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Cadbury's Roses Rant

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grannyrebel7 Sat 26-Dec-20 08:49:47

What's happened to the coffee creams? They were my favourites and they are no more! Also don't like the way the chocolates are all wrapped the same now albeit in different coloured wrappers. They used to be identifiable by their individual wrappers, especially the purple ones that everybody likes and the green triangles. Given they've now got the names printed on them so you don't have to refer to the little chart which I quite liked doing actually. Finally, I know they've been in a plastic tub for years, but I preferred the tin. Not going to buy them any more - too disappointing.

Juliet27 Sat 26-Dec-20 08:54:31

Nothing’s sacred is it?!!

NotSpaghetti Sat 26-Dec-20 09:01:24

I didn't buy them this year. Think they have been going downhill for years as they have been keeping to a very low price point.

lemsip Sat 26-Dec-20 09:02:05

I got Quality Street for Christmas, In a tin! I didn't think they did tins anymore! Buy the way, I did check the best by date and they are current! lol

sodapop Sat 26-Dec-20 09:04:37

Well I blame *** I haven't bought Roses for a long time but I used to love the coffee creams as well Grannyrebel when I was working all the people who didn't like coffee creams would bring them in for me.

NotAGran55 Sat 26-Dec-20 09:06:07

I think Roses were changed a couple of years ago ? I seem to remember reading something about it .

The Purple One and Green Triangle are Quality Street not Roses .

NotSpaghetti Sat 26-Dec-20 09:14:58

I think they are all trying to keep the price down. Quality Street may have a tin version but they have less of the more pricey chocolates and I expect the tin isn't nearly as strong as it used to be.

BlueBelle Sat 26-Dec-20 09:22:29

What a dreadful problem !!! Half the world starves and we worry about the colour and style of chocolates
Get it into prospective things change

BlueBelle Sat 26-Dec-20 09:23:28

Perspective blooming predictive text

grandMattie Sat 26-Dec-20 09:25:29

Quality Street is now Nestle's. Absolutly not buying them anymore.

Shinamae Sat 26-Dec-20 09:31:47

I haven’t bought tins of chocolate’s for a few years now as in my family most of the centres we don’t like so now just by bars of chocolate, also the price has gone up and the quantity has gone down 🤨

janeainsworth Sat 26-Dec-20 09:35:26

I can’t understand why anyone buys Cadbury’s Roses or Quality Street anyway.
My memories of when I did eat them in the past was that they were sickly sweet and disgusting.

Nanagem Sat 26-Dec-20 09:38:56

I bought a tin remembering the coffee cream, last few years had hero, haven’t open them yet, think I’ll stick to Pringles 😂

Bathsheba Sat 26-Dec-20 09:40:34


Quality Street is now Nestle's. Absolutly not buying them anymore.

But they've been owned by Nestle since 1988, it's not a new acquisition. Have you not bought Quality Street for the past 32 years then?

FannyCornforth Sat 26-Dec-20 09:48:04


What a dreadful problem !!! Half the world starves and we worry about the colour and style of chocolates
Get it into prospective things change

I'm sure that the op has her tongue at least partially in her cheek, that is if said cheek isn't stuffed full of substandard confectionery.

(It's actually a beautifully written piece of persuasive writing aswell.
You carry on grannyrebel - I can see where you got your username!)

Don't think that you can get any comfort from a tin of Quality Street.
It's got utterly atrocious reviews on the Ocado website. QS are full of palm oil now and taste absolutely revolting apparently.

lemsip have you opened your tin of Quality Street yet? We need you to take one for the team, as it were tchsmile

MiniMoon Sat 26-Dec-20 09:51:37

The Roses selection is not a patch on what it was growing up. The Kraft takeover is a disaster. The taste and texture of the chocolates is different. I too loved the coffee creams.

lemsip Sat 26-Dec-20 10:05:50

No I'm passing it on to my Grandchildren! I live alone and don't need a tin of sweets but, you ca't choose what someone buys you now can you!
Used to love Ferrero Rocher chocs but can't do the nuts now, having had a tooth extracted recently! How do you tell friends ' Nooooo! I don't like those anymore, before they buy them of course! lol.

FannyCornforth Sat 26-Dec-20 10:14:32

lemsip have you tried Lindt Lindor?
They're gorgeous. A bit like Ferrero but without the coating and the nuts, and even nicer. Sooo melty...
And I'm not even a fan of chocolate!

geekesse Sat 26-Dec-20 11:11:55

It’s a good idea to read the name on the tin. You won’t find purple ones and green triangle Quality Street sweets in a Cadbury’s Roses tin.

This year my son and DiL bought me a QS tin (yes, tin, not plastic tub) with only my favourites in it from John Lewis online. As a once a year treat, it is glorious, because for me, for various reasons, QS is THE taste of Christmas.

Boz Sat 26-Dec-20 11:49:22

I couldn't get over the weenie tin! DH working through them as I find them too sweet. Prefer sweeties to chocolate, so don't listen to me.

Chewbacca Sat 26-Dec-20 11:54:21

Nestles chocolate is grim. I'd rather do without than eat it.

25Avalon Sat 26-Dec-20 11:59:03

You should have been at ours when I was a child. My mother cleaned for a lady whose family ate masses of chocolates over Christmas but didn’t like the coffee ones so mum used to come home with a box full of different makes of coffee flavoured chocs which us kids didn’t really like.

Hetty58 Sat 26-Dec-20 12:02:47

We used to get a large tin when the house was full at Christmas. Now, I'd rather do without.

I have little self control when it comes to chocolate. I can end up sitting with a bowl, feeling really sick - but never learn!

grannyrebel7 Sat 26-Dec-20 12:02:48

Of course this post was meant to be funny and I'm fully aware of half the world starving BlueBell. Thanks for your support Fanny smile

Casdon Sat 26-Dec-20 12:56:11

To be fair NotSpaghetti, the Quality Street tin is not inferior quality, it’s really nice - the chocolates aren’t what they were, but if you’re looking for a nice tin!