?

34 Barmeyoldbat

Struggling but wont tell a soul and nobody knows

22 PurpleStar

Birthday gift

13 May7

Good Evening Friesday

2 Megs36

The Old Argy Bargy Bar.....a new lease of life!

1000 lemongrove

You Learn Something New Every Day

27 Callistemon

What annoys you (lighthearted or otherwise)

35 henetha

Thunder bolt !

20 infoman

Wasps!!! Has anyone seen any this year.

27 infoman

Am I old and out of touch?

79 Iam64

Let's blame Boris

86 LadyBella

Too many dogs

72 MayBee70

Anyone reading THAT book?

76 merlotgran

It’s 41 degrees in the shade!

144 MissAdventure

Good Morning Thursday

66 Hymnbook

Good Evening Thursday

7 Grandmabatty

EEH, Champion!

1 Rufus2

Hot weather, I used to love it, but don’t now!

50 Serendipity22


150 CraftyGranny

TV Licence Scam

5 Dee1012

Cool at last. But probably not for long

15 Riverwalk

You're going on a road trip...😊

79 Catterygirl

Dogs being walked in this heat

13 Whitewavemark2

canany one translate French?

56 silverlining48

Good Evening Wednesday

4 Megs36

Good Morning Wednesday

63 Grandmabatty

Well, that's ONE way to cool down 😱

14 phoenix

Lovely thing to say

129 CanadianGran

How much? The price of what stuff surprises you?

56 SueDonim

Delicious dose of Vitamin Sea today!

10 Ellianne

Wondering what other GP practices are doing.

22 GrannyLaine

Are you seeing a lot more cyclists on the roads?

28 Lilypops

summer time music

5 welbeck