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Nutcrackers,snowmen, santas etc

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polomint Mon 11-Dec-23 12:54:10

Over the last few years I've noticed more and more nutcracker xmas soldiers appear in the shops. I've began to really like them and was given a medium sized one last year which I love. I still decorate my home with santas, robins and snowmen etc but added a few nutcrackers this year. What about other grandnetters. Do you decorate your home with Xmas ornaments? Do you like nutcrackers ? I must admit I'm not too keen on the elves

BigBertha1 Mon 11-Dec-23 15:20:41

Yes I do all versions of Santas appear here in December and this year I have added a purple gonk with a sparkly hat.

Norah Mon 11-Dec-23 15:37:55

polomint Do you like nutcrackers?


We collect nutcrackers on ski trips, lovely mementos.

Bella23 Mon 11-Dec-23 15:45:53

I have Nutcrackers DD brought from a German Christmas market, they go in the nut bowl every year she bought that as well the bowl has a china robin in the middle.
I also gave in and bought the M&S Nut Cracker King Advent calendar.
I might just buy myself one Christmas present a box of the Nutcracker Biscuits, I've dropped hints for years but Santas hears have been blocked.hmm

AreWeThereYet Mon 11-Dec-23 15:53:52

We don't have any but my mother has had an army of them for years.

Granny23 Mon 11-Dec-23 16:09:19

I am renowned for my love of penguins, so I have many, given as gifts over the years. I don't know the collective noun for penguins but all of them appear at Christmas on my cotton wool covered indoor window sills, with a mirror whereon sit the smallest ones and a few battery candles to light up the scene.

Freya5 Mon 11-Dec-23 16:14:00

Most definitely, I love Nutcrackers, and when I visit family, which is were it started for me, I bring one home, either for the tree or mantel. Love the story too.

Frenchgalinspain Wed 13-Dec-23 13:26:24

This is my younger un-identical twin daughter´s French Bull in front of fireplace.

We love reindeer ! This is our large salon .. Madrid Capital.

polomint Wed 13-Dec-23 16:47:16


Witzend Sat 16-Dec-23 10:16:38

I have two ‘garlands’ of robins (Victorian scrap type) on strings - bought ages ago from Past Times - they come out every year. I love my robins!

Oreo Sat 16-Dec-23 10:26:11

I’ve noticed the nutcracker soldiers in all sizes in the garden centre this year, seems a popular theme, also the large rats in hats!

Deedaa Tue 19-Dec-23 23:52:05

I bought rather a nice nutcracker in Aldi this year. He's about 10" tall and doubles as an advent calendar. My regular little heirloom set is a group of three bisque china elves, about 2,75" tall in scarlet suits. They are part of a band and are all playing instruments. I've known them all my life and I've recently found out that they are German and probably date from the early 1900s. It seems they may have been used as cake decorations. The complete set has five elves and I've seen them on eBay for up to £160! Mine aren't going anywhere.

ginny Wed 20-Dec-23 08:32:11

Here is the nutcracker I made. Now commandeered by DGSs and hanging in their lounge door.

polomint Wed 20-Dec-23 09:47:35

Your nutcracker is so nice ginny