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Win a hamper worth over £100 and a copy of Hey Grandude! *Now Closed*

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NatashaGransnet (GNHQ) Fri 04-Oct-19 16:43:23

We've teamed up with Puffin Books to celebrate National Grandparents Day and the release of Hey Grandude!, the first children's book written by Paul McCartney and illustrated by Kathryn Durst. One lucky gransnetter will win a copy of the book and a luxury Fortnum & Mason hamper valued at over £100.

More details on the prize can be found HERE and T&Cs HERE. We will pick a winner after 11am on 4th November.

To enter simply tell us... If you could take your grandchildren anywhere in the world, where would it be?

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Pittcity Fri 04-Oct-19 18:42:54

I would take my grandsons to Zoolandia in Wellington, New Zealand at dusk to hunt for the elusive Kiwi.
They are convinced that I invented them ..."a Kiwi is a fruit not a bird, Grandma!"

MamaCaz Fri 04-Oct-19 18:57:11

I would stay in this country with my grandchildren, and take than to the part of Yorkshire where I grew up. I would introduce them to the simple pleasures that both I and my own children experienced there: hunting for fossils in a nearby stream that runs down from the moors; building dams and bathing in that same stream on a hot summer's day; picking blueberries in the same valley then making them into a pie and eating it; camping in a nearby wood and preparing food over a campfire, and generally enjoying the freedom offered by this still (mostly) unspoilt area

Greenfinch Fri 04-Oct-19 19:04:39

I would take them to Australia where I spent some of my childhood and introduce them to their Australian relatives.

Auntieflo Fri 04-Oct-19 19:26:30

To Wales, where we had some wonderful holidays with our children. Into the places where we were the only ones around, and have a go at looking for gold in the streams.

lemongrove Fri 04-Oct-19 20:24:29

I would take them to the Scottish highlands and islands.Too far for me to take them now, but we used to take our own children there for memorable Summer holidays.Wide beaches with almost nobody on them, and boat journeys to watch the seals.We would rent an old cottage for three weeks, and the freedom the children had was priceless.They collected big stones and shells and we all had a wonderful time for hardly any cost at all.
Getting close to nature in a peaceful surrounding is the best thing you can do for children.We still have bits of pressed heather in books from those days.

KatyK Fri 04-Oct-19 22:58:35

Our granddaughter is 19 now but has always loved animals. I would take her to Kenya on a safari to see all those wonderful creatures in their natural habitat.

Daisymae Sat 05-Oct-19 09:34:52

I would take them to the Galapagos Islands. I think that the diversity of wildlife would help to instill in them the need to care about the animal kingdom.

Grannyknot Sat 05-Oct-19 09:37:25

I would introduce my young grandson to his South African heritage and other parts of Africa and take him to see the animals that he reads about in his books, in their natural environment.

obag Sat 05-Oct-19 10:16:11

I would take them to Ireland the home of their ancestors.

Corkie91 Sat 05-Oct-19 10:40:39

I would take them to South Wales to the Gower coast which is where I grew up and so Beautiful followed by a visit to St Fagans museum and then to see A rugby match either Llannelli play or a Wales

libra10 Sat 05-Oct-19 10:48:36

I would take them to Snowdonia to see and experience the beautiful North Wales valleys and lakes. We would take the tram up Mount Snowdon, and also up the Great Orme.

We would also ride on some of the steam railways in the area, steaming through spectacular scenery, they are so carefully preserved.

It would show them that there are so many unique and wonderful things to experience within the UK, they wouldn't need to go abroad for their holidays.

Nannan2 Sat 05-Oct-19 10:55:14

I'd take all 8 (plus my two youngest sons,20&16) of them to Reykjavik,Iceland,to experience the beautiful natural phenomena of the northern lights- we have not seen this yet,but its on our 'to do' list,it would be wonderful to share it with my grandchildren too,to make a lasting memory that would be with them long after im gone.." remember when we went there with gran" would be precious for us all- i try take some of them (individually mostly) when i go on holidays,never abroad before,but this year my teenage grandson is coming to venice with us in half term so looking forward greatly to that.

charleshorsforth Sat 05-Oct-19 10:56:13

i would take them to edinburgh,there is so much going on there,i am sure they would have a brilliant time

Nannan2 Sat 05-Oct-19 10:58:36

I think though that its not always where you go,but whom you share it with that's the main thing.I love to make memories with my children and grandchildren as we did with my mum when my older kids were little.

Lacy123 Sat 05-Oct-19 11:16:45

I would take them to The Efteling Fairytale Park in the Netherlands. It looks amazing.

Hotash Sat 05-Oct-19 11:20:49

My first Grandchild is due October 13th! So any day now I cant wait to just take her in my arms grin

Carolyn99 Sat 05-Oct-19 11:32:27

I would taken them to The Maldives.

1. The calm waters and abundant sea life would be an incredible experience for them
2. The safe beaches and shallow waters would be a wonderful place to paddle and learn to swim.
3. Global warming may mean The Maldives may disappear during their lifetime, so it may well mean this is truly a once in a lifetime experience for them.

Jellaway Sat 05-Oct-19 12:00:25

I would take them to the beautiful New Zealand to show them the backdrop for Lord of the Rings.

rocketstop Sat 05-Oct-19 12:36:53

I would take my Grandchildren back to the time of my childhood, before there were electronic games and computers etc. I would show them the joy of finding wild flowers or looking for pixies in the wood.I would let them play out until dusk , making their own dens and picnicing on sandwiches.
Then I would take them on a magical 'Ride' to see Santa at our local department store, and I would give them a packet of crisps as a treat, that they could only have in ONE flavour..plain cos the others haven't been invented yet !
I would love to introduce them to My Dad , long gone, and my Grandparents.It would be a magical adventure for them and me !

Maggiemaybe Sat 05-Oct-19 13:38:09

I like your answer, rocketstop. smile I'd like to take my lot back in time too.

In the here and now, I'd take them on one of the special Lapland day trips at Christmas. Snowmobiling, going on a sleigh ride and into an igloo, and of course, meeting Santa and his reindeer. I reckon that next year would be ideal for this - the two eldest will still, I hope, believe and the youngest will know what's going on. Better start saving up. grin

Tiberius Sat 05-Oct-19 14:50:48

The Spanish Riding School, Hofburg Palace, Vienna to see Lipizzaner Stallions.

devonnanny Sat 05-Oct-19 14:58:47

I would take them back to Centre Parcs where their whole family enjoyed their favourite holiday.

cookiemonster66 Sat 05-Oct-19 15:00:38

I would take them to Disneyland, as they Mickey Mad at the moment and would love it!

granh1 Sat 05-Oct-19 15:07:57

I would take them for a family weekend in London, with their aunts, uncles and cousins. They would love to visit the museums and have time with their cousins, who they do not see too often because of distance.