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Christmas Tree- real or fake?

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Grandmabatty Sun 28-Nov-21 17:31:32

I saw this on Mumsnet and wondered what grans thought. I always had a real tree, ceremoniously bought by my dad, bless him. My ex would make a meal of putting it up and be very unpleasant about it. My son took over and would help me put it up. I swore by a real tree. Then one Christmas a few years back I was very skint. I told the kids I wasn't going to bother with a tree but they weren't fooled. They combined their money and bought me a lovely fake one. I was so touched. The benefit is, I can put it up single handed now I live alone. I don't think I'll ever go back to a real tree. Which do you have and why?

kittylester Sun 28-Nov-21 17:41:54

Real for years then be bought an expensive on in JL sale after Christmas one year but it was a real faff to unfold the small twigs. So,now we rent one that comes in a pot and is collected after Christmas. We can choose to have the same one each year if we wish to and it costs around the same and a real tree.

Grandmabatty Sun 28-Nov-21 17:43:53

Renting a real one sounds like a great compromise Kittylester! I don't think that's an option where I am.

MaizieD Sun 28-Nov-21 17:44:55

I remember this exact same thread from this time last year.


kittylester Sun 28-Nov-21 17:49:11


Renting a real one sounds like a great compromise Kittylester! I don't think that's an option where I am.

Google it - there might be.

LindaPat Sun 28-Nov-21 17:52:27

We have a real tree in the front room, and an artificial one in the porch.

I love the smell and look of our real tree. Yes, they are expensive, but we budget for it, and it is a big treat! ( In fact we got ours today, and it is looking lovely. Not decorated yet, I usually choose a day with nothing else happening , so I can take my time. )

We changed the porch tree to an artificial one about 3 years ago. Because it is in a full length corner window spot, it is visible from 2 sides outside, and obviously from inside. I used to nearly split myself in two, hanging decorations on the window sides, then nipping out to see if it looked ok. It took hours, was usually raining, and I never felt it was quite "right".

So we bought a lifelike artificial one, which turns round on it's stand. I can dress the part which will go by the windows, then swivel it round to do the front. Much easier , quicker, and not much different when the decorations and lights are on.

Having said that - I wouldn't swap my real tree!

Take care xx

Forsythia Sun 28-Nov-21 17:53:02

Always had a tall real one, made a day out of it with the kids to choose it. However, DH used to moan about the needles afterwards so we have succumbed to a real looking fake. Easy to put up. My only regret is that it’s not a prelit one.

Georgesgran Sun 28-Nov-21 18:11:56

I don’t want to derail the thread - but one year when DD2 was in hospital, we left getting a real tree a bit late and all we could get was an enormous one, which DH said he’d trim to fit.
You might think that would mean sawing the bottom off??
Of course not - DH sawed the top off, so we had a round tree that year! Still have the photograph I took.

Grandmabatty Sun 28-Nov-21 18:17:31

Georgesgran that made me laugh! It's the sort of thing my lovely dad would do. He was not handy. 😂

Grandmabatty Sun 28-Nov-21 18:18:53

Forsythia the one I have is prelit but they've stopped working so I add lights now.

Sardinia2020 Sun 28-Nov-21 18:28:27

We have a real one and an artificial one. Used to get the real one from a local grower where you wander round their farm and pick which one you want them to chop down. Was always great fun.

Forsythia Sun 28-Nov-21 18:40:08


Forsythia the one I have is prelit but they've stopped working so I add lights now.

Yes that’s what we do. It looks good, we are pleased with it. 3rd year this year of having it. It has cones and berries on it so it does look realistic. Good old Homebase!

rafichagran Sun 28-Nov-21 18:41:14

I have a real one never had a fake. IKEA do a tree for £29. 00 and you get a£20.00 voucher to spend on given dates between Jan-Feb.
I love my real tree and and will ask my 8 year old Grandson if he would like to help me choose it.

TillyTrotter Sun 28-Nov-21 18:48:26

A realistic-looking artificial 6ft. one that I can put up by myself. It isn’t pre-lit.
It’s up already Grandmabatty 😁

grannysyb Sun 28-Nov-21 18:56:15

Always real, I never put it up early, it always went up for DDs birthday on the 19th.

Jane71 Sun 28-Nov-21 19:04:03

We usualy have a real one, bringing it in from the garden each Christmas, and hope its hasn't grown too much! This year it looks to be near 6 ft, so we may have to leave it in the ground and buy another small one.

Forsythia Sun 28-Nov-21 19:12:22

That looks pretty!

Jaxjacky Sun 28-Nov-21 19:13:23

We have a real one, due for delivery on the 10th this year, GC’s will help decorate on the 11th. Real ones always as a child, so, for me it’s tradition.

grannyactivist Sun 28-Nov-21 19:19:32

A real tree here.

My husband is very good at choosing which tree to cut down that will look just right and not be too big or too small.

He’s a bit of an expert with🌲🌳s. tchwink

PamelaJ1 Sun 28-Nov-21 19:52:52

Justin case anyone is considering the carbon footprint of their tree.

The Carbon Trust says that a real 6ft5in tree generates 5kg of CO2. A fake tree the same size scores 40Kg but if you keep it for 10 years it drops to 4KG/year.
It doesn’t mention growing trees that come in and out every year.

TillyTrotter Sun 28-Nov-21 20:34:45

Thanks Forsythia.

Grandmabatty Sun 28-Nov-21 20:46:35

Tilly that's a lovely tree and puts me in the Christmas mood. Thank you for the info Pamela.

Coastpath Sun 28-Nov-21 20:50:16

I have a little fake tree in my kitchen. It's ancient and barely looks like a tree - more like tinsel stuck on a coat hanger. For my main 'tree' I always do something like this with twigs which I gather in the woods and burn on a bonfire in the garden afterwards.

Grandmabatty Sun 28-Nov-21 20:53:53

That's really pretty Coastpath.

Whitewavemark2 Mon 29-Nov-21 06:45:41


It is due to be delivered on the 17th, but I’ve had an email to ask whether I could be a bit flexible because they are so inundated with orders. People must be determined to celebrate after last year I think.

Last year I had a living one which just now is in a pot in the front garden. I shall put lights in later in December, or maybe even next week!