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Odd (shocking?) requests

20 MerylStreep

Love Gransnet

15 sharon103

Everything - well nearly everything - is right in this country

191 GracesGranMK3

Soop's new kitchen being built while she's absent!

27 Callistemon


61 Sillygrandma5GK

As we can’t see each other ...

381 JackyB

I wish they would stop.....

34 patricia1958

Which country would you choose to live if you couldn’t live where you are?

120 tanith

Good Morning Saturday

49 lovebeigecardigan...

Not saying anybody is big-headed, but.....

67 Callistemon

Supernatural experiences - do you believe?

177 timetogo2016

Wrinkles. How do you cope?

109 henetha

Train anxiety

78 Tweedle24


68 GreenGran78

What I did today No.2

329 rubysong

Argy Bargy madness, come right in! 😜🍸

1000 lemongrove

Are they getting more persistent?

16 vena11

Charging Vietnamese families to repatriate their dead, trafficked, family members

115 Sparklefizz

Good Morning Friday

59 Rufus2

Puppy Power

24 Callistemon

Soop's warm and welcoming kitchen...

999 Feelingmyage55

Good news - bad news

52 glammanana


1 optimist

Good Morning Thursday

43 Rufus2

Can't believe he said this!

23 Callistemon

What did you discover relatively late on in life that everyone else had known for years?

192 Callistemon

Funny or slightly worrying ?

12 Callistemon

Pre Xmas De-cluttering Pledge support requested

298 Callistemon

Fav Xmas Present from a loved one

4 Nortsat46

No more silence is golden

27 TrendyNannie6

Melania is the only good thing about Trump isn't she? *Title changed by GNHQ*

64 SueDonim

Bashing my head against a brick wall

55 Barmeyoldbat

Friends- cost of meeting up

48 Lovetopaint037

Why do so many people only get the top set done?

38 Annaram1

Shock at sugar consumption

61 Grammaretto

OH so mentally unwell

96 justwokeup

Good Morning Wednesday

51 fatgran57

Brexit for kids

7 Doodle

Break a wish (light-hearted)

86 DanniRae

Has anyone ever fallen asleep holding something in their hand?

57 Maggiemaybe

Farming, the environment and trade

8 Yehbutnobut

Without looking, do you know who your insurance companies are?

18 Cherrytree59

Are your feelings like the weather?

2 GagaJo

A new cold call

2 lovebeigecardigan...

Nobody to do nothing with

150 Gonegirl

Messy House

135 Jaxie

Have you cut down on buying Christmas presents?

73 Resurgam123

Good Morning Tuesday

61 Bellanonna

Advent calendars

33 kittylester

Winter fuel allowance

143 merlotgran