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Lisinopril and Coronavirus.

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52bright Sat 14-Mar-20 12:01:22

Good morning Gransnetters. Sorry to bring up another Coronavirus issue when we are all heartily sick of the subject. I

I was wondering if any of you have had any advice about continuing with this drug in the light of the Coronavirus epidemic.

I have taken it for many years for high bp and heart failure symptoms but have just read some articles giving a possible link between taking Lisinopril and getting a worse doze of Coronavirus due to changes it makes in our cells.

I will probably ring my doctor next week for advice and of course everyone's medical history is different but I was just wondering if anyone had been advised to stop Lisinopril or replace it with something else while we have this virus amongst us. I haven't seen a doctor in more than 4 years but feel I should maybe clarify this issue. I will repost if I do ring my doctor and get any clarification on whether the drug makes the virus worse.

Of course everyone's situation is different and what might be advised for one person may not be suitable for another. If I do get any info next week I will repost. Thanks in advance for any light anyone has on this.

merlotgran Sat 14-Mar-20 12:06:56

DH takes a low dose of Candesartan so is facing the same dilemma. It has improved his heart function so we're hoping that as it is a low dose it wouldn't make too much difference.

We rang the heart failure nurse who does monthly visits but she just told us to ring the GP.

So we'll do that on Monday.

grannyactivist Sat 14-Mar-20 12:12:53

I am on Lisinopril too, but will continue to take it unless my doctor tells me otherwise. Check out this article, which you may find helpful:

EllanVannin Sat 14-Mar-20 12:22:55

Mine is a beta-blocker and has not been listed---yet. Whatever happens it's imperative that I continue taking it for normal heart function ( less A/F episodes ) and also circulation so I won't be compromising my now " stable " heartbeat by not taking the Bisoprolol.

I wouldn't be stopping the blood-pressure medication either.

Elegran Sat 14-Mar-20 12:45:54

52bright You say you haven't seen a doctor in four years despite your health conditions - irrespective of their current advice on Lisiniprol you should be getting a prescription review and your BP checked etc at least once a year.

BlueSky Sat 14-Mar-20 12:50:10

No! Something else to fret about. Both DH and myself are on that BP medication I'm sure if there were an issue the surgery would advise us. What I've been worrying about is being able to get repeat supplies.

52bright Sat 14-Mar-20 13:46:39

Hi Elegran. You are right about the annual checks. I do have these but in our practise they are with the Practise Nurse not the GP. I must admit I have been a bit laissez faire about health issues because I usually feel ok but this virus thing has caused me to look up a couple of articles. Just as well because I then looked at the leaflet which comes with the medication and it turns out that it is not recommended for some small issues I have.Who Knew grin I think my surgery must be very busy because although I have been on this medication for many years, on the odd occasion I have forgotten to make an appointment with the nurse I have not been followed up and the prescription still just rolled on.

I know we are responsible for our own health and I have resolved to be a bit more proactive in future. I will ring for an appointment next week.

52bright Sat 14-Mar-20 13:51:10

Thank you for the link to the article grannyactivist. It is very helpful and reassuring smile

Ginny42 Sat 14-Mar-20 14:09:25

A note on Bisoprolol. I take only 1.25mg per day. I kept having a runny nose and thought it was the start of a cold and was treating it as such However, no further cold symptoms occurred. I looked at the side effects for the drug - runny nose is listed.

So as well as being the possible cause of my hair loss, it seems it's also more than likely responsible for my runny nose. I saw my GP last week and she is now weaning me off the drug, as the latest tests show nothing abnormal with my heart.

nanamac77 Sat 14-Mar-20 15:26:07

I take Lisinopril and have regular blood tests too, as it apparently alters the function of your kidneys and the blood test is to check that they are working OK, as I understand it.

I've actually seen my GP twice in the past fortnight as my BP was found to be way too high at a pre op assessment for a cataract op ( fat chance of that happening now, I suspect). I go back for a third appointment next week. No one has mentioned any connection between lisinopril and the severity of the CV symptoms. It's only by chance I noticed this forum. Maybe it would be better if I hadn't!

Anniep1 Sun 15-Mar-20 20:28:43

Thanks so much grannyactivist for the link about lisiniprol . I have been worrying about that since seeing an article in the Daily Mail stating it as a fact that ace inhibitors had serious implications for the severity of coronavirus. The b****y media are responsible for causing so much unnecessary panic.
I am going to limit how much news I watch and how much I read and go out with the dog instead - while I still can!!!

SarahCGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 16-Mar-20 14:48:34

Hi, thank you all for your messages of support. We would just like to point out that informal advice on Gransnet should not be used as a substitute for medical advice, and that if you're concerned about how coronavirus please look at the NHS coronavirus page.