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Christmas lunch booking

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multicolourswapshop Wed 05-Oct-22 22:41:48

Hi, those who wish to come to Kirkcaldy in Fife for a Christmas lunch please contact me and I’ll arrange a time place and date. An early booking should guarantee a group booking I’ve looked at the menu on fife college campus their reviews are five star and naturally it will have wheelchair access. I’ve requested a Christmas lunch menu and will send on at your leisure. It’s going to be fun and games meeting up for the first time in a long while.

Esspee Wed 05-Oct-22 23:27:27

What a lovely idea multicolourswapshop. I hope there are members who will be able to take advantage of your offer.

FannyCornforth Thu 06-Oct-22 03:20:05

Just wanted to say hello mcss! ?
Haven’t seen your name for quite a while smile

greenmossgiel Thu 06-Oct-22 07:00:03

I’d be up for that, multi, as would Ina, our pal. Great idea!

multicolourswapshop Thu 06-Oct-22 07:34:12

Morning Fanny I’ve not been on the forum for a long while lots going on here at the moment but alls going in the right direction hope your you’re okay and surviving the worlds trauma

multicolourswapshop Thu 06-Oct-22 07:35:48

Great Multi it’s gonna be a blast

multicolourswapshop Thu 06-Oct-22 09:52:05

Sorry, ladies who are interested in the Christmas lunch I’ve been given the 14th December their bookings are near filled up. I’ve only provisionally booked numbers so it’ll be first come.

multicolourswapshop Thu 06-Oct-22 12:38:54

Thank you to the few encouraging folks who have supported supported me in booking a Christmas lunch there’s always gonna be one spoilsport wanting to keep it to the chosen few it’s no wonder I came off the forum I can’t stand those who think they know it all and want to exclude others

Aveline Thu 06-Oct-22 12:47:37


Urmstongran Thu 06-Oct-22 12:51:54

Hello there mcss ? it’s so nice to see you posting again! I’m glad things are turning around for you.

All the best sorting your Christmas lunch on the 14th. I must have missed something because all I see on your thread is positivity!

FannyCornforth Thu 06-Oct-22 12:59:46

I assume that mcss received a disgruntled pm.
So annoying thanks
Keep on keeping on!

multicolourswapshop Thu 06-Oct-22 13:00:25

Sorry folks I’m no longer interested in booking a Christmas lunch just for the chosen few please refrain from putting your name forward I’m leaving gransnet once and for all I don’t like the politics it’s been a pleasure having gained a few friends who have supported me during my stroke journey

FannyCornforth Thu 06-Oct-22 13:07:47

I’m speechless. What a shame sad

Esspee Thu 06-Oct-22 13:48:43

What happened? Has someone sent you a private message? Please let us know as there is far too much bullying going on these days on Gransnet.

LovelyCuppa Thu 06-Oct-22 13:56:52

Well that turned quickly! I hope you are ok.

multicolourswapshop Thu 06-Oct-22 14:01:06

Not bad a Christmas lunch for £14,50

Puree of Parsnip Soup with Parsnip Bhajis(V)
Smoked Trout and Potato Salad, Lemon Mayonnaise
Chicken Liver Pate with Spiced Fruit Chutney

Roast Turkey with Stuffing, Pigs In Blankets (Served with Dauphinoise Potato, Roast Carrots and Brussels Sprouts)
Glazed Ham, Red Cabbage, Mustard Cream Sauce (Served with Dauphinoise Potato, Roast Carrots and Brussels Sprouts)
Mushroom Roulade, Tomato Sauce, Roquette Salad(V)

Sticky Toffee Pudding, Butterscotch Sauce, Vanilla Ice Cream
Honey Parfait, Pickled Plums, Shortbread


ixion Thu 06-Oct-22 14:09:21

Well, I'd certainly sign up if I lived anywhere remotely close.
I never feel left out at hearing about Gransnet meet-ups and am always delighted for opportunities which arise for others.

Please don't go?

Urmstongran Thu 06-Oct-22 14:20:55

Aw mcss please don’t leave! I’d come to your lunch if I lived nearer. Those who fancy it will sign up. You might be pleasantly surprised yet! I think it’s lovely that you’re up for organising it.

Esspee Thu 06-Oct-22 14:27:22

That lunch sounds amazing for £14.50.
If I wasn't so far away I'd be keen to come.
Ignore anyone being negative. It's a great idea.

Norah Thu 06-Oct-22 15:00:39

Awesome menu.

Please disregard the spoilsport.

Norah Thu 06-Oct-22 15:04:09

Lovely idea.

For me it's 400 miles, I would if I could, but sadly I can't.

Blossoming Thu 06-Oct-22 15:20:06

It sounds lovely multicolourswapshop I too would love to come if I lived near enough.

I hope you don’t feel you must leave. I have received much kindness and support on here during my frequent health issues flowers

Mapleleaf Thu 06-Oct-22 15:29:21

I can’t imagine why anyone would want to post something negative about your idea mcss, whether openly or via a pm, and I’m so sorry it’s happened.
It seems as though there are many who would love it to go ahead so take heart from that and try to ignore the unpleasant bessum who has tried to scupper it, (and succeeded if you don’t go ahead), and go do it anyway. It’s a lovely idea, sadly I live too far away to join you.

Kalu Thu 06-Oct-22 15:29:57

Good grief. What’s happening on GN when a poster attempts to arrange a friendly get to get her for lunch, another poster sends the OP a PM, so upsetting that the OP no longer wants to stay on GN!

Appalling behaviour by whoever the coward sending the PM is.

Joseanne Thu 06-Oct-22 16:05:37

That menu looks really comprehensive and good value for money multicolourswapshop. I'm guessing it's a catering college? It's so important for students to learn the skills of food preparation, cooking, and artistic presentation. We have a catering school in the road next to our apartment in France and the meals there are always fantastic, and such attentive service too. Good on the college and the students.
Sorry I can't come as I am 500 miles away. Why would another member want to scupper the joyful occasion? Are they jealous they didn't think of it first?