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LullyDully Wed 05-Dec-18 16:25:48

I was out shopping today and asked several shop assistants this question. " Can you tell me where the obsession for unicorns has come from? ". No-one seems to know, even google. They are just repeating that it is a phenomena without explanation.

Someone thought it came from Harry Potter but they hardly feature much. Any bright ideas?

Maybelle Wed 05-Dec-18 17:04:47

No idea, they just seem to have been around for years. On a similar theme i keep noticing llamas appearing.
Cards, money boxes jumpers etc.
Is this the next craze?

kittylester Wed 05-Dec-18 17:10:14

No idea but they fart rainbows apparently!

gillybob Wed 05-Dec-18 17:10:38

My DGD (10) is obsessed with unicorns, llamas and now narwhals , which I am ashamed to admit I thought she’d made up grin

She is a very happy child with a very active inagination and likes the idea of living in this fantasy world of rainbows and strange and mythical creatures .

NfkDumpling Wed 05-Dec-18 17:12:45

I think it’s just the latest craze. It’ll pass.

cornergran Wed 05-Dec-18 17:15:02

It’s been a craze for one of ours for three years. When not in school uniform she’s dressed from head to foot in unicorn embellished clothes. Could be worse I guess smile.

ayse Wed 05-Dec-18 17:22:37

Yes, it’s been about for more than 2 years. Rather unicorns than Barbi. I think there are unicorns in the modern Noddy cartoons from the USA. I wish we didn’t import so much rubbish from there!

allsortsofbags Wed 05-Dec-18 17:26:41

Good question and I'd like to know how these fashions get started. Unicorns do seem to be on lots of things.

DGD is into them but has be very clear to make me understand that "Granny Unicorns aren't real".

When I asked her how she knew they weren't real she said "if they were real David Attenborough would have made a program about them".

OK, that's me told :-) I can't fault her logic lol.

Hasn't stopped her wanting Unicorns on her clothes and anything else she can get them on. And as my DD say "we've seen it all before with other fads so this too shall pass".

BBbevan Wed 05-Dec-18 17:49:49

A few years ago DG2 asked me to knit her a Lady Rainicorn. A sort of Unicorn with a long rainbow striped body. I think it came from a children's tv program.

NanKate Wed 05-Dec-18 21:55:51 says

‘Unicorn, mythological animal resembling a horse or a kid with a single horn on its forehead. The unicorn appeared in early Mesopotamian artworks, and it also was referred to in the ancient myths of India and China.’

Sorted. 🦏Here’s one masquerading as a rhino.

MissAdventure Wed 05-Dec-18 21:58:24

Marketing, I think. As one popular thing dies down, so another takes its place.

LullyDully Wed 05-Dec-18 22:08:11

As I thought.

Bathsheba Wed 05-Dec-18 22:11:34

I think they're taking over from Frozen.

Auntieflo Wed 05-Dec-18 22:36:12

Our neighbour put up his Christmas lights at the weekend, and a new addition is a very small unicorn.

SueDonim Wed 05-Dec-18 22:36:56

Don't forget the Lion & the Unicorn nursery rhyme!

I am puzzled as to what they have to do with Christmas, though. Likewise avocadoes and cactus, which are also in vogue for decorations this year.

ninathenana Wed 05-Dec-18 23:25:24

My friend is in her 50's and mad about unicorns. She has bedding, slippers, mug, bag and more.
Takes all sorts.

Galen Wed 05-Dec-18 23:46:07

Prefer unicorns to frozen

Chewbacca Thu 06-Dec-18 02:51:30

Let it go, let it go, let it go galen! grin

Bathsheba Thu 06-Dec-18 07:39:07

Exactly Galen. Anything is better than Frozen!

Iam64 Thu 06-Dec-18 07:42:20

Whats not to like about Unicorns? Lovely, mythical creatures that do no harm. We need more of them!

Anja Thu 06-Dec-18 07:56:24

Totally agree Iam64 🦄

Bathsheba Thu 06-Dec-18 09:32:41

I'm with you there too Iam. I love unicorns smile

labazs1964 Thu 06-Dec-18 09:48:29

frozen is very much gone now in my charity shop we get loads of stuff from it noone buys. ive always collected unicorns love them at the moment pineapples and unicorns seem to be in i think its a bit late to blame harry potter for unicorns! its just another marketing fab cleverly and subtly introduced to brainwash children to pester their parents!

Cazzab56 Thu 06-Dec-18 09:54:44

Llamas have taken over unicorns now

GildaT Thu 06-Dec-18 09:56:23

One of the Queen’s Beasts is the Unicorn and the emblem for Scotland. Cf Royal Mint

gillybob Thu 06-Dec-18 09:57:07

Unicorns I love them , unicorns I love them

Grampie Thu 06-Dec-18 09:57:14

Wishing to leave the EU with no adverse consequences is known as a “unicorn”.

But many say it’s a price worth paying and signify this sentiment by flaunting their unicorns.

trendygran Thu 06-Dec-18 10:03:53

My 11 year old granddaughter loves Llamas and they do seem to be very popular. Her older sister loves cacti! Not sure where that came from,but now surprised that quite a few items do feature cacti.

gillybob Thu 06-Dec-18 10:06:02

I love Cacti too trendygran and have several lovely ones dotted around the house . They have bit me a few times mind you . Prickly little critters they are !

lesley4357 Thu 06-Dec-18 10:30:06

Might be from the Despicable Me (Minions) films. The small girl in these films is obsessed with unicorns bs

gillybob Thu 06-Dec-18 10:32:45

I posted a link to little Agnes from Despicable Me up thread Lesley4357 my DD has it as her ringtone !

marionk Thu 06-Dec-18 10:35:36

Probably from the same place they got ninja turtles and irate birds! I am also baffled by festive llamas and half an avocado decorations for the tree - I think I must be getting old 😂😂

Molly10 Thu 06-Dec-18 10:41:05

Yes the Unicorn is the National Animal of Scotland.

As for the toys and gimmicks etc it is just another twist on commercialism to get folks to buy. The other one at present is the Pink Flamingo which is everywhere and causing a flurry of room changing and buying. brew

Kim19 Thu 06-Dec-18 10:41:32

Interesting. I was having this very conversation with a friend yesterday. We were applauding the 'skills' of marketing in that they gradually made unicorns desirable by including them surreptitiously in adverts. Don't know how it came about but hats off to the engineers if it was deliberate in gentle introduction brainwashing mode. Very clever and certainly succeeded methinks.

GreenGran78 Thu 06-Dec-18 10:50:00

My little granddaughter lives in Australia, and her daddy is Peruvian. The family have been delighted with the llama-themed clothes I have sent over for her. The craze hasn't appeared over there yet.
Most crazes are instigated by manufactures as a way of selling more 'stuff' through pester-power. How many Christmas jumpers have been sold this year, and who started THAT craze, I wonder?

nipsmum Thu 06-Dec-18 10:50:58

Unicorn is the national animal of Scotland. Haven't you all heard the saying " just be yourself and if you can't be yourself, be a unicorn. "". As happens it's a fad at the moment and will pass, don't worry about it.

Diggingdoris Thu 06-Dec-18 11:01:21

I wondered the same thing; unicorns only ever mentioned in childhood stories until now.
Also why have flamingos suddenly appeared on everything as well?

Kim19 Thu 06-Dec-18 11:05:07

Yes DD, I had forgotten about the flamingos. My GC still like them but now in background compared to unicorn and pokemon.

Tamayra Thu 06-Dec-18 11:24:23

Unicorns are real ! Just rare smile

frankie74 Thu 06-Dec-18 11:53:37

I thought you might all like this

frankie74 Thu 06-Dec-18 11:53:55

gillybob Thu 06-Dec-18 11:57:46

Oh I always broke my heart when I heard that song Frankie74 oh those silly unicorns 🦄

Bathsheba Thu 06-Dec-18 12:07:43

Haven't you all heard the saying " just be yourself and if you can't be yourself, be a unicorn
Haven't you read this thread and seen I posted a picture with this saying on? wink

Kim19 Thu 06-Dec-18 12:08:09

Frankie, that was a lovely ditty. Thank you for sharing. The tune sounded vaguely familiar so maybe I've known of it in the distant past but certainly didn't remember any words. Just good clean fun. Lovely.

goose1964 Thu 06-Dec-18 12:11:24

it's the same with gin for adults a rue years ago it was prosecco

Craftycat Thu 06-Dec-18 12:13:48

Before Unicorns it was Fairies. My DGDs keep me up to date with the new trends. TBH it is very useful to me as I make illuminated decorated Mason jars & sell them at Craft Fayres. My biggest seller at the moment is a fairy riding a unicorn!
Dinosaurs never go out of fashion though.

TerriBull Thu 06-Dec-18 12:55:53

My gd wanted a unicorn and as much unicorn related stuff that could be found for her 8th birthday. I hadn't heard of the obsession before then, now I realise it's everywhere. She does have unicorn pyjamas when she stays out ours. Children are fickle though, she has another birthday looming large after Christmas, so maybe she'll have moved on by then, I haven't bought her anything unicorn related for Christmas

starbox Thu 06-Dec-18 13:51:08

Had to make the granddaughter a pair- Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy!

sluttygran Thu 06-Dec-18 13:54:39

I heard that a little girl was taken to see Santa, and when he asked her what she would like for Christmas, she piped up:
“I would like a unicorn, please”.
“Well now” said Santa “Unicorns are almost impossible to find - is there something else you might like?”
The small girl thought for a moment, and said:
“I would like it if you could fix all the men in charge so that they don’t cause wars and so that people don’t go cold and hungry”.
“Oh ... OK” said Santa.
“What colour unicorn did you say you’d like? “

Anja Thu 06-Dec-18 14:26:48

Love that slutty

Jinty44 Thu 06-Dec-18 16:14:07

Cynical me thinks that the popularity of unicorns was a commercial decision.

Nobody has copyright on the use of unicorns (unless you are copying someone else's exact work), so manufacturers can plaster them all over t-shirts etc. without having to pay royalties to Disney, Pixar, JK Rowling et al. More profitable.

Kim19 Thu 06-Dec-18 16:52:22

J44, on the whole, I think I agree with your thought. However mine was more in admiration than cynicism on the grounds that 'you can take a horse to the water' etc so, in the end, a massive calculated gamble or knowing your consumers amazingly well?

Saralou18 Thu 06-Dec-18 16:54:23

My DIL is a teacher of 6 year old little girls. She was recently in trouble with the mother of one when she told her class unicorns were not real. She knows to be very careful about Father Christmas and the tooth fairy but unicorns?

Skweek1 Thu 06-Dec-18 17:23:16

As a tarot reader, the Unicorn is one of my favourite decks - full of enchanting mythological beasts!

grandtanteJE65 Thu 06-Dec-18 18:33:11

Remember the dinosaur craze? Never worked out where it came from or why they were so fascinating.

pensionpat Thu 06-Dec-18 18:39:09

The Unicorn song was recorded by The Bachelors. Lovely.

MissAdventure Thu 06-Dec-18 18:39:27

I can understand a fascination with creatures that were huge, fierce, and actually existed..
Even Narwhals (however you spell it)

harrigran Thu 06-Dec-18 18:54:42

Half of GD's T shirts and jumpers have unicorns on and also her note books, pencil cases and little keyring type soft toys.
Llamas abound everywhere, elder GD has them on her tops.
Anyone can have a cat, dog or pony so the exotic is just a bit more … well exotic I suppose.

chrissyh Thu 06-Dec-18 21:16:35

My DGD had a unicorn themed 5th birthday party. It's just the in-thing at the moment.

MagicWand Fri 07-Dec-18 00:52:31

I'm wondering if it is a sign of the more thoughtful time that we are supposedly living in post '#me too' as well as being a backlash against toys like Bratz dolls.

Traditionally in legends only virgins were able to touch, tame and play with unicorns and we keep being told we should be nurturing different attitudes within society's children now, with self respect and self awareness being encouraged in both genders.

If that's the case, I'd rather my granddaughters played with unicorns than dolls dressed like hookers!

Molli Fri 07-Dec-18 08:15:15

‘The meaning of The Unicorn is all about Opening up to Infinite Possibilities and that infinite possibilities surround you and are available to you at all times. Many times one cannot see that possibilities abound, or even exist. Unicorn gives us the "eyes to see" those possibilities, and "the wisdom" to take advantage of them.’

For young children and imparticular girls it seems it’s about believing in themselves, their self worth and developing resilience. I’m sure there’s times when we could all use a bit of ‘unicorn dust’.

Iam64 Fri 07-Dec-18 08:33:07

Well said Molli - be a Unicorn, why not?

MissAdventure Fri 07-Dec-18 08:35:57

Or a llama, which seems to be the next 'thing'.

Iam64 Fri 07-Dec-18 08:54:04

Or an Alpaca - fabulous creatures and just a bit less mythical. One of our local farms offers Llama walks as part of the planned birthday parties there

Peardrop50 Fri 07-Dec-18 11:26:19

A horse with a unique horn!

PhiPhisnana Sun 09-Dec-18 17:32:41

It’s unicorns now. It’ll be some other sort of animal/creature next. It’s fashion...trend...a quirk. These things don’t have to have an origin. Common sense surely.

Nandalot Sun 09-Dec-18 21:00:41

It’s official. DGD, 7, told me today she is over unicorns. She was already dressed in unicorn knickers, socks, leggings, though had a sequin penguin jumper. I asked her what she did like now. She wasn’t sure but tentatively mentioned cats.

lemongrove Sun 09-Dec-18 23:08:55

Soon the charity shops will be full of all things unicorn related.
Fads come and go, our young DGD told us that she ‘wanted either a unicorn or a hamster’......guess which one she will get? grin

Hilltopgran Mon 10-Dec-18 01:33:08

Unicorns are not new, my eldest DGD is 16 and her 2 year old cousin is currently playing with the fairy castle and Unicorns I bought 14 years ago. The appeal seems to be the link to ponies with DGD. We now have an impressive collection of Unicorns to which I added by buying a handmade craft one at a Christmas Fair this weekend, it is so pretty I could not resist!

mimiro Mon 10-Dec-18 02:18:48

unicorns and even fairies have been popular for a long time
the irish rovers unicorn song was recorded in 1967
one of the first tattoos i ever inked was a pink and purple unicorn with a fairy on its back,done on a large man by request of his 7 yr old daughter.1979

i have a 40 yr old pegasus flying across my back.
pink flamingos have always been loved in florida.there was even a hotel that took care of a flock of them.i don't know if they stilll do.

during the last big storm these 2 hung out down in the keys

starbox Mon 10-Dec-18 11:33:49$ja=tsid:59156|acid:444-797-0832|cid:598623310|agid:28645194565|tid:pla-487246346313|crid:96091055125|nw:g|rnd:12423634478317965258|dvc:c|adp:1o1|mt:|loc:1006490&gclid=Cj0KCQiAurjgBRCqARIsAD09sg9jnQKwyfo9td1fGxU35fVIKT5LEMOfeC4Yt5AIzlGLRnJGC0jPyrMaAgCMEALw_wcB My mother asked granddaughter to choose a Christmas present and she found this!!