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I’ve just decorated a plain fresh wreath and hung it on the front door, and…

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Witzend Mon 04-Dec-23 09:27:12

…I can absolutely guarantee that dh won’t notice it, or if he does, won’t make any comment. He’s not a miserable old git, far from it, he just doesn’t notice things, or doesn’t register them.

It’ll be the same (again) with the arrangement I make every year - greenery from the garden and a candle, in a copper bowl on the hall table opposite the front door, where you can’t possibly miss it.
(Haven’t done that yet, I need to polish the bowl first)

Anyone else’s dh the same?

GrandmaSeaDragon Mon 04-Dec-23 09:34:14

Exactly the same here witzend!

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 04-Dec-23 09:35:09


Grannybags Mon 04-Dec-23 09:36:59

Oh yes exactly the same here!

maddyone Mon 04-Dec-23 09:40:28

No, mine not only notices but would take over if I let him is actively involved in Christmas preparations.

Shelflife Mon 04-Dec-23 10:11:10

Sounds familiar!!

Redhead56 Mon 04-Dec-23 10:20:19

My DH just embraces what I do decoration wise different upbringing religion etc. He is happy to go along with what I want so it pleases the GC and me the biggest kid of all!

paddyann54 Mon 04-Dec-23 12:30:25

I'm avoiding Christmas for now ,my OH on the other hand was out yesterday hanging thousands of lights on the front of the house and draped over trees and bushes .
When he'd finished he went into the attic and brought down loads of Christmas stuff .Though he swears he left a lot up there .We now have lights and decorations including a tree in the living room ,but in almost every window and most surfaces throughout the house.Including the kitchen and bathrooms.
He has actually made a very good job of it ,its the first time he's done it in 49 Christmases .

AreWeThereYet Mon 04-Dec-23 13:28:29

Well MrA would notice eventually - possibly about the same time as we were taking the decorations down 😁 He would comment when he saw it, though. I once changed all the pictures around in the house and it was 6 months before he noticed his favourite picture had moved.

LauraNorderr Mon 04-Dec-23 13:31:08

Orlin is the same, just as well he’s not a fruit machine the time it takes for the penny to drop.

JackyB Mon 04-Dec-23 14:25:11

I roped mine in as I made a rather ambitious door-hanging. I always make one with fairy lights and the cable goes over the top of the door and the switch is on the inside. He is the one who usually switches it off on his way up to bed.

He has never not noticed it. But there are other things he doesn't notice, so I do sympathise.

JackyB Mon 04-Dec-23 14:30:49

Here's my Advent decoration. I found the plate in the box and thought I'd use it for a centrepiece. As I've said before, I'm totally cack- handed so it doesn't bear looking at too closely.

My Advent wreath for the dining room table is slightly better.

JackyB Mon 04-Dec-23 14:37:58

Whoops, photos not uploaded.

Norah Mon 04-Dec-23 14:47:07


My husband is, by occupation and personality, very observant. He's quick to notice and comment anything different to normal.

Norah Mon 04-Dec-23 14:50:38


Whoops, photos not uploaded.

Lovely table wreath.

ginny Mon 04-Dec-23 17:46:34

Yes, takes ages for my DH to notice any changes in and around the house or garden.
If I buy something new to wear he will say onabout the 3rd or 4th time of wearing ‘Oh, is that new ?’
Please before anyone says that I’m luck y still have him, I know. I’m just stating a fact.

Redhead56 Mon 04-Dec-23 18:42:29

JackyB I think that they are very nice and natural.

Witzend Mon 04-Dec-23 18:42:58


Whoops, photos not uploaded.

That’s lovely, Norah!

Dh has been in and out at least twice so far today, and not a word.
He’s due in again very soon, after a lunch with ex colleagues, so we’ll see, but I’m not holding my breath.

There’s also a new little 🎄 outside the front door, but not lit up or decorated yet - that’s for tomorrow. I bet he won’t notice that either! It’s not as if it’s too dark - a light comes on automatically as you approach the front door.

However I can absolutely guarantee that he’ll notice the wire rack of cooling mince pies I’ve just been making! 😂

Marthjolly1 Mon 04-Dec-23 18:56:50

Oh show me a man who ever notices anything. I've never met one yet..........

B9exchange Mon 04-Dec-23 19:04:22

PaddyAnn54 please can I borrow your OH? mine sees the outside lights as his reluctant responsibility, but inside, everything down to me. I am trying to get him involved a little bit more, he did actually make sausage rolls for the freezer yesterday, and has signed a handful of cards, but that is as far as it has gone,

winterwhite Mon 04-Dec-23 19:15:48

He’ll notice all right. Comments will be either a vague That’s nice. Or more probably Do we have to.

Bella23 Mon 04-Dec-23 20:01:26

Mine would notice and make a few comments on how it could be improved in his view so I take them down and leave it to him. He eventually panics and asks for help.

HettyBetty Mon 04-Dec-23 21:42:06

My DH is amazing and lovely in so many ways. However, observation is not his strongest point.

Three inches cut off my hair? Never noticed.

New dress or top? Wouldn't have a clue.

Decorations or other changes to the house? Not a chance of being seen unless I actively show him.

My friend's DH is very observant and says positive things, not all men are the same.

Enid101 Mon 04-Dec-23 22:15:19

Well I walked into the house earlier and my DH said “they’ve done a lovely job with your hair”. I gently reminded him that I’d been to the opticians not the hairdressers, but still appreciated the comment. grin

CanadianGran Tue 05-Dec-23 02:24:58

Enid, that made me laugh! He's trying grin

My DH has actually put up all the Christmas decorations, and they look really nice. He's retired and I still work, so came home last week to a few more things up daily. He did mix up a shepherd with a wise man in the nativity scene though! Love him to bits...