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Christmas songs

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Sheila4483 Thu 30-Nov-23 12:13:01

While I love Christmas and having my family around my table for Christmas Dinner I have to say I am thoroughly fed up of the same Christmas hits being rolled out every year. Could some of our up and coming pop stars not come up with some new songs for the festive season?

Grannynannywanny Thu 30-Nov-23 12:26:57

When I hear Cliff Richard starting to warble Mistletoe and Wine I have to reach for the radio off button. I feel sorry for shop staff at this time of year who have to listen to the usual selection all day every day.

Judy54 Thu 30-Nov-23 14:33:50

It must be a form of torture for shop staff at this time of Year!

Norah Thu 30-Nov-23 14:34:01

We've dog hair everywhere, hoover daily. December I rock out hoovering -- Mariah Carey 'All I want for Christmas'. She makes 3million annually from that song, why change, it works for her.🎄

keepcalmandcavachon Thu 30-Nov-23 21:02:47

Same here Norah, a few hits tunes really jolly the housework along at this time of yeargrin

Harris27 Thu 30-Nov-23 21:05:07

I quite like them as I listen to Chris rea and slide both have happy memories for me.

Harris27 Thu 30-Nov-23 21:05:51

Whoops slade!

Serendipity22 Thu 30-Nov-23 21:38:37

I love Christmas songs and carols... the old ( and only 1s ) 1s i can sing along to, they take me back in time ..... live them all. 🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵

Mogsmaw Thu 30-Nov-23 21:45:27

The store I work in sells a bag with “driving home for Christmas” on. It always gives me an earworm.

polomint Thu 30-Nov-23 23:29:46

I do like the Christmas songs while doing the housework. I don't mind hearing them in the shops as long as they are not blaring out. Some songs I just don't like but I've got my favourites on spotify

M0nica Fri 01-Dec-23 16:46:38

There are new Christmas songs every year, but unless listeners like them, download them, buy them amd play them they might as well not be written,
So, Sheila, listen to all this years Christmas songs and buy the ones you like, then ask all your frineds to listen and buy as well.

yggdrasil Fri 01-Dec-23 17:17:23

In my family, Christmas can't start until you have heard the Pogues Fairytale of New York
RIP Shane MacGowan

AskAlice Fri 01-Dec-23 18:37:05

Our annual ritual is putting up the Christmas tree on the first Saturday in December to Phil Spector's Christmas Album. Nothing else will do!!

Funny true story...when my oldest DD was in reception class, they were practicing singing Frosty the Snowman for the Christmas concert. The teacher came out at the end of the day with the class and told me that DD had already known all the words but was singing the Phil Spector version, all jazzed up in the style of the Ronettes - the teachers were in hysterics!!

Lomo123 Fri 01-Dec-23 19:53:08

OH works in Sainsburys, he dreads 1st December because the Christmas tape goes on repeat. Same song sung by various artists. He says if he hears Dominic the Christmas donkey again he won't be responsible for his actions!!.

JackyB Fri 01-Dec-23 19:59:04

There is usually a Christmas song competition on Radio 3. I'll see if there's one this year and post a link.

JackyB Fri 01-Dec-23 20:04:17

Here are the songs. Not sure if the link will work if you don't have the BB sounds app.

Margs Sat 02-Dec-23 14:35:53

Jingle bells - I hate 'em! Every "Christmas" song is overdosed with jingly bells. And every crappy tune liberally laced with trite and sugary lyrics that probably wouldn't get airplay the rest of the year is suddenly creeping up the charts (and into every supermarket) because someone had the bright idea of adding Jingle Bells.

Ye gods!

(But would Jingle Bells work on a Leonard Cohen song?)