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Big Christmas Giveaway - don't miss out

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NatashaGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 30-Nov-20 09:56:20

We've got some amazing prizes lined up for our Big Christmas Giveaway and it's all kicking off tomorrow. tchgrin

Every morning we'll reveal our new competition here (it'll also be in our newsletter - get that here).

Each competition will run for one day only, so check back here from tomorrow morning to make sure you don't miss out. Good luck everyone! flowers

TonysBride Mon 30-Nov-20 10:42:35

Oooooooh can't wait

Mapleleaf Mon 30-Nov-20 10:51:52

Thank you.

Gresleylav28 Mon 30-Nov-20 11:02:10

Ooh, that'll be a nice treat! πŸ‘

Nannyfrance Mon 30-Nov-20 11:04:22

Some good news at last. πŸ‘

helgawills Mon 30-Nov-20 11:12:44

Lovely, thank you

QuaintIrene Mon 30-Nov-20 11:15:00

Ooh lovely 😊

grandMattie Mon 30-Nov-20 11:17:34

Sounds exciting!

TrendyNannie6 Mon 30-Nov-20 11:22:18

Oooh that sounds just great, will certainly be looking out for these, I’ve never been lucky enough to win anything, Thankyou for doing this.

Aepgirl Mon 30-Nov-20 11:25:04

It would be fantastic to win something - never been lucky so far. Good luck everybody.

inishowen Mon 30-Nov-20 11:30:00

Can't wait. Just the boost we need x

11unicorn Mon 30-Nov-20 11:34:31

oh that is exciting - shame not everyone can get lucky

ginny Mon 30-Nov-20 11:36:16


Fizog Mon 30-Nov-20 12:09:13


downtoearth Mon 30-Nov-20 12:16:51


Curlyhil Mon 30-Nov-20 12:21:59

Can’t wait 😜

Chino Mon 30-Nov-20 12:22:05

What a lovely idea

lexigran Mon 30-Nov-20 12:24:30

Good Luck everyone tchsmile

Nansparkle25 Mon 30-Nov-20 12:33:50

Oh love Competitions πŸŽ…

Teamug Mon 30-Nov-20 12:34:06

There is something too look forward too (smile).

sodapop Mon 30-Nov-20 12:38:58

Is this for UK only ?

Craftycat Mon 30-Nov-20 13:24:03

What a great idea- can't wait!!

Secondwind Mon 30-Nov-20 13:30:03

Lovely. Thank you for giving us something to look forward to!

monk08 Mon 30-Nov-20 13:36:47

Lovely will look forward to ittchsmile

Cuckooz Mon 30-Nov-20 14:04:07

Fabulous! Look forward to it πŸŽ„